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Thank you! Glad you had fun! :-)

Thank you! :-)

Sorry, I did not see your post earlier. I guess you figured out eventually that you can "drop" an item by rightclicking.
I hope you had fun playing despite all the trouble.

Thanks for playing! Good to hear you had fun. ^^

Thank you! That is high praise for our puzzle! :-) We added now a litte hint ingame for the last puzzle. Some of the other puzzle could do with some singposting, too. Maybe we do a bit of polish later on.

Thanks for playing this! Happy to hear you had fun. :-)

Thank you! ^^

Wonderful game. Funny story, great looking and challenging enough to be engaging.  And good voiceacting, too. One of my favorites of the jam so far!

Awww thank you (from all of us) for your nice words, Simon!

And again a wonderful trip to the land of Francium. :-) I love your worldbuilding and how you give every robot a different personality.

I love the look of the game and already had a few laughs. :-)

 But now I need to figure out how to pick up a bonsai shark...  ;-)

Thank you for this game! A touching story, superb voiceacting and a wounderful soundtrack. Great work, all of you!

Did you see what the torn card did to the high striker?

I am in total agreement with you on this. How can the player be completely sure? Even if the character sees a pig flying and everyone tells him that pigs can't fly - can the player be sure that the game is not taking place in a world where they can? Wouldn't it be natural for a player to think that the character is on to something? I do not believe that these thoughts and doubts can be avoided. The player wants to relate to the character. (in most cases at least)

Oh no trouble at all. And I'm glad you could play now and liked it. ^^

Thanks for the pictures.      

Oh dear, that's annoying. I can't reproduce the error. I tried several browsers and it worked for me. :/  I will look into it, but my hope to find the mistake is low. I don't think it is related to the browser, but just to check - which one are you using? And which os?

(If you are still willing to play my little game and are using windows, there is always the downloadable version.)

Damn, I never had this problem or heard of someone else having it. Are you using the download-version or the html-version? 

Do you think it would be possible to make a short video of this, so I might find out what went wrong?

That is strange... Have you already pushed once? Maybe you missed the red light? If you push a second time without having travelled anywhere else the red button does nothing. (and the hero says so) A telltale sign that shows if you've already travelled or not is the blackboard. If there are colors and things like "A-B" on the blackboard, you are where the red bulb transports you to.

Glad to hear that. ^^

Thank you for bringing this game to life with your neat voiceacting! :-)

Regarding the buttons - I actually forgot to put one more number in the third sequence. There should be a "3" at the end of the sequence for "C", I fixed that in the newest versions. Glad you could solve it despite this mistake.

I loved this game. It took me ages to understand how the guardian doors work but it was so much fun to work it out. A clever game with a real challenge and still fun. Amazing!

(Sadly the game kept crashing on me - that was a bit infuriating. But I guess it is due to my pretty old/weak pc)

That is not a kind of game I usually play (too hectic for me) but I gave it a spin and had fun with it! My reactions are too slow to reach the end, the evil shape and it's spawn got me first every time, so I did watch a stream to see it. ;-)  Great work!

Brilliant idea and a very interesting concept. I loved the choosing of the life settings and the pricing. I took my time wandering around to see all the questions and it took me a while to realise that some of the texts changed when approching from the other side (turn, baby ^^). Great, thought provoking and quite different experience.

Nice and interesting concept for a game, perfectly executed. (I have to admit I did not get very far because I lack patience ;-) )

This game huge! So many loveley characters and unique backgrounds. You've done a great job making the characters fit into your paintings. And the characters are really memorable - my favorites are robocob (the secret star of the game) and the monk. Wonderful!

I too had trouble finding the ice cream. Maybe a cursor reacting to active objects would be a good idea?

Thank you! :-)  I hoped someone would try saying "no" ^^ 

Thanks both of you for playing :-)

And what Cryptic Hybrid said.^^ (In the windows version you can hightlight the hotspots with pressing the spacebar. Sadly that does not work in the browser version. I'll have to find an other solution for that version)

yeah, sorry, this puzzle is not so well designed. It's a timed puzzle. You have to wait for a time when the owner of the fishing rod is distracted. 

[Solution: grab it while he is drinking ]

Free, I'm free!!!! Fun little game. And who would have thought that cats are so tough to fight... er... well.. I guess erveryone who has one. ;-)

Impressive visuals! I especially liked the look of the spaceship (?) in the end ;-) I really liked the little robot, but I killed the poor wee thing soooo many times... made me a bit sad to see him shatter on the floor over and over again (I'm so bad at jumping). Apart from my inadequate skills this was really fun!

Thanks a lot for playing my little game. I'm really glad you had fun with it :-

Thanks so much for playing! I am glad you liked it! ^^

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Thank you for your nice words! ^^

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked some of the ideas.

Thank you!

You are right, I didn't spend much time selecting the music - and it shows. And I totally forgot about ambient noises! Sound design is something I need to work on.

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Incredible graphics! I liked how you find the little snippets of the story while playing. I had some trouble pointing the little hotspot to the right place (especially when trying to hit the keys on the keypad), but I guess that is my fault, I should have lowered/raised the mouse sensibility. Great game, I would like to see some more of this story

Thank you! (by the way - at the end of the game you should see the credits - so no room for doubts wether you completed the game :-) )