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Peregrin Tux the Halfling

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We are very happy that you liked the mini game! Thank you for playing it, for the comments and suggestions, at some point we will add some background music and some improvements to the game. :)

As a Gurren Lagann fan, I liked the game a lot. The control of the character is very good and the aesthetic reminds me a lot of Limbo. You achieved an excellent atmosphere and a nice level design. Good job!

The game is fun, and the art is beautiful. Although I have not been able to appreciate the movement of the characters due to the location of the arrows. The contrast of the arrows at the moment of typing could also be improved. Good job!

The game is very fun, and the art simple and funny. I liked it a lot. Good job!

Thanks for the tips! I will try again to beat the game... xD

It's great that you liked and enjoyed our mini game. And yes, Moss is really a very relaxed character... :D

The art of the game is very nice. It did not take me long to win it, just a couple of tries, but it was very fun to try to keep the generator stable. By the way, I played it on Ubuntu Linux using wine, but it would be great if there was a native version for this operating system. Good job! :D

I loved the art of the game, although it is really hard to complete (in fact I have not managed to get Rick even near the door xD). Maybe if the enemies were a little slower, or Rick stayed where Fork would leave him when the concentration was broken, it could be a little easier. :)

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed the game... :)

Thank you for the comments! Yeah, Moss is such a relaxed man... :D

The game is really entertaining, both the dialogues and the art are funny. I had fun playing it. I played it from Ubuntu Linux using wine and it worked without problems, although it would be great if you could compile the game also for Linux. Good job!

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The game is fun and the art is very funny. An interesting variation of the classic snake game. The attack of the mother bird is a good addition to mechanics.

We are happy that you liked played the game..! Thanks for the comments! :)

Thanks for your feedback..! And I think Moss just doesn't measure the danger of the fire... :D

Yay! Great News..! I recomend you to post this release in /r/gamedev. Thank you for the effort. :)

Cool..! :)

Would you consider a port of your editor for Linux..?

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+1 this question.. :)

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I love the art of the game, and the plot have to much potential. Robin are a really nice girl! :D I hope to see a sequel or some other game with this art and charming characters. Thanks for the effort! (And thanks for making compatible with GNU/Linux based OS's ^_^ ).