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Hahaha, thanks for playing and for the video!

Really nice, great job!! 👏

Thank you!!

Thanks for playing and for the video!

Pretty cool game! I love the lighting and the atmosphere, the music is great too... and there are even puzzles!

Very well done! 👏

Thank you very much for playing, for the video and for your feedback. I agree with you that it's very short and the ending abrupt... I couldn't do more to finish within game jam time, sorry.
I'm glad you had fun.

It's really fun, the characters are so cute and the aesthetics are impressive, I love it! 😍

Great work!! 👏

Thank you so much for playing and for your comments!! 🤗

Woah! I really love the concept... "take a memory and leave one in return"... just brilliant, great job! 😍

The concept is very cool, very original and fun. I like the aesthetics and the music is great, great job!👏

The aesthetic is very cool, the story is intriguing and the characters are just great... I love it! 😍

Congratulations, you have done an impressive work in a very short time! 👏

Thank you very much, you are very kind! 🤗

Comments like yours motivate me to continue developing games, or at least keep trying.

In addition, Python Blue's help with its impressive quality as a composer adds a plus to the projects we collaborate on (like this one), without their help the result would not be the same.

Once again, thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for playing, you are very kind! 🤗

Sorry for the file size, I had to upload it as external link due to limits.

This is wonderful! Great variety of characters and locations... done in 15 days, congratulations!

The art is cool and the idea is original and very interesting... I love it!

Great work!

A very interesting experience, I like the concept. I read "Sophie's World" many years ago and I think the game has its essence, very philosophical and mystical... very personal. The choice at the beginning of the different parameters is a success, it adds replayability to the experience.

Nice job!

What a fun game! A real detective adventure!

The art is very cool, the story is very intelligent and interesting and the puzzles with a perfect level of difficulty to pay atention to the small details, I love it!

Great work and good luck!

Looks really nice, you've done an incredible work with this personal challenge... congrats!! 👏

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Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! 😊

Thanks for playing!

I have seen that there is a demo of CUTISH, so I will try it.

I really like the atmosphere, it reminds me of Silent Hill and I love that!

Great work! 👏

Stunning atmosphere, intriguing storyline, and smooth gameplay... I can't wait for the full game! 😍
Great job!! 👏

Thanks for playing and for the video!

Thanks for playing and for your comments!

Thanks for the video! The experience is very short and more focused on the atmosphere than anything else, so you didn't miss anything 😉

Thank you very much for playing and for the video! Sorry to disappoint you, but there will be no full game, this was only an experiment for Haunted Hunting Jam, but I appreciate your kind words.

Thanks for playing and for the video!

Thank you so much for your kind words and for the video! 🤗

Thank you very much for the video and for the extensive feedback! 🤗
I really appreciate your comments, thanks to all of you I learn more in each game jam!

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing and for the comments!

Thanks for the video!!

Thanks for playing and for your comments!! 😊

Thank you very much for your comments, I'm glad you liked it!

Great video and thanks for playing!

A really cool game, I love the pixel-retro aesthetics, gives a great atmosphere, great work!

Thank you very much for your words, I really appreciate it!😊

I'll have to talk to Frictional Games about an Amnesia spin-off 😜

To be your first time with Smile Game Builder it's very well done! I had a lot of fun, great work! 👏

And the music is perfect for the atmosphere! 😜

Thank you very much for playing and for your comment!
Yes, it's true that it's very short... 😔