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The jam version is the first version of the game, which was made in two days. In the non-jam version I improved some of the art and made it run better.

My recommendation is that you play the non-jam version.

Fun. I liked the movement and the sprites all read well despite the moving background. The grapple was a great addition, and felt natural to use.

Nice job on the manual. It was a great resource for playing and understanding the dense UI of the game. I had fun with the mechanics. It took me a bit to understand how it controlled, but once it got going I had a lot of fun with the game. I appreciated how you managed to tell a complete story. Great job!

Yep! It was a fun challenge.

Fun game with excellently crafted art and audio. It really helped set a calm tone inbetween everything trying to kill me. It had the level of polish I'd expect from a released game, not a game that was made for a jam. Excellent job.

Fun game, reminded me of F-Zero. The arrows did a good job of telegraphing which direction I was going to turn in. Minor thing: I'd suggest you pad out the speed and times so they always have the same amount of numbers after the decimal. It can be distracting when it jumps from 24.20 to 24.201 and back.

Fun! It was a nice twist on the standard sliding block game that gave the puzzles room to be much more interesting. I may never eat a hot dog again.

Absolutely lovely game. The water effects really tie the whole look together. It took me a bit to figure out the fishing, but not long enough that it was a problem.  Great work all around.

Intriguing game, very atmospheric. I'll definitely be checking to see what you add after the jam.

I would've liked to make the music during the jam (it's a skill I don't have, but I'd like it gain at least a rudimentary understanding), but I ended up having far less time in the second week than I anticipated. It was probably for the best when it came to the quality of the songs in the game, but it was a bit disappointing to me personally. You can see links to the creators on the game page.

Your comments on the volume are noted, and I'll keep that in mind for when I update the game after the rating period ends. The intro rule text is also top of mind for me, as various people have had similar concerns. Thanks for your feedback!

I ran into the same issues that the others had (missing sdl2.dll), but I got it from the internet and dropped it into the install folder and it worked from there. Very pretty game. I enjoyed working my way through the puzzles. I just wish there was more!

Very cool. Kind of like a cross between minesweeper and a nonogram. Well-executed and fun. I ended up playing it all in one session. Great job!

Very creative use of the 64x64 resolution limit. Nice work!

This was a lot of fun. It had some issues on occasion with giving me enough information on where was safe, but it didn't detract very much from the experience. Great job!

Entertaining game with an impressive amount of art. You managed to make the chest look pretty cute after it ate someone. Good job!

Fun. I liked the combination of the sliding gameplay alongside swapping the tiles. It gives the game more complexity and requires more thought than other games like it. I thought it was cute how the cat squished a bit when it ran into the wall—it was a really neat touch. Catchy music as well. All around a great job.

I love the theme and the cooking-based gameplay. The art was all well-executed, and it was all impressively readable at the low resolution. I wish I had a mouth in my kitchen I could just toss scraps down.

Fun game. I really enjoy this genre, and yours was well-executed. I do wish that there were checkpoints after each boss, or even that it took an approach similar to that of Furi, where losing to a boss would only send you back one phase (or in this case, one level). Great work all around.

This was fun! We need more bullet hell RPG games like this. If I could have changed one thing, it would be to make both the enemies and the player to deal more damage to speed up the battles a little bit. Other than that, I really enjoyed it.

I'm impressed by how much personality you managed to give the characters and the environment. The plot and puzzles were spot on as well. Great work.

Fun game. I always enjoy games like this where it's based around programming. Wish there was more levels.

Great job! This felt well-made and cohesive. I appreciated the chests strewn about with upgrades in them. I'm pretty terrible at strategy games, so I didn't get all that far, but I had fun playing it.

I had fun with this, especially once I unlocked more rows and columns. I was a bit confused on what to do with the tower defense portion and what the upgrades did until I realized that you were playing the attacking force, not the defending one. The animations and visuals all felt very polished. Great job.

Good job using effects like the player trail and the shadows to enhance the appearance of the game without making the game hard to follow visually. I also appreciated the indication of where the next enemies would spawn—it made it a game of skill instead of luck. My best score was 183.

I'm always a fan of these miner games, and this one was no exception. I appreciated how you could change what gem you'd start with (although it took me a bit to realize that I could). I was hooked until I beat it. I'd recommend you put some screenshots on your itch page—that would get more people to try it.

Really interesting game. I hadn't heard of rock paper scissors automata so it took me a bit to figure out how that worked, but once I understood it was interesting to try to manipulate the automata to my whims. Was I missing some way to progress or was the fifth level the end of the game?

Gorgeous graphics and animations. It reminds me of the best of the old Sierra adventure games. The music set the tone nicely as well. Altogether a great job.

Great job making emotive faces at such a low resolution. I was also impressed by how you managed to inject personality and flow into the dialogue despite having such a limited number of characters to work with.

Great tone in this game. The art style isn't something I've seen before in an FPS and it worked especially well in the low rez style. The weapons also felt good to use. Great job!

Fun game! I liked the use of a restricted color palette—it conveyed the tone of the inside of a bee hive quite well. 

Very cute game. I loved h Corgi sprite. This was a really fun take on Goose game, and it left me wanting more.

I'm impressed by the amount of content you managed to put into this game. It was fun playing it and seeing what power each new color would give me. Good job!

Great visuals. I liked the atmospheric fog and the fire effect. The dialog was fun as well, but it definitely would have played better if there were more words onscreen, as hitting a button every three words or so messed with the flow.

Great game. You did a fantastic job of illustrating the required mechanics without text, and the rooms were challenging without being off-putting. The sounds and art were very polished, and it felt like a complete game. The last series of rooms were especially fun. Excellent work.

Great job on this. There kept being more and more different enemies for me to fight—I was impressed. The mechanics were clearly explained and it was a fun twist on a match 3 game.

Cool framing for a puzzle game. It took me a bit to realize how to control the heroes at first, but once I got past it all the controls for the later heroes felt quite straight-forward. I enjoyed playing this.

Really clever concept. I liked the little details, like the reflection in the glasses. It reminded me of Metroid Prime. All in all, it felt like it was executed very well.

That was fun! I had trouble with it initially because I didn't notice the shadows until a few runs in (I know, I really should have read the description). Once I looked for the shadows and did some wall-jumping, I got into the flow of the game. I only got to 166, but I enjoyed doing it.

I had a lot of fun with this. The mechanics felt good, and the audio was fantastic. I did feel like the upgrade that tied your health to your ammo felt like a bit of a downgrade, but it was an interesting spin on it. Oh, and I enjoyed the writing as well.

Absolutely gorgeous game. The gameplay concept was fun, but ultimately the shield felt useless, as stepping back was faster and had no cooldown.