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3 fanboys try to save their favorite TV show from being dropped.
Submitted by Matze Klein (@echidnas_dghter) — 16 minutes, 43 seconds before the deadline
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Gameplay Innovation#362.8822.882

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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TV Show Name/Season/Episode
Star Trek, The Original Series

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Episode description
The game was inspired by the whole series, not by one certain episode.

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
Music: Dana Boulè - Avec Toi

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Team of 2

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Nice point-n-click adventure. It was rather simplistic with no inventory and all, but since I'm not very good at point-n-click it was just right for me. The story and dialogs are goofy in a good sort of way and the whole plot about fans making things right is sure feels close for Star Trek fandom.

A couple of minor technical nitpicks: "fadein" panel between the scenes covers only a part of the screen, Scott's girlfriend's face looks ugly (but maybe it's just for me).


First off, let me just say that I'm always elated to see a point 'n' click adventure get made. Truly one of my favorite genres, and just so underrepresented these days.

Great writing! Great logic! Art and sound absolutely fit the game! Friend and I got to a point where we just couldn't stop laughing as we played. (That plot reveal toward the good!)


Oh man this was incredible! An amazing story that got me hooked straight away. The animation is just beautiful and looks so professional too! Absolutely enjoyed every second playing this and wanted to finish the whole thing in one go! Brilliant entry, very well done!


This is a great game! Very good interpretation and feel! Excellent graphics and the story was engaging and fun! Very well done!


Entertaining point and click adventure and really liked the interpretation! The scene in the limo made me laugh and I thought the entire thing was really clever. Really well done, great job!


A excellent point n click adventure game, the graphics are great, and the dialogue is witty and funny! The game runs smoothly, and kept me wanting to see what happens next! The music is nice, but I felt it was quite soft in certain places. Well done on a fantastic game! :)


The game is really entertaining, both the dialogues and the art are funny. I had fun playing it. I played it from Ubuntu Linux using wine and it worked without problems, although it would be great if you could compile the game also for Linux. Good job!


Thanks. I'll see what I can do about the Linux compiling.


Okay, so I played the Space Trip.

The game gets somewhat absurd at times, but I like how these ‘risky, crazy, but brilliant decisions’ represent the mood of the show. I like how it stays true to the source, without being set in space/alien planet.

I was not a fan of the long dialogue at the beginning though. The same exposition could have been given through more active gameplay, rather than a long dialogue. Like, maybe exploring a few set pieces being placed outside the studio, to give more context to boys’ talk and have a more meaningful ground for Sunny's dialogue.

The art is very cute, works with the gameplay and atmosphere quite well.

The game has a somewhat slow start, but builds up pretty nicely towards the middle, when the actual gameplay starts.
It is hyperbolized (13 years old Hackerman, come on), but I think it really helps to convey the mood of the original show.
Art feels like it has a loving heart behind it, it is simple, but charming.

P.S. I had a bug right before the limousine arrives. I had a action prompt right after I exited the studio, even before the animation and some dialogue went through. It skipped right to the talk inside the car, so I guess I didn’t lose much.


Thanks for the very detailed review! Yeah, I know, the dialogue is a bit long. I would have loved to put some more action at the beginning of the game, but 15 days isn't much time.

About the hacker: I think Elliot Anderson from "Mr. Robot" started his first hack at 11. So the character in my game is quite a late starter =)


I added a MAC version of the game.


Fun story, great graphics! 


Thank you, Esmeralda! I'm glad you played it.

It's nice to hear that from another Point&Click developer 😊


Funny characters, nice graphics and witty dialogues, I had a lot of fun, great work!


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.


so good :-) great idea and really loved all the characters & their dialogues

can't find the pyro .-) 



...Look near the toilet door..


This is a very interesting game, I like all the puns and jokes and the graphics look really good!


Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy you liked it.


Good game until I got stuck on finding the piro. and while searching in dunes set I got stuck there,I can't get out. It is shame try debugging it, I will happily play it again and to the end. Keep it up.


OK, I'll take care of that. Thanks for your feedback.