Submissions open from 2019-02-01 10:00:00 to 2019-02-15 10:00:00
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Welcome to the TV Game Jam, where you have two weeks to create a game inspired by a TV episode!

TV shows come in all shapes and sizes, and within each show there are episodes which explore a wide range of interesting themes, ideas and scenarios. However, the TV medium is rarely used as an inspiration for the games we make.
Thus, the aim of this jam is to explore the potential of TV as a source of inspiration for interesting and innovative video games!

You can form teams easily on our CrowdForge page.

Discord & Twitter

Jams are more fun when there's a community, so come join our Game Jammers Discord!

Twitter users, make sure to follow the official Twitter account @TVGameJam and tweet with the hashtag #TVGameJam :)

You can also follow my Twitter @XavierEkkel if you have any questions or just because you like living life on the edge.


1) ~$200 in game prizes for participants who give the best game feedback and to my top picks.
       (please email me if you have any keys to donate!)

2) A special role in our Discord server!

3) Lots of feedback from other participants and YouTubers/streamers (see below)!

4) All participants will get a free unlimited asset license for Audiokinetic's Wwise audio software (valid until March 1st),
compatible with all popular game engines. Email me to request access. Note that license is only for non-commercial use.

5) Most importantly, the satisfaction of finishing an awesome TV-related game in just two weeks!


I will be organising lots of YouTubers and streamers to play your TV Game Jam entries and give you great feedback!
Each new video will be tweeted about and posted in our Discord. I will also compile all the videos into one big YouTube playlist.

If you are a YouTuber or Twitch streamer interested in playing the games from this game jam, I can add you to a list in this section so participants and onlookers can easily find your content! If interested, please tweet me or email me.


  • Anyone, regardless of experience, is welcome to participate!
  • Teams are allowed and encouraged! Max team size is 4. You can find team members easily on our CrowdForge page.
  • Games must be inspired by a TV show, but should not infringe upon any copyright or trademark (so please avoid using identical names, dialogue, appearances, or music).
  • Please avoid big plot spoilers in your game title, description (unless you put a spoiler warning at the top first), or screenshots.
  • Do not start working on the game prior to the game jam, as it isn't fair to other participants starting from scratch.
  • You must start from scratch. However, you may use publicly-available assets if you mention this upon submission (there is a text box).
  • Leave feedback on any game you rate! Your comment will include a link to your game so they can play yours too:)
  • Your game must be free to play until the voting period is over.
  • Games that try to manipulate voting (including asking your friends to create accounts to vote on your game) will be removed.
  • Games that are discriminatory, contain hate-speech, or are in very poor taste will be removed.


After the submission period is over, you'll be able to rate entries on the following categories on a scale from 1 to 5 stars:

  • Overall
  • Interpretation (how well you convert the TV episode into game form - which can be creative/abstract or a faithful adaptation)
  • Gameplay Innovation
  • Fun
  • Visuals (only rate based on art assets created during the jam, not art assets created before the jam)
  • Audio (only rate based on the audio created during the jam, not audio created before the jam)

The voting period will run for roughly two weeks. Please only vote based on the aspects of the game that were created from scratch.

Don't forget to leave feedback on any game you rate! It's more helpful than just a number, and it helps them find your game :)


Who can participate?
Anyone! All experience levels, from beginner to expert, and all disciplines from coding and art to design and music, are free and encouraged to join this jam!

Do I have to use all 14 days?
Not at all! 2 weeks simply allows more people to participate, allows participants to work on the game at their own pace (rather than a 72-hour crunch). It is expected that some games will be completed entirely in 1 or 2 days, whilst some will be completed in stages across the two weeks.

Can I start thinking of ideas ahead of time?
Yes! Just don't start making the actual game until the start time, and remember to scale back your ideas!

Do I keep the rights to my game?
Yes! You and your team keep the rights to everything you create for this game jam.

Can I use other peoples' work in my game?
We do not take responsibility for any unauthorised uses of other peoples' work (e.g. music, sound, art, other copyrighted/trademarked material) and any consequences that may result from its use. Please use work that you are authorised to use or that you created from scratch yourself.

Can I use the characters / names / art / music / other assets from the TV show in my game?
Not directly. Games should be inspired by the show without directly using any of the show's characters, names, art, music, or other copyrighted/trademarked aspects. Variations that stand on their own but draw inspiration from the show's content are totally fine.

Is there any restriction on game engines?
Nope! You are free to use whichever game engine you like - including your own custom-built engines - as long as you create the code and assets specific to this game from scratch.

Where can I download the logo? Can I put it in my game?
You can download the logo here, and you are welcome (and encouraged) to include it as a splash screen for your game!

Can my game be based on multiple episodes / a specific scene from an episode / a TV show as a whole?
One episode (or a scene from within one episode) is recommended because it will likely lead to more focused and coherent game designs, and more time for polish. However, I won't restrict the use of multiple episodes or a TV show as a whole if that's what you want to do and you're confident in your ability to do so!

Can my game be based on [some TV show]?
Yes! Any episode from any TV show can be used as inspiration for your game. This includes animes, children's shows, reality shows, web series, etc.

How do I turn a TV episode into a game?
That's part of the challenge (and the fun!).
Try looking through different television genres, and different episodes of any show you've watched in your life!
For some great starting ideas, check out the 300+ responses on Reddit to the question "What TV episode, from any TV show, would be great as a video game?" (but try and think of something unique if you can)!
For some related inspiration, check out entries from the Movie Game Jam.
Once you've found an episode, think about what aspect(s) of the episode could result in interesting gameplay. It might help to focus on just one scene or subplot from within the episode.
Here are some questions to get you thinking:

  • What if you played from the antagonist's point of view?
  • What if you were a bystander?
  • What if you were controlling the most important object in the episode/scene?
  • What if the goal of your game was to prevent the events of the episode/scene from happening?
  • What predates / comes after a particular scene?
  • What if your characters are on the way to a scene? What do they have to do to get that scene to happen?
  • What is happening between the scenes, in the cuts?