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Stargate-inspired roguelike game with MANY worlds to explore
Submitted by YaHUB (@YaHub4) — 2 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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Gameplay Innovation#502.6762.909

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Stargate series

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I just loved the theme about exploration, aliens becoming self-proclaimed gods and humans trying to stop them using this "ring". I watched the whole series about 3 times and I still loved it.
This game is taking place in later episodes where there are ori and replicators

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Controls: WSAD
SPACE to do specific action
LEFTmouse button: attack

You can find NPC that will sell you useful equipment in exchange for Naquadah.
Naquadah will drop from some enemies

Because there is small chance that you will stumble upon the Baal's hideout, there is one symbol in chest in each of the planets. Find all 7 and kill the self-proclaimed god.​

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A little late but I uploaded a review video to youtube and your game is a part of it! Check it out here:


Interesting and fun game, and seemed really big, though there were a few problems I ran into. The enemy's fire-rate seems way too high, and I was half-dead within the first 10 seconds of the first area. Meanwhile, my attacks did almost nothing in comparison and most of the enemies were bullet-sponges.

There should be a way to get back your previous gun, rather it vanishing upon picking up a new one. There should also be a way to drop the gun you have if you want to. I ended up getting stuck because after I picked up the new one, it stopped working even though there was ammo left, so I couldn't attack anything anymore.


Impressive tech! Some of the worlds generated looked really pretty. I think the gameplay and visual feedback could use more work - the guns felt unresponsive and slow/inaccurate and enemies were way to strong. So I didn't get that far, but nice job on submitting on what sounds like a completeable game!


Thanks for the honest review.
The funny thing is that the generation of the world was created in 1,5 days. I spended way more time on the player :D  but I was playing with it so much I mised the missing/bad things.


I really like the theme! I loved stargate back in the day.

As far as the gameplay, I did enjoy it, however, some of the roguelike aspects could use a little polish.  Sometimes the enemies just popped up on me and I died SUPER FAST.  Which, isn't necessarily bad but the weapons aren't super powerful and it's hard to defend yourself! I tried though!

I'm not sure how to find the symbols or baal's lair exactly or what timeframe you were expecting that to take... I may revisit this later, when I have less review to do!

Awesome job!


Thanks for the review
Yeah I made the enemies little harder :D And the game, when you know what you are doing, you can finish it in 10 min. ,but that is almost speedrun time :D In fist chest in every world you get one symbol that is shown in ESC menu. When you get all 7 you just write those symbols in the Gate panel and it will send you there.


I'll give it a shot! Thanks for the reply =D


The world generation was really cool. That said, I had trouble finding my way back to the stargate. It would have been nice to have an arrow that pointed back to it or something to help with my poor sense of direction.


Thanks for the review
I was planning some arrow or minimap but I didn't have the time to do it.


Love to see an exploring game in the entry :D even I haven't watch the show yet. simple gameplay with tough enemies to defeat and the sound fits in the game too. Nice Work!


Thanks for the review. 

I love the exploration type games and the idea of my favourite TV series becoming a game intriguing me so much that I decided to work on that. Unfortunately I had too grand expectations for the time I had and I needed to cut some exploration features.


Really cool game idea, seems like there is a lot here and still even more potential moving forward! I found the enemies a bit hard and I would like a bit more feedback when I'm being hit. I wasn't really paying attention to my health in the HUD and didn't realize they were killing me so quickly. Some sort of visual feedback there would be nice.

A very solid entry, great job!


Thanks for the review. 

I was planning to do some type of red pulsing overlay, but a couldn't get it to work. And yeah, there is a lot I can do with this game concept in mind.I have many ideas and I certainly want to make a stand-alone game out of this in some point, because I done a lot of concept ideas that would bring the entire thing in another heights.


Clever concept of entering the star gate to get to different worlds, typing in the world name was a nice touch - does the name affect how the worlds are generated? ;) It's quite faithful to the series, that you explore new worlds. I like it! The sound volume seem to be quite low though. Well done on making an impressive game! :)


Thank a lot for review. I am happy you liked it :D

There are few things affected by the address. One symbol changes the ground color, one changes type of rocks and vegetation as well as their color, one sets the conditions, two other affect the spawners, slime color and rate in wich they spawn. The rest basically changes difficulty of enemies and chests loot.  So every time you visit the same address it will have the same difficulty/look.

Thanks for the sound reminder. I will look at it.


Thanks for the glimpse behind the curtain! That's a genius way to determine how to generate a world, rather than it being random. Plus it's consisten to the plot setting, where by a specific address should take you to the same world :)


Very interesting proc generation you have done within a span of a game jam! The enemies are a little too hardy though and I felt that they were just soaking up all of the bullets. Would have liked to have more variety in terms of gameplay between different worlds but I realize doing a roguelike in a game jam is a feat in itself. Well done!


Thanks for the kind review.
And about the enemies , when I realized there will be less enemies in the game I made them harder so the fight "last longer",but I tried to make them destroyable.
I need to make some kind of life bar to indicate that they are in fact dying.


I loved it! I could see myself sinking hours and hours in a more fleshed out version of this game. I've never really watched Stargate, but the roguelite elements and the world exploration premise is amazing. Imagine visiting many different locations after resources, enemies or rare items! There are a few design choices I didn't like, for instance, the "shooting" button being the same as the "activate" button, or the enemies tanking all of my bullets before dying. Visuals are great, voxel aesthetic fits this perfectly. 

Good job!!


Thanks for the awesome feedback.
I definitely want to take this project to another level. I had many ideas through out the development , but because of the time I wasn't able to do that. 

Ou and yeah I just now realized I could use RIGHT mouse button for interactions, although I use mainly SPACE key myself, because of convenience.

I will definitely update this game with your review in mind.