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Thanks to you for organizing this awesome jam!!

Unfortunately I couldn't finish my entry but I had a lot of fun and I congratulate all the participants (there are many)!!

Happy Creepy Halloween! ;-)

Thanks for the video!

Great theme! I think we can create something creepy and dark with this.

Ok, it's true :D

Yeah, me too!

I can't wait to start to planning the project!

Yep, the 2D style and third person view also are great tools to create scary experiences (your selection from above are a great example).

Uhh! The 25th is close... very close!

Thank you 5targuy, very inspirational!

My tastes are more centered in first-person games with realistic graphics and a strong narrative like Gone Home, Amnesia, The Park or Layers of Fear for example, but also I love games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne... always mysterious and dark games!

I can't wait to know the theme!!

Thanks for clarifying!

Interesting article and very inspiring, thanks!

Great video, thanks for playing!
This is a very short prototype created for the jam so development may continue in the future but I can't promise anything ;)

It's true, the people was very quiet (me the first, due to lack of time) but I am sure that in future editions (if there are any) there will be more activity!

Sorry for that, yes, maybe it's a bit dark.
Try to increase the brightness of your monitor.

I think this jam was amazing, the time, the theme... I love it!

And of course, very well organized, @SpectralStar, you've done a great work!

I can't wait to see the second edition!

Thanks for the video, I love it!

Thank you so much for your comments!

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Thanks dude for the video and for your kind words!
And yes, the reference to the Svalbard Seed Vault is intentioned, you're good following clues ;)

(Don't forget to vote)

Perfect, I can't wait to see the video!
And thanks in advance ;)

Very funny game!

And very well done for a single person and less than 3 months!


Thank you so much!

Your entry is not bad either ;)

Thanks David for your kind words!

Have you tried changing the graphics quality on the splash screen (normally "Good" is the best setup for any computer)?