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glad you enjoyed that game. 

and yes i got that comment quite a bit :) i definitely could've designed that better. 

thanks fir commenting and playing the game :)

hmmm i didnt think of it that way but its a fair comment. i thought of it before i started but changing  the character names or color or hairstyle just to fit some legal technicality felt silly and kinda meaningless.  

though copyright is an important issue and i do believe that giving the creators credit and not making money of the game is a must. 

thanks for playing and commenting. :)

been getting that note quite a bit :)  ur totally right. this game wont be revamped but i definitely learned something for next time.
thanks for playing!

yup, got that comment quite a bit :) 
ur totaly right, it was a quick fix solution and i would've definitely made the arrows more in-game if i had more time. thanks for playing! 

hi indian man! glad u liked it ^_^

glad u liked it! thanks for taking the time to play and comment :)  

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so good! fun, engaging, creative and highly polished. great job!
my only note was maybe graying out the enemies (or some other color change) after death so it's easier to tell what's going on when there's a horde.

if you ever want to try and colab on game in the future feel free to contact me on discord - shoze#3879. im a 2d artist and game designer and always looking to work with talented ppl :)

great spoof! really fun vibes :)
the fighting mechs are kinda clunky and the headbutt animation is a fun idea but looks too much like he's getting hit in the gut so it was a bit confusing at first.
still if was pretty fun to play, great job!

original. i'll be sure to check it once i have some spare time, thanks for the tip :)

very effective game.  the atmosphere totally worked and the overall story was very intriguing (and the red eyes were a classic horror trope, really nailed it :)).
havent seen that episode so not too sure if im missing anything - is going through the door how it's supposed to end?

really cute and fun and very much to the point :) i couldnt pass more than 4-5 levels but it moves seamlessly between the fails so it doesnt feel like a bother to replay a level. you should add a little number to indicate the level so ppl can feel their progress better (if there is one i didnt notice it). 
my only comment is that there's a lot of unused space. maybe you could arrange the room a little tighter so you could scale it up a bit and your eyes wont want to wander around so much and stuff like the text bubbles could be bigger and more readable. 

wow, really impressive game with a lot of content! especially considering it was a jam.
im sure you already got comment on the controls (i for one couldnt make it past the the first big jump so i watched a video) so no need to repeat but other than that it feels very solid.

i never heard of hilda before but the game made me want to check it out, so great job :) 

btw, i love the fact u are a family :)

lol, yea. i chose an obvious ui design that worked "on paper" to keep things simple for the group but in the end it backfired and we didnt have the time to come up with a better solution, which i guess is also understandle im game jams, huh?... thanks for playing! :) 

yea, the syncing was more difficult than we originally thought. this was the best we could do in the time we had but thank you for playing :)

 well, its a challenging game and not as intuitive as we hoped. if you're still interested in giving it a try i added a little demo gif in the game page that might help u out with the timing. in any case thanks for playing :) 

thanks :) and yes you're quite right. we spent about 2-3 days of work to try and sync up the sound before we decided to let it go and it kinda ate up time for stuff that were more than the basics. as it is with jams  :)

yea, ur not the first one to say that :) i chose a simple ui solution since we didnt have much time to work on the game and i wanted something i could easily edit if it didnt playtest well (which it didnt btw  so it was a good choice time-wise) but in the end it fired back on us since it took too much focus. i'll be wiser next time :)

thanks you for the notes :) and yes, the arrow was a late addition and could've definitly been better executed. i doubt if we'll ever return to polish the game but there were defintly lessons  learned :) 

thanks :) and yes, i agree with your note, there's definetly room for improvment there :)

thank you. and yea, im afraid it's not clear enough whem to press the key. i've added a little example gif in the game page that might help you a little with that.

thanks. sounds like you're one of the few ppl that got the rythem right :)

thanks! and yea, the sync thing is unfortunate, we would've liked more time to figure it out but it didnt work out.

heh, thanks. glad you liked it! :)

thanks, glad you liked it :)
and yea, we're aware of the issues.  we did try to calculate the BPM as much as we could but it proved more difficult then we anticipated. unfortunately we didn't have time to fix it so it's going to stay that way but i appreciate the comment! :)

lol, it does need some concentration but no need for psychic abilities :)
there's a time window you should aim for - it's not the exact moment the arrow appears but the pulse ring moment after that. try to use the music as a timing guide.
though i agree that another day or 2 to tweak the mechanics would've been nice...

game is still in playtesting mode for the next couple of days. any input is appreciated!

hey. im a proffessional 2d artist and game designer (portfolio) and i do game jams on my down time.  if ur interested in teaming up contact me on discord:


btw, im  pretty hardcore so only for serious ppl.

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level 1. didnt manage to pass that one due to bugs or me severely misunderstanding  the game.

nvm. i tried again and this time it worked. really cool concept and mechanics, although i wish there was some indications when u finish a level.

good luck!

i think your game is broken. the drawn lines kept disappearing and the one time i did manage to close a shape the next level went black. am i missing something in the game play?

try disabling antivirus before launching game

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if exe gives u problems try disabling antivirus before playing. go to the game page for more info about the game.

thanks! glad you enjoyed it :)

thanks for the feedback :) and as the person responsible for art and game design im definitely flattered! 

the clunky controls are an unfortunate issue that there was no time to address (although i do stand by my mouse-controller idea, it could work with better character physics) but im glad u could see past it. 

btw, in the design there are multiple solution per level, although with the bugs it's only kirby that can pass most levels (even the ones he's not suppose to :) ), the link character could've been used in the level with the 3 poo monsters. and the candle was for the final level which was dropped due to lack of time.

p.s this is the 2nd game review i got from u (i did the kubo movie jam) and im now doing another one for the CFN jam so hopefully u'll manage to review that as well.


hey, thanks for the review, the video was a lot of fun to watch! :)

definitely aware of the problematic mechanics, most of the levels are passable or non-passable due to bugs bad physics and not level design , but as it goes with jams there was no time to address it. (btw, the candle was meant for the final level which we decided to drop due to lack of time).

thanks again, glad u enjoyed it :)

glad you liked it! the buggy controls were not part of  the plan but im glad you could see past it.

thanks for playing! :)

thanks :) all the stuff you've mentioned are bugs and not intentional but if you're interested in finishing the game try doing it with kirby. his ability to finish all levels is also due to buggines but still... 
thanks for playing the game :)

thanks man!  im aware of the issues you've mentioned which  are more due to lack of time and uncalibrated physics rather than level design but im glad u enjoyed it non-the-less! :)

thanks for the feedback!  there are a lot of things i would've changed if i had more time (im thinking of doing a mock of how i would've made the game if had actual time to play test and solve problems) but im glad u enjoyed it :)
ur link doesnt work but i'll be happy to see ur review once once its online.

thanks! i didnt really think about non-numpad keyboards... i guess it's quite the challenge without it! 

you definitely deserve extra points for persisting :)

thanks man, im glad u liked it. 

if u ever get back to it try reading the instructions in the comment before playing, it'll clear things out.