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Those are some great ideas! I'll have to give them a try when I get some free time.

Thanks for signing up to comment on this. It means a lot. The section with the best writing (Portents) was pretty directly inspired by this scene, where the general structure and general beats are the same, although it deviated more as I went through the scene. The other ones weren't directly influenced by any scene, but I wouldn't be surprised if some influences slipped in. The Spooktacular was, of course, directly lifted from season 3 episode 22, when ghosts take over the west wing.

I tend to like a clean graphical style, so I was a fan. No promises as to how most people would feel. I would had a better shot if you gave me more units, but I also probably could have thought my gameplan through more. I thought the phalanxes acted better as support units (since they just deal more damage per turn), but the skeletons are probably a better unit all-around.

I can't say what I would do in your place. I haven't really been making anything with an eye towards monetization, so I'm probably not the best person to ask on that front. I do think with a bit more polish (unit descriptions in-game, maybe some terrain to work around) it would be something that would get the interest of people who like strategy games.

This was an interesting strategy game! I will admit, I'm pretty bad at this type of game, so I couldn't beat the whole game by myself, but I did appreciate how the defeat became part of the cycle. I was going to say that the skeletons felt more powerful than the phalanx, but then I thought of a scenario where the phalanx would be more useful, so it generally felt pretty well balanced. I'm sure you're aware of this and it was due to game jam constraints, but it would have been nice to get a better indicator of the mechanics of each unit within the game, even if it was just the text inside the text box. I think the simple graphics worked in this case, although having slight alterations to the directional triangle for each different unit could be fun.

It's always nice to see games that require strategy, even if I am terrible as them.

Well, I got what I'm assuming is the worst ending my first time around. It felt pretty brutal. My second time around it went considerably better. If in-game mom can't accept me for who I am, forget her. At the risk of sounding a bit daft, I didn't realize what this game was actually about until the second time through. It made Alma's motivations feel more human, and made the ending I got the second time all the more poignant. I loved every part of this. Thanks for making it.

I didn't have a person I could play this with, but I do have two hands, so I had fun trying to see how long I could volley back and forth for. The answer? Not all that long. I'm bad at games. One thing that I noticed was that if the ball was moving fast enough, it would occasionally seem like it would clip through the player's arm. Regardless, I had fun. I'm going to have to corner someone to play this with sometime.

First of all, I love the recursive acronym (which I'm guessing was a Wine reference).  I'm really impressed that you tossed in control customization and an options menu into a game jam game. Racing on a mobius strip is a really cool concept. I also got the graphical bug that tykenn got, but it actually kind of worked in its own way, and didn't detract from the playability for me. Really cool aesthetic, although I felt like the controls felt a little off, I think partially due to a lack of a more complicated turning mechanic (that I noticed at least). Great job on the game!

Interesting game! I really liked the textures you had on the walls, and putting other games from the jam was a nice touch that livened up the hallway. The gameplay was fairly enjoyable, although I sometimes felt like the character was trying a bit too hard to look away from the doorway.

The spinning blades was a really fun concept! I would have loved a restart button, as reloading the page with the unity loading time wasn't the best experience. I assume that was due to game jam time constraints. I also would have appreciated an increase in difficulty that wasn't just increasing the enemies health, as I didn't have to change up my strategy too much for newer enemