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you need to click with the right mouse button to look (or stare) at things

Thank you so much for playing my games! I'm glad you liked it. ^^

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This is a great game! I liked the characters and the humor, the voiceactors delivered splendidly. Where the game also really shines is the puzzles. There are quite some challenging ones, but always fair and logic. Solving them felt so rewarding.
Congrats to all involved!

Thank you! :-)

Thank you so much for the video! I'm glad you had fun playing.

Cool!^^ Thanks for playing my little games.

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you liked it.

The demo was fun.
I like the look of it and how many animations you put in there. The quest for the mystical creatures has a lot of potential, looking forward to the full game.  I would love to know more about María, so I hope you will flesh out the backstory a bit.

This is a wonderful game.
I love your worldbuilding, your writing and your art is also kind of ok... ;-) (Drop-dead-beautiful!!!!) 

There were so many occasiones were the writing made my smile, so many little animations made my jaw drop (I love the moving of the cloth when the characters turn) and you managed to create a fascinating detective story.
I wished I had a little more to do in solution/explanation phase of the case but for me you made that up by providing different endings.^^

Great job!

This game is pure fun!
I loved the witty writing, the clever and rewarding puzzles and the excellent pixel art. The brilliant voice acting is the cherry on top. So good!

Oh, thank you, you are too kind! Glad to hear you will keep making point & clicks. I'm looking forward to your next project. :-)

The cute drawing of the troll made my try your game.^^
It was fun trying all the different paths to see what untimely end was waiting for me.
I would have wished for a bit more surprise in the solutions - the sensible one was usually the one that kept me alive (the dark part of me found that a tiny bit dissapointing ;-) )

Lies! All lies! I am sure you found the place where one can eat ideas! ;-)

I loved you and Stefania as characters, as well as all the famous writers. It's absolutely beyond me, how you manage to build games this size for the jams. Incredible! Great job and congrats to the 1800th place!^^

A wonderful little stroll into the world of Pepper & Carrot. I enjoyed it very much.
And I can sure see where the time went - great visuals!

Good job! "Cozy" is really the best word to describe your game. ^^ I had fun walking through the gardens and talking to the inhabitants. 

What a wonderfully weird game! I love the idea and how you realized it.  The art made me smile, the music was great and the stories had me grinning broadly. 

I sincerely hope you will add some interactions to the other channels post jam.

Same here, the Elder is just making some points...^^
After entering the lower deck of the ship, parts of the ship got ditributed all over the place, first I thought I caused an explosion ;-)
Nonetheless quite an achievement here, interaction with the other mermaids worked flawlessly. Keep up the good work.

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A captivating story, very well written. Sometimes spooky, sometimes poetic, accentuated by the fitting music you created a marvelous atmosphere. Great work!

Aww, thank you for your kind words. And yes, we would loved to have voice acting, and I agree, it would have added a lot to the game - but we bareley managed to finish the game as it is...

I loved the atmosphere you created by great art and fitting music. A really nice portrayal of historical characters in a very intersting (and rarely used) setting.  Really enjoyed visiting your club. And Fluffy!!!

Very cool game. I loved the aesthetics - going black and white was an excellent choice. 
I was a bit lost with some of the puzzles, so I would have appreciated a bit more feedback than just a grunt ;-), but they were fun nonetheless. The fact that I got my training session in by walking the stairs a lot more often than it would have been necessary can be considered a bonus (or the righteous punishment for lack of thought ^^)
Now I want to know what excactly happened and why... Glad to read you will flesh out the story a bit.

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A very interesting setting and form of presentation. Letting the reports come to life is a great idea and works very well to transport the story.

I haven't read too much of Lovecraft, but I'd say you nailed the atmosphere perfectly. Of course I got killed in the end, so I guess I have to give it another go - but not right away, this would spoil the feel of the game. ^^
I liked the use of the library an exploring the cult and their symbols.
Really good game!

A wonderful silly game! I had fun with all the quirky characters and would have loved to have some more interactions with them. Good job!

The watercolor style is really beautiful. So charming, I instantly knew I would like the game. There is not much to do, but you created a wonderful atmosphere here. A very interesting setting you chose and I would like to listen to some more conversations while hobbling around. Great job!

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Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.
You got some valid points there. The start of the game was something we discussed but couldn't fit in the flashlight scene at a later point of the story. And you are right about the character switches. The first switch is to illustrate that you can switch at all, so we felt it was necessary. Later in the game we had to change some puzzle chains to avoid dead ends and that rendered the second switch a bit pointless - but it  still feels right to learn about the next goal as Scotty. Regarding the pills - we hadn't much time to fine tune the puzzles and to add more signposting, but if you show the pills to Karen she will tell you that Tim is the one who uses them.

I really like what is there. The art is cool, music is great and I'm very curious to see how the story evolves.

Thank you for these kind words! We are glad you liked it. ^^

Ah, thank you! I was able to finish the game now. Great game all around.  Beautiful graphics, compelling story and clever gameplay. Wonderful job you all did there!

Oh, you can only do one quest at a time! I was just going to report a bug here ... *lol
Now I need to give it a second whirl. Fun game so far, love the digging.^^

A good spot...^^
Stunning art (I agree with the others, Dig all the way) combined with a well told version of a classic story.  It is simply amazing what nuances the sole voice actor was able to produce!
The puzzles are a bit on the easy side, but still fun. I guess there was more planned - the good spot surely had a purpose in the original design - and I would be happy to play an extended version.

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I love it that the prince learns and this is reflected by adding verbs to the ui or changes them. A truely novel idea! (at least new to me ;-) )

But I think I ran into a bug. The king said he gave me a chess piece (or pieces) but it isn't in the inventory (and there is still the (right) head I already gave to its owner, the (wrong) head vanished). Even after looking serveral times at the chess game (and recieving the piece in text and animation) there is nothing new in the inventory...  (played the web version)
Edit: tried it a second time. Again I didn't get the chess pieces after winning. :(

but I liked the art and the story so far. An excellent game with a very clever gameplay-idea!

Nice one. I was a bit confused by the ending, but really liked wandering around the house and collecting clues. Cute art, fitting music.

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I'm very bad at combat and timed puzzles. I was able to reach the boss battle, but hadn't the energy to try as many times as it would have taken me to beat it.
The puzzle part of the castle was fun.

Very atmospheric. I loved the beautiful graphics and the soundscape you created. The writing was extremely noir-detective-like.^^ For my liking you went a tiny bit overboard with it, but I still had fun.
Cool game.

That it high praise. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your kind words.
We would have loved to have voiceacting, but we were writing the dialogue until the last minutes of the jam...

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Damn. Indeed, we forgot to add an interaction for that (... or better stop Scotty from taking the cup with the drink. It's no tea, so it won't be to his taste anyway.).
Thanks for telling us and sorry you can't proceed any further.

Wow! This was a challenging game - which is good, even though I had to refer to the walkthrough twice. I like solving puzzles and that is where the game really shines. I had a lot of fun with the deductions, that reminded me of the Golden Idol game.
(Minor nitpick: The walk-cycle was a bit jerky, but that might have been caused by my internet connection (played the web version) or my potato of a pc. )
Music was pleasing, graphics pretty and the story interesting. In combination with the clever puzzle design you got hell of a game!