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Okay, so I played the Space Trip.

The game gets somewhat absurd at times, but I like how these ‘risky, crazy, but brilliant decisions’ represent the mood of the show. I like how it stays true to the source, without being set in space/alien planet.

I was not a fan of the long dialogue at the beginning though. The same exposition could have been given through more active gameplay, rather than a long dialogue. Like, maybe exploring a few set pieces being placed outside the studio, to give more context to boys’ talk and have a more meaningful ground for Sunny's dialogue.

The art is very cute, works with the gameplay and atmosphere quite well.

The game has a somewhat slow start, but builds up pretty nicely towards the middle, when the actual gameplay starts.
It is hyperbolized (13 years old Hackerman, come on), but I think it really helps to convey the mood of the original show.
Art feels like it has a loving heart behind it, it is simple, but charming.

P.S. I had a bug right before the limousine arrives. I had a action prompt right after I exited the studio, even before the animation and some dialogue went through. It skipped right to the talk inside the car, so I guess I didn’t lose much.

Thanks for the very detailed review! Yeah, I know, the dialogue is a bit long. I would have loved to put some more action at the beginning of the game, but 15 days isn't much time.

About the hacker: I think Elliot Anderson from "Mr. Robot" started his first hack at 11. So the character in my game is quite a late starter =)