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Wow! A great little game with an intriguing story. And I've just fallen in love with your artstyle. Incredible work in this short time frame!

A wonderful little game.
I really liked how you slowly revealed the cause of the misunderstanding. The background are truly gorgeous, as are the closeups of the characters. (I don't know how much you edited, but you did a wonderful job ^^) You created an enchanting atmosphere with fitting music and the fog-effects.
Thanks for this little gem.^^

Cool little game, I really liked the puzzles.
Thank you! ^^

This is a fun and very cute game. Very nice graphics and a sweet story. And I liked how the voiceacting reflects the different personalities of the bots.
Great job!

Oh dear, a worthy finale to my games played in this jam. ^^
I liked the graphics and the humor, but that would not have been half as funny without the fabulous voiceacting and music. Great job, all!

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Once again a huuuuuuge game by Marco. That is beyond crazy what you are doing in two weeks! The characters were fun, the graphics great and the story interesting, but maybe a tiny bit too convoluted for the (already gigantic) frame of the game. (or maybe I just didn't understand everything)

And I guess it was the size of the game that made me feel a bit overwhelmed at times and let me wander about without an idea what to do next, so I chose to refer to the walkthrough a few times. Once or twice I had the right idea, but had to talk to a character first, so the idea would work. (printing pass) These kind of triggers are a bit frustrating, because in your head you already made the connection but are unable to execute the solution. 

But I am nitpicking here. It is a great game! And I had a lot of fun. If you have the time (and energy after this undertaking) to refine and polish some of the puzzles and dialoges, it will be an incredibly awesome game.^^

Once again a wonderful and fun game by guga. Great idea for theme and setting and a good variety of puzzles! 

I'm probably in the minority there, but I like mazes, at least when they have a clever solution. And I loved your maze!^^

This was fun! I loved the live action videos and all the references to our beloved games of old.^^
Some little hickups regarding the hotspot areas and layering of items, but nothing that would reduce the enjoyment of the game.
Great job, looking forward to Dem Villa sein dritter Teil. :-)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
And yes, we kind of did a "guybrush" with our main character.^^ We first had a greyscale version of the character and when we added that sepia tone, we renamed the file "sepia". Later when thinking about a name for her, we thought this would be fitting. ;-)

Great game! Nice homage to the sci-fi/horror stories of old, worked wonderfully for me. Sound, story and graphics came together to form an absolutely fitting and impressive atmosphere.

Once again a wonderful game you managed to put out in this short time.
I love your graphics but to be honest, I would have wished for a higher resolution so the backgrounds wouldn't be so blurry and in exchange fewer scenes. A lot of the scenes are just there to let you get a feel for the world (and that works great) but after a while I just ran through to get to the next place of interest and was getting a little bit impatient that I had to cross so many scenes. (sorry, I do have a bit of an inpatient nature ;-) )
But the game IS gorgeous! The music is absolutely fitting and the story is engaging and well written.
I love it.

Like others mentioned - the controls/camera makes it very difficult to play the game. I managed to find the car and get an axe from the backseat, but was unable to do anything with it ... After that my character ran off again into the wild (off camera) and I decided to abandon him.^^

Nice aesthetics and fitting abient sounds, though.

Thank you for playing and your kind words! I'm glad you got the game to work. :-)

Oh my god, this maze! It will haunt me for a while. ;-)  We tried to solve it without mapping it out and nearly, very nearly, succeeded. But we had to give in and go full oldschool (thumbs up, that is something I like).^^  
Nice atmosphere, too. So, well done!

A really interesting concept. I loved the idea of walking further into the past or the future to explore. And using schematic floorplans to repesent the house was a stroke of genius, especially in a jam.

Well done!

A puzzling but intriguing experience.
Very nice atmosphere, strange but interesting snippets of stories, wonderul voiceactors.

Thanks for reporting this. I assume you are playing the html-build of the game? We will look into this and try to figure out if something about that can be done from our side.

thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it. :-)

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Thank you so much for playing one of our games again. I love it when you bring the games to life with your voiceacting.

I'm glad you liked it. :-)

Aww... thank you so much. :-)

Thanks for playing! :-)

This is strange... After clicking on "start" you should see the room and a dialog with the professor should start. (and did, when I tested just now)
Are you using the browser version? I know there were issues with some browsers, maybe if you try a different one?

Nice little game.

The controls are a bit clunky. I didn't know what to click first when giving things to others. Took me several tries each time, but as it is very clear who wants what, it just needed a little persistence to come through. Maybe a visual indication that a command is activated when pressing it would help?

Thank you so much for your kind words and your feedback, Simon. 🥰

We will add some signposting and a bunch of reactions for interactions after the voting period to make the gameplay a bit smoother. It definitly is a very rough and barebone experience right now - and that is really bugging me - but we will take care of that. :-)

Cute little game with quite a demanding cat.^^ The magic stew surprised me and made me chuckle.

Nice artwork.

I tried playing, but I'm a bit at a loss what to do. I gathered some things (no idea what it is) and everytime I meet another square, they seem to offer something for trade, but when I click on that icon, the game is over. (even if i choose the ladder, not the key.)  To be honest, I didn't understand the game... 
Btw. when entering one room, the camera did not follow... 

Moody music, though ^^

Nice one! I liked the atmosphere you created, good writing, nice graphics and sounddesign with excellent voiceacting. Story is is pretty straight forward, as are the puzzles. I would have wished for a bit more challenge to make it last longer.^^

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Thank you. Glad to hear you had fun.  :-)

Good job! This was fun. I laughed out loud at the progress bar.^^
I got stuck on the puzzle with the paper in the bin, but your comment below helped.

Wonderful art! You are hinting at an interesting story I would love to play. So I hope you will continue this project.

You are not using a premade engine but coding everything yourself, right? That is an enormous task for a jam. Kudos!

Thank you, Vairon. Glad you liked it. ^^

You can access the inventory when in the Screen with the statue. Just drop the pieces in the right place.

Wow, that was a great game! Wonderful graphics (how did you manage to do so many rooms in two weeks? So impressive) and an intriguing story. I guess there are even multiple endings. I only played once, there a too many entries and so little time without being able to go back to a savegame (which is  absolutely understandable for a jam game).
And - as always - an absolute pleasure to hear Paul Thomas bringing a character to life.

Thank you! :-)

This is sad news for Sethlans ;-)
I hope you had fun nontheless and thank you for your nice words.

Thank you Simon.^^ I hope you will like it.

Excellent! Surreal, disturbing and cute at the same time. Love it!

Nice atmosphere, the voiceactings adds a lot to it. Well done.

Sorry to hear that you had technical issues.
Could you help us out finding the problem by telling us when the game froze and what version you are playing (browser or downloadable)?
Thanks anyway for trying our game. ;-)

regarding the sheep - you already got what it likes. And to get what you want from it, you need to wait until the guy is less attentive.