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This was a really pleasant experience! The atmosphere was incredible and I have no idea how you managed to make such a huge, coherent environment. I ended up getting all of the green ones and 84 of the blue ones (including one that was in a rock), but only 6 of the red ones. Those ones were quite well hidden.

Really neat! It managed to be evocative of both moss and lichen and felt reasonably lifelike, even if I have no idea how either of them actually grow.

It's not a particularly large fan.

Neat concept. The most obvious complaints I had (no card preview in deck builder, lack of feedback) are almost certainly things that you didn't have time to do. Each of the three times I tried it, I got stuck at a stalemate (I guess I think about at the same level as your AI). Some sort of mechanic where you lose one HP if you attack and do no damage might be an easy way to fix the issue, or just some way to forfeit a match.

Certainly an ambitiously-scoped game. I'm impressed by how much you managed to get done in the time.

A pleasantly spooky game. The mechanics were interesting once I figured them out, and the variety of scares was impressive. I never had the girl I was haunting go into the leftmost two rooms. I don't know if it was because I was haunting her too aggressively, that was further into the game than I got, or it wasn't implemented yet. Great work!

I'd start out with laying out od along the top of the screen, and then resist any incursions that the AI was trying to make into my space. It'd waste enough of its mana on futile attempts at breaking through at spaces other than its main concentration point that I'd be able to hold out the entire game.

I'll see if I can find some time to play some multiplayer. I'm sure I'd fare worse against you (especially now that I've given away my winning strategy!).

Neat game. Constraining the game board really changed things up. The game hung when I got into this position (I assume some infinite loop somewhere).

Other than that, I had a fun time, although I couldn't help but notice the AI hung the game when I was on track to win. Maybe it's too smart if it's employing strategies like those.

It wasn't bad, I just had some nice music in the background while I did some other tasks. I'm glad my strategy of randomly picking things to do paid off!

Great atmosphere. The lack of explicit explanation of what to do gave the game an air of mystery that helped the overall experience. With the end, I either missed some mechanic or ran into a bug, as the fight took about 15 minutes of waiting for the turn timers to elapse. It was about 40s between attacks for me and 80s between attacks for the enemy, with 3/6/3 and 5/12/5 stats, respectively. I did manage to eke out a win, so that part was nice.

Great all-around entry. Lovely choice of palette and the sprites all fit in quite well. I'm impressed how clean the gameplay was despite the resolution complaints. I wanted a button that I could hold down to aim while standing still, but that would've trivialized the difficulty.

My only complaint was that some of the projectiles weren't constrained to the 64x64 grid and would be placed at half or quarter-pixel placements.

Cool concept. I definitely could see its similarity to Go—it seems like there's a lot of depth to this game. I seemed to have figured out a winning strategy against the CPU, as I won against all three of the difficulties. I suspect I'd have more difficulty against a sufficiently-experienced human, but there was no one online when I checked.

Very neat and creative game.

Neat game! Using headphones for navigation worked well, and how the zoom worked was very clever and made perfect intuitive sense.

Neat idea. I liked the tradeoff between getting the speed boost of being close to the sun vs. the risk of running into it. The atlas was a really neat touch as well. I liked how you just dropped a bunch of lore into your arcade-ish game. It gave it a lot more flavor.

Neat game! The music and visuals were excellent, and I like how the camera's viewpoint wasn't static. It's always a treat to play a good rhythm game.

This is a huge game! I'm very impressed by the amount of content you were able to make in two weeks. The biggest issue I ran into was that it wasn't always clear where the screen exits were. The biggest culprit here was the first screen, where the first times I tried to leave to the north I couldn't because you could only exit from the tile with the pebbles on it. Other than that, I had a good time with it.

Fun game! I didn't notice that I could scroll down to figure out what all the machines needed, but I managed to figure it out on the go and make it to the end. Great visuals and audio too! All around a quality game.

Tilting the viewport was such a clever idea and the needlepoint theming was adorable. The gameplay was fun and left me wanting more. My biggest complaint was that I found the sword sound a bit grating (I think it was the high pitched component, maybe some filter would help).

Yeah, that'd be fun!

I didn't do particularly well (just 4881), but I had fun! I liked the variety of levels that you had—it didn't feel like I was doing the same thing over and over again, which can be a problem that puzzle games had.

It's funny, I just played a game that had a minigame similar to this yesterday, and here yours is. Yours is considerably better. The bouncing felt just right and I was able to predict accurately where the head would go while planning my shots. This is an excellent example of how you someone can take a simpler concept and really nail the execution.

Fun concept, executed well. A small bit of my game also had a turn-based snake game (although not nearly as sophisticated as yours), so I understand how tricky it can be to make interesting challenges with those restrictions. I didn't come close to beating this, but I imagine I'll come back and give it a few more tries. I'd love to see what a successful run looks like.

Very satisfying conclusion, and generally a well-designed game. I liked the use of changing visuals and music to represent the health bar.

I love how you used the extra vertical space that you weren't using for your game for a little interactive console. It was super cute. The platforming felt good. I died quite a few times while I was getting used to it, but managed to 128 on my last run.

My only complaint was that it could have used a little bit more variety in the later sections, either by adding more challenging pieces or cycling the palette to give the impression of progression. Still, great job! It was a fun time.

