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A jam submission

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done during meta game jam
Submitted by shoze, Epic Quest Productions, metamorphling, Garlock009 — 1 day, 15 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Uniqueness of Metaness#123.9474.500
Gameplay Innovation#233.4213.900
Metaness Quality#453.5084.000

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Relevant Metaness Categories

Breaks the Fourth Wall
External Interaction

How is your game meta (within each relevant category)?
the idea is that each game cartridge gives your character different game abilities and inventory items that you can use to reach the key and door, but sadly the game is too broken to be played as intended and the tutorial is only half done.
only the Kirby character can go through all levels (more due to bugs then actual intent) but in theory the other characters can also finish some of the levels, so if you're up for a challenge give it a try! :)
btw, the intro is interactive, click the mouse to go through the sequence.

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
all done during jam.

How many members in your team?

Team of 4

Anything you want to say to players before they play?
use mouse. make sure you're in window mode and not full screen (the screen gets cropped in full mode).
game is broken as hell but still somewhat playable. enjoy

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This concept is amazing and the cutscenes really good ! 

Why are the controls so bad ...? :,(


Really clever and awesome game!  Love the art and cutscenes!  Hard to control but then again that adds to the challenge/meta! xD  Fun and creative -excellent work!


thanks! glad you enjoyed it :)

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First let me say that the polish in the art department of this game SHINES. A really cool concept that I would love to see and expanded version of, whether that means more levels, items, or even game styles. I found the use of an on-screen controller to be a super cute way to go about this game, and loved every minute of it. 

The gameplay itself could use a little more polish, but that can be said about virtually any game made in a game jam. My only real gripe was not being able to change item placement without ejecting the cartridge and restarting it.

Very excited to see more in the future!


hey, thanks for the review, the video was a lot of fun to watch! :)

definitely aware of the problematic mechanics, most of the levels are passable or non-passable due to bugs bad physics and not level design , but as it goes with jams there was no time to address it. (btw, the candle was meant for the final level which we decided to drop due to lack of time).

thanks again, glad u enjoyed it :)

This game is absolutely gorgeous, especially the opening comic. However, it seems to have run well out of scope.

I didn't like using the on-screen controller instead of keyboard/gamepad input. Got the feeling that it was meant to be part of the puzzling, but it was frustrating to work with in real time.

However, the idea is amazing and I would love to see a more polished, complete version. :)


Hey Joshua! 

Wanted to let you know the musical pieces and sound effects were indeed made for the opening screen and cutscene but for some reason were not implemented in time for the Jam- thank you for checking the game out!

Daniel- The games composer


thanks for the feedback :) and as the person responsible for art and game design im definitely flattered! 

the clunky controls are an unfortunate issue that there was no time to address (although i do stand by my mouse-controller idea, it could work with better character physics) but im glad u could see past it. 

btw, in the design there are multiple solution per level, although with the bugs it's only kirby that can pass most levels (even the ones he's not suppose to :) ), the link character could've been used in the level with the 3 poo monsters. and the candle was for the final level which was dropped due to lack of time.

p.s this is the 2nd game review i got from u (i did the kubo movie jam) and im now doing another one for the CFN jam so hopefully u'll manage to review that as well.



This was pretty freaking cool as it goes.  I really liked the idea of controlling the character in the game by using other games.  That was super neat! I really would have liked to see more distinction between the puzzles, as in, making it very clear as to which cartridge to use.  I went through the whole game with only one... but maybe they're all able to do that?  I think this just needs a bit of polish in level design and it'll be really amazing.

Overall, super cool game!


thanks man!  im aware of the issues you've mentioned which  are more due to lack of time and uncalibrated physics rather than level design but im glad u enjoyed it non-the-less! :)


Really cool production values, stellar artwork and sound FX. The platformer physics is a little wonky but I guess that was the point, some bugs when switching cartridges (intentional maybe?) and I couldn't get through the area with the suspended key and with no floor, as getting to the door somehow didn't work. (Did you have to blow on the cartridge or something meta like that?) All in all, very nice work!


thanks :) all the stuff you've mentioned are bugs and not intentional but if you're interested in finishing the game try doing it with kirby. his ability to finish all levels is also due to buggines but still... 
thanks for playing the game :)


Uau! This was really good fun! Hard to control but I guess that was the point :) I truly enjoyed the concept of the game as well as the spin on the original games, including the change of the bg music.


glad you liked it! the buggy controls were not part of  the plan but im glad you could see past it.

thanks for playing! :)