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Clever concept of entering the star gate to get to different worlds, typing in the world name was a nice touch - does the name affect how the worlds are generated? ;) It's quite faithful to the series, that you explore new worlds. I like it! The sound volume seem to be quite low though. Well done on making an impressive game! :)


Thank a lot for review. I am happy you liked it :D

There are few things affected by the address. One symbol changes the ground color, one changes type of rocks and vegetation as well as their color, one sets the conditions, two other affect the spawners, slime color and rate in wich they spawn. The rest basically changes difficulty of enemies and chests loot.  So every time you visit the same address it will have the same difficulty/look.

Thanks for the sound reminder. I will look at it.


Thanks for the glimpse behind the curtain! That's a genius way to determine how to generate a world, rather than it being random. Plus it's consisten to the plot setting, where by a specific address should take you to the same world :)