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Browser version just loading...


I think you shouldn't have force player to return at the first level on losing. This game is rather hard as it is (with no ability to change trajectory it's too often I land right near the monster). Just return the player at the beginning of the current level.

Technically, there is an objective - spread the light by activating charges (that you need to find first). But you right about the challenge - I haven't balanced this at all. You can just swing through rooms, probably not even hit by monsters.

Hello. I just wonder if you still going to make a new version of Gelda.

Sorry if the question looks kinda weird. I'm just making a roguelike game for another jam. And when I finish, I would like to add my game to this jam too (since I've started the project last month - timeframe fits, and roguelike is an RPG - right?).

But then I saw "only your own art assets" and since roguelike uses letters and other symbols as pseudographics I wonder if it's ok to use standard fonts? If not, I can obviously make custom fonts. Maybe I'll customize symbols anyway, but I still would like to know if it's ok to use standard fonts pseudographics - just in case.

Ok. Uploaded the latest version. No trademarked names present.

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Thank you.

Btw, are "fan-games" allowed? Because I've removed all the references to Sonic franchise in my game (even changed the name), but saw among entries a couple of games referencing DnD and Undertale. If I have an opportunity to update the game is it Ok if I put them back? (It's only text references, I didn't use any graphic assets from Sonic).

I've made less shoddy version of my game, but for some reason Itch server refuses to load anything. Do I have time to upload it later? (I've already submitted the entry itself)


I have a few projects that I've published in Itch (like Wrath of Archmage here) that are basically in "prototype stage". And when I saw this Fragment Jam, I thought it would be good opportunity to finally get some feedback. Maybe update them with new levels/new mechanics. But, since they are published, do you count them as released? Or not?

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Hi. During NaNoRenO Jam (National Novelist Writer's Month 2019) I've made this little VN, that is basically retlls Black Mirror: Bundersnatch story. In, you know, "nutshell style".

The game uses free assets mostly. I wonder if I was able "to capture the feel" of that work, so if you saw BM:B feel free to play my game and tell me some feedback. Any other feeback would be also appreciated. Here are some screens to give you general idea:

Cool game. First place in Innovation and Interpretation are definitely well-deserved.

Though voice acting is definitely needed - it's totally impossible to read text during play as all focus is on not bumping into things.

I guess I'm not very good at this type of game. But I imagine such fast "rumble" platformer is great for party multiplayer.

Cool game and descent "run from wheeping angels" episode enterpretation.

My only problem is that in "wireing" puzzles if I don't solve them right from the first try they just stuck - no way to undo the wrong wireing and so I have to restart the game.

As I understand, it's only the last time when you interact with Amanda matters. But I still don't undestand what does the good(?) ending means - is she going with me or not?

I guess, it's as good inerpretation of Bandersnatch as any, but still there is still more to be desired.

I think, the fact that I went to watch "Hilda" after playing, alone tells how good this game is.

Considering that Gelda was made in less than two weeks, it's quite impressive how much visual content it has. I really hope to see more. I'm also glad to see fixes and adjustments in gameplay throughout the Jam.

One addition, I think, is necessary after the game will have more levels - option to replay them to get sketchbook pages missed on the first playthrough.

Nice point-n-click adventure. It was rather simplistic with no inventory and all, but since I'm not very good at point-n-click it was just right for me. The story and dialogs are goofy in a good sort of way and the whole plot about fans making things right is sure feels close for Star Trek fandom.

A couple of minor technical nitpicks: "fadein" panel between the scenes covers only a part of the screen, Scott's girlfriend's face looks ugly (but maybe it's just for me).

Oh, it's so embarrassing! I didn't count for different "fullscreen" aspect ratio, so "walls" show up that supposed to be hidden. And  at the first "channel" you can (and actually should) climb up the cliffs before switching.

I'm trying to make some sort of "tutorial" now, but it feels too clunky and out of place.

Thanks for feedback. You actually can switch channels during pause. And climbing on the first channel is intentional.

Right now I'm trying to make sort of "tutorial level" to teach those features, since you are not the first who missed them.

Watched only a couple of episodes of "Married with children" and strangely enough remember that one scene.

Game is pretty cool, except the problem of constantly dropping shoes instead giving them to a customer. The weirder part is that I can't pick up shoes I dropped. Is it an oversight?

Nice throwback to old home computer arcades. Though controls is something one has to become used to.

Also, it's interesting how just one phrase can be expanded into the whole gameplay idea.

A nice idea (though I think I've already saw something like this), but implementation lacks content and variety. Basically, I just chose attack and nothing more.

Ah, good old "find the way out of maze while running from polar bears with chainsaws" game. I think its a bit too hard with only a few "map screens" through the whole labyrinth.

To be fair, graphics and sounds are not mine - they are from "Unity Standard Assets". But thanks for feedback anyway. Btw, you can switch channels back and forth during pause, so you can see where will you be next without risk.

The aspect itself is cool. But you should've explained it (that I need call Abi while falling to get me high up) somewhere in the game.

P.S. Also, you have a bug on the second level - if I take lower path and call Abi to lift me while falling, it takes me up and I drown in the river that is on the upper path.

Haven't you find it difficult to memorize what you've learned? I had barely time to read the question and skim through the answers before it went to the next. And if the answer had unfamiliar name I had even to replay to look proper grammar to google it later.

Only *.exe file. Misses UnityPlayer.dll. And even with it the game doesn't launch.

And where is the game?!

What exactly should I do? Keyboard does nothing and I can only click on things that are selected and that's all.

I made last update a few minutes past deadline (didn't count for compiling take too long). Since submissions past deadline are allowed, I presume that's ok. But want to ask just in case.

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Thanks for feedback. I decided a bit different thing. Now + and - for switching channels have their own cooldowns. So you can switch to other channel and then switch back immediately. Also I added Pause (Esc or Q) and you actually can switch channels right during the pause.

I understand that this mechanic can be a little complex, so now I'm working on sort of tutorial (plus changing levels to be more interesting in general).

Meh. Just a quiz.

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Nice game. Really reminds me of "game&watch" of the old. Though I'm not sure if automatic repair was a good idea - I several times repeared wrong TV, so didn't have money needed for parts. (

Somewhat reminds me of BlazeRush. I'm not sure if consealing how your actions influence the poll is the best idea.

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Fun game, but in the late game somewhat repetitive. And I don't get about "cooldown" is it the time energy restores, or some interval between shots?

Also, an option to end game quickly and see total score is surely needed. I had to wait several minutes for that (975 points, btw).

You mean the one with the mage? You haven't reach "To be continued.." sign?

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Hello. This is my first game on (though I've made some before, I didn't publish any).

It's a rather simple game. Arcanoid, but with a small addition - you can push and pull ball with telekinesis (as you play as a mage) changing its trajectory. At first the game was just one level, but later I've added two that had additional obstacles (as your aim is to destroy the gate, not other 'bricks").

However, I still haven't got any comments on the game. So I wonder if the idea itself is viable. Or maybe there are some other problems that I'm unaware of. So, feedback on the project will be really appreciated.

Link to the project:

Could you explain a bit more? Is this a sidescroller?

For example, "The Lost Room" has only 3 episodes. Will that do?

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Hello. This is a prototype of my game.

I've called it "Wrath of Archmage", since you play as Royal Archmage. And the gameplay is basically a breakout game, but you can correct trajectory of your fireball by pushing and pulling it with telekinesis.

So far there are two levels. I would really like to have some feedback. Is the idea interesting? What can be improved? Are there any problems with current design/implementation? Suggestions are also welcome.

The link to the project is here