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Cool little game! Enjoyed playing this one. Loved the fight sequences and the combat system was smooth and enjoyable! I also really liked the animated sequences that happened just before a fight started! Great entry! :D

Really fun game! I loved playing this. The animation is lovely, the music is great and I loved the concept and the boss battle at the end! Fantastic job guys! :D

Oh man this was incredible! An amazing story that got me hooked straight away. The animation is just beautiful and looks so professional too! Absolutely enjoyed every second playing this and wanted to finish the whole thing in one go! Brilliant entry, very well done!

Wow, what an incredible game! You should be very, very proud of yourself for creating this. It's very fun, incredibly well designed and I loved the mechanic of using sound to light up Daredevil's view. Being stupid, I couldn't work out how to leave the level after saving the hostages but I'm sure I missed something obvious (which is typical of me) :') Fantastic entry!

Really great game! I thoroughly enjoyed playing this and loved all the individual deaths you put into it! So glad I managed to get the scorpion you told me about too! I can tell you worked so hard to make this and you did an amazing job! Thank you for asking me to play it, I had an absolute blast and loved it (even though I also hated dying so many times too) :D

Fantastic entry and great little game! I love the IT Crowd and this is one of my favourite episodes! The game was fun and well made and I really enjoyed the little details in the office from other IT Crowd episodes like "The Internet" box! Well done :D

Really cool game! Had a lot of fun playing this, it really did have that old Gameboy feel to it and I loved playing through your idea of how you imagined the Pokemon games would be! Great entry :D

Really loved this entry. Fantastic little game, the soundtrack was really cool and very true to the original. I loved the animation style and classic Batman sounds and words when hitting the bad guys KAPOW!! :D

Really enjoyed this little game. The animation was beautiful and reminded me of Limbo and the game ran very smoothly. I liked your voiceovers as well to explain what was happening! :D

Thoroughly delightful game! Enjoyed every second of it even if it did make me jump a couple of times! Great atmosphere created from the soundtrack and the art style was just stunning! Can't wait to play episode 2! :D

Great fun game! We used it as a challenge for the LP University and all had a blast playing it!! :D

Great entry!! Really enjoyed it and I’m a huge point and click adventure game fan so it was perfect for me to play! Really enjoyed the humour and deconstruction of the genre!