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Oh boy did we have a great time with this one! I never thought something so bright and with such a grooved out beat could unnerve me as much as Shirokuma Maze did. I feel this is probably the most replayable game we've tried in the jam. Great job!

First off, let me just say that I'm always elated to see a point 'n' click adventure get made. Truly one of my favorite genres, and just so underrepresented these days.

Great writing! Great logic! Art and sound absolutely fit the game! Friend and I got to a point where we just couldn't stop laughing as we played. (That plot reveal toward the good!)

Great game! My friend and I loved the use of sound as sight, and good job on making enemies that actually do something! 

Hey there! My friend and I had an absolute blast playing this! The art was beautiful and reminiscent of the source material, the score was great to listen and play to, and the gameplay was exactly like watching the show. The only bit we really struggled with was the platforming, because that's always tough in an isometric game. Overall, way to go!

Hey there! Super enjoyed the game! My friend and I loved all the little things you put in there, especially Lucy's trademark whine! Great job on the gameplay, the art, and the music. I do have to ask, was there more walk-around gameplay originally planned?

Super fun game! My friend and I had a blast playing it, and loved the memories you wrote in. If only we were better shots... (also, based on legit one of my favorite story concepts in all of science fiction)

Hey there! My friend and I tried your game and thought it was a lot of fun! it perfectly captured the feeling of that part of the Simpson's episode, and had a lot of character. Also, the music was great! Also, thank you for adding the "v" option for jumping directly to the volcano chapter. Great game!

My friend and I tried it out and LOVED it! We're both big West Wing fans, and the meta approach to gameplay you took was awesome! Would love to see a more fleshed out version.

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First let me say that the polish in the art department of this game SHINES. A really cool concept that I would love to see and expanded version of, whether that means more levels, items, or even game styles. I found the use of an on-screen controller to be a super cute way to go about this game, and loved every minute of it. 

The gameplay itself could use a little more polish, but that can be said about virtually any game made in a game jam. My only real gripe was not being able to change item placement without ejecting the cartridge and restarting it.

Very excited to see more in the future!

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We really enjoyed this one! I'm not much of a platformer player, but am glad I got as far as I did. Super fun! While its meta-ness isn't mega-unique, it was still very well executed. It had me giggling at times. This proves that a simple game, when done well, can kick some major butt!