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Great gameplay and art, loved the slow-mo mechanics and visuals/audio. With some enemies the use of slow-mo is a must. Then it becomes an interesting game of dodging slow moving bullets and bombs and trying to get as many in as possible before energy runs out.

Things I noticed:

  • Maybe add a reload button? (Sorry if there's already one, I couldn't find it). Sometimes I had to force reloads by shooting at walls before entering a room.
  • Maybe do slower increase in difficulty from level 3 to 4 (I think)? When maskies show up, it becomes way, way harder suddenly, even with slow-mo.
  • Couple of minor, non-breaking bugs, like your gun firing by itself if you shoot on death screen and some bodies duplicating when dead. Also some small typos in the wall tips.

Good job and keep up the good work! Definitely following as well.

Hard, but really rewarding once you make it. Pretty interesting gameplay. Good job!

Hey man, thanks! Glad to see you're still following my progress.

New version will be released soon!

Hey Spoonie!

As of now the game is still very early in development so I'm still experimenting with AI and controls. For future versions there will be a slower increase in difficulty for each mission.

Thank you very much for playing and giving feedback! I'll definitely be checking out your channel!