Very polished game; it clearly adhered to the 64x64 limitation but didn't suffer at all for it. The game was readable and the enemy designs evocative. I was doing quite well until the fifth level or so when I lost 5 HP on one room with two enemies and the final one on the boss, but I have no one to blame but myself. Great work!

Nice atmosphere. The CRT effects work quite well, especially in the 64x64 space. The story was well done and compelling and, while I would have liked a bit more complexity in the battles, I'm impressed by all you managed to get done in so short of a time.

Nicely implemented. I like the tactile feeling as you move the blocks around. Good selection of music too.

Thanks! :)

Impressive! I think that's better than anyone I showed it to.

Mine carts are the spots in the top left where you can store a few cards. They behave somewhat similar to free cells in FreeCell.

Rocks are the black cards (spades).

The store (think warehouse) is the card stack in the top right, in which you can place the diamonds.

That's correct.

If you're still having trouble with that puzzle, cnl nggragvba gb gur pubvpr bs jbeqf va gur svefg cntr, rfcrpvnyyl va pbawhapgvba jvgu gur ynfg uvag.

Unfortunately, if you transition from an itch project from a comment thread to a discussion forum, the comments are lost. A discussion forum is a more natural fit for something like this, so if I'd thought about it, I would have done this from the beginning.

A forum allows feedback and hints to be discussed independently, which is better for people who want to give feedback and avoid spoilers, or want hints and don't care about feedback.

(1 edit)

This thread is intended for people looking for hints to any of the puzzles. All hints I'll post will be encoded using rot13. Regardless, avoid reading below if you don't want spoilers, as some information is not obfuscated well even with rot13.

This game does have a built-in hint system. Every 3 minutes (this value can be increased or decreased in the Options/Gameplay menu) a new note will be passed through the door, containing a hint for one of the puzzles you have left unsolved.

If you are posting hints for others, please be considerate and also encode your hints in some way so that people can choose whether to read them or not. Thanks!

For convenience, the hints are as follows (rot13 encoded, as mentioned above):

Favorite Phrase:

  1. 2ERQ + 3TERRA + 3OYHR = 8
  2. 01000001–01111010
  3. Gur cvkryf ubyq gur yrggref.

Favorite Saying:

  1. Gur obbxf ubyqf gur xrl.
  2. Gur gehgu yvrf bayl va gur yrggref.
  3. Hfr bayl gubfr jubfr cbfvgvbaf fgnaq ol bar naq gurzfryirf.
  4. Oryynfb vf gb oynzr.
  5. Nzrevpn'f Shgher. = ZRVNGE

Favorite Number:

  1. Ahzoref jvguva ahzoref.
  2. Cvpgherf jvguva fbhaqf.
  3. Evpuneq Qnivq Wnzrf zvtug uryc lbh.

Favorite Song (Simplified puzzles and/or no hearing puzzles options on [the default]):

  1. Gur zbavgbe ubyqf gur nafjre.
  2. Gurer ner yrggref va gur cvpgherf.
  3. Gur nafjre vf fgergpurq bhg.
  4. Yrg gur oryy thvqr lbh gb gur fbyhgvba.
  5. Qbg lbhe 'v'f naq qnfu lbhe 'g'f.

Favorite Song (Simplified puzzles and no hearing puzzles options off):

  1. Yvfgra gb gur jnirf.
  2. N GRZCRFG va n grnphc.
  3. Lbhe zbavgbe jvyy gryy lbh gur nafjre.
  4. Lbh arrq n enqvb.
  5. Frnepu gur serdhrapvrf.

If you're still struggling after those hints, here are some examples of programs/webpages that could be useful:

Favorite Phrase:

  • Zvpebfbsg Cnvag
  • TVZC

Favorite Saying:

  • uggcf://

Favorite Number:

  • Nhqnpvgl

Favorite Song (Simplified puzzles and/or no hearing puzzles options on [the default]):

  • Jvxvcrqvn

Favorite Song (Simplified puzzles and no hearing puzzles options off):

  • N erny-yvsr NZ/SZ enqvb

Unfortunately, there's no good way to determine that. It'd be nice to have though.

Good idea! The number of cells required to beat a deal now shows up next to the deal number (e.g. Deal #145 (3)).

The jam version is the first version of the game, which was made in two days. In the non-jam version I improved some of the art and made it run better.

My recommendation is that you play the non-jam version.

Fun. I liked the movement and the sprites all read well despite the moving background. The grapple was a great addition, and felt natural to use.

Nice job on the manual. It was a great resource for playing and understanding the dense UI of the game. I had fun with the mechanics. It took me a bit to understand how it controlled, but once it got going I had a lot of fun with the game. I appreciated how you managed to tell a complete story. Great job!

Yep! It was a fun challenge.

Fun game with excellently crafted art and audio. It really helped set a calm tone inbetween everything trying to kill me. It had the level of polish I'd expect from a released game, not a game that was made for a jam. Excellent job.

Fun game, reminded me of F-Zero. The arrows did a good job of telegraphing which direction I was going to turn in. Minor thing: I'd suggest you pad out the speed and times so they always have the same amount of numbers after the decimal. It can be distracting when it jumps from 24.20 to 24.201 and back.