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I loved it! I could see myself sinking hours and hours in a more fleshed out version of this game. I've never really watched Stargate, but the roguelite elements and the world exploration premise is amazing. Imagine visiting many different locations after resources, enemies or rare items! There are a few design choices I didn't like, for instance, the "shooting" button being the same as the "activate" button, or the enemies tanking all of my bullets before dying. Visuals are great, voxel aesthetic fits this perfectly. 

Good job!!


Thanks for the awesome feedback.
I definitely want to take this project to another level. I had many ideas through out the development , but because of the time I wasn't able to do that. 

Ou and yeah I just now realized I could use RIGHT mouse button for interactions, although I use mainly SPACE key myself, because of convenience.

I will definitely update this game with your review in mind.