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Hi, Thanks for playing! Glad you like it :D

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Allright, I tried to judge them by their faces, so I made mistakes a lot :D but It was fun to see the God kicked them from the heaven.. haha.. Simple graphic with cute characters. The music was relaxing and fit in the game too. Great Work!

What a lovely short game! I haven't watched the show yet but I think it's a creative way how you turn that scene into the game :D Graphic looks good and the main mechanic makes my keyboard broken.. just kidding :D Really enjoyed this game. Nice Work!

umm.. I don't know why you chose the Moonlight Sonata for the BGM.
truly, it's a fun & addictive game, love the simple graphic too. but.. the sadness of Sonata filled in my ears and it became a contradiction in my mood whether it's fun or sad :D
Overall well done of creating this game!

Love to see an exploring game in the entry :D even I haven't watch the show yet. simple gameplay with tough enemies to defeat and the sound fits in the game too. Nice Work!

Thanks to all kind feedback and review! really appreciate it.
I made the game short and simple as possible, so players can enjoy the game till the end of levels :D
Thanks for playing anyway!

Thanks for playing ! 

Love the graphic and the smooth animation, the fog makes the strong atmosphere for the graveyard too. The main mechanic works well, but i need an extra effort for reaching the next checkpoint cause of enemies one hit kill. and think it would be cool if you add something like HP system to it.  Overall it's a great game. Keep up the good work :D

What a cute little game! the gameplay is fun and music fits perfectly on the game. Unfortunately I couldn't found all of the coffee because the comb it's to large for me. Even there's a map but I always end up lost and got hug by the polar bear :D

Well done!

Thanks for the feedback!
sorry for the audio :D I'm working with the audio today. Actually the bosses are just a monster and another dragon(but in different color) you can find them in every level. You can use that dragon if you beat it :D

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Finally I have my free time to share some thought even though I think it's a bit late :D

Hi, Thanks for the Jam and Judgment. I want to say thank you to PlayGen for choosing my game on 1st place. This jam is absolutely fun & quite challenging for me. 

SUGAR is really useful to make some social features like ( Friends, Group, HighScore, Achivement, etc ). It's incredible and easy to use. I've never made social features so quick before, because it's a bit complicated to setup everything. but with SUGAR just write a few line of code and some setup, all features are ready to use. It really saves my development time and indeed shorten my code as well :D
But on the other hand I found a bit complicated to create some custom interfaces as I want.  And a member of a group has limited access to current group ( like creating Game Data, Skill, etc ) and I can't do nothing about it. Last, I really would love to see something like chat or mail features in SUGAR, so players can easily communicate each other and sharing information on game :D

So many SUGAR features that I haven't explored yet and I want to try an experiment to another project as soon as possible. I hope SUGAR will keep Updating and Improving it's features. I believe with more improvement SUGAR will be best.                                

P.S. It has been a while since the judgment announcement and I haven't receive any email yet, it would be really grateful if you could let me know when I can expect to receive the award.

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email :