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Obrigado, amigo. Também sou brasileiro, fico feliz de ver o pessoal BR jogando e curtindo o game. Abraços!

Thank you! Both for the donation and for the kind words, this means a lot to me!

Thanks again!

I used animation clips and an "Animator" component on the cubes to make them play the going up or going down animations, depending on the situation. The highlights are just a model of a hollow cube, with just it's frame, copied over 3 times for each of the highlight states (hovered, selected, action). They were inside the default cube prefab, and turned on and off by code also depending on the situation.

It's not the best way to do it, but it was the quickest :p

Thank you!

Glad you're having fun! And yep,  you found one of the little exploits I just couldn't get to in time!

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest! We're developing a sequel that will be released for Mac/Linux, stay tuned!

If there's anyone here worthy of praise, that would definitely be you!! We really appreciate the work you've put in playing every single entry. You're amazing and I'm sure what you're doing means a lot to everyone who participated.

Thank you for the kind words regarding our game, we're really glad you enjoyed it!!!

Thank you so much for covering our game! We're thankful and really happy you liked it.

Your video is awesome and the pop-up commentary is an amazing idea. Your comments are great as well, we weren't expecting to laugh during a horror game playthrough! Good luck to you and your channel!

Thank you for playing! The story is pretty much open for interpretation, but it was great seeing you try and figure it out (you got the closest so far!). 

"I want to see everything that this game has" that just killed us right there. We can't describe how happy we feel to know that people are actually enjoying the game! We're already working hard on writing for the sequel. Stay tuned!

That was amazing, thank you very much for this. You're very creative and camera work was top notch as well. Congratulations!

Thank you for playing, we loved your video!

We're really happy we managed to convey those feelings!

The game only borrowed the "obey the messages on you phone, or else" concept from the Black Mirror episode. The storyline is something we thought of. We're thinking of exploring it better on a future release, getting the players to figure out what is happening in this city and what that package really meant.

Thank you a lot for the kind words!!

Thank you for playing!! We understand how you feel about the story and the character motives, and while we think vagueness is great for games like these, we agree that we should've expanded more on the storyline and made it a bit clearer.

The punished character was the one who left his phone behind. The hobo just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time!

Thank you again for the kind words!!

Wow. We have no words to express how happy we feel with your review. Thank you a lot for taking the time to do this!

I know exactly how you feel in regards to most horror games these days, and we did our best not to be "just another one". Comments like yours makes us feel immensely accomplished and filled with energy and ideas for more. We're definitely taking note of the feedback on the interaction system, and we're very sorry we couldn't make it work well with the game. Thankfully, it didn't seem to harm the experience too much.

Thank you again for the support! Cheers and best wishes!!

I really love this game! One of my favorite entries so far! Great aesthetics and sounds, they fit together perfectly. Knowing what this was based on and being greeted into the game by the cutest little penguins doing the thing from the episode was a laugh I wasn't expecting. It gets really tense once you've got nearly enough cups and can't stop running into bears and llamas (NANI?!).

Great job!!

Thank you Marco, we're really glad you liked it!

Please, do give it a try again if you enjoyed the overall vibe. There's still quite a lot to see! Hope you have fun!!

It's quite a simple walking sim, but worth the trippy surrealist vibe. I wish there was more to it, the thumbnail caught my attention more than any other game in the jam. Best part is how this game was made, and I really appreciate it!

Amazing visuals and sound design! Very eerie, dreamlike feel. The level, props and lighting kinda reminded me of 'Amnesia', in a good way.

Although a bit too short and heavy on the dialogue part, you managed to convey a good amount of detail. As someone else mentioned, this environment would do great as a full game. Good job!

Thank you for covering our game!! And we absolutely loved the vid, very entertaining!

I loved it! I could see myself sinking hours and hours in a more fleshed out version of this game. I've never really watched Stargate, but the roguelite elements and the world exploration premise is amazing. Imagine visiting many different locations after resources, enemies or rare items! There are a few design choices I didn't like, for instance, the "shooting" button being the same as the "activate" button, or the enemies tanking all of my bullets before dying. Visuals are great, voxel aesthetic fits this perfectly. 

Good job!!

We're really happy you decided to give it another try! Our ending was heavily inspired by P.T. and it's legacy in horror gaming is something we love to explore! Your comment made our day.

Very neat concept! 

Visuals are amazing, the character shadows are a nice touch. Would love to see a long, thought out, more developed story being told this way, maybe your decisions affecting the environment around you and the character themselves.  The text-to-speech detracts from the experience in my opinion, it just doesn't feel natural and gets a bit annoying. The room layout and overall design is great. Loved the slideshow.

Good job!

Great gameplay and art, loved the slow-mo mechanics and visuals/audio. With some enemies the use of slow-mo is a must. Then it becomes an interesting game of dodging slow moving bullets and bombs and trying to get as many in as possible before energy runs out.

Things I noticed:

  • Maybe add a reload button? (Sorry if there's already one, I couldn't find it). Sometimes I had to force reloads by shooting at walls before entering a room.
  • Maybe do slower increase in difficulty from level 3 to 4 (I think)? When maskies show up, it becomes way, way harder suddenly, even with slow-mo.
  • Couple of minor, non-breaking bugs, like your gun firing by itself if you shoot on death screen and some bodies duplicating when dead. Also some small typos in the wall tips.

Good job and keep up the good work! Definitely following as well.

Hard, but really rewarding once you make it. Pretty interesting gameplay. Good job!

Hey man, thanks! Glad to see you're still following my progress.

New version will be released soon!

Hey Spoonie!

As of now the game is still very early in development so I'm still experimenting with AI and controls. For future versions there will be a slower increase in difficulty for each mission.

Thank you very much for playing and giving feedback! I'll definitely be checking out your channel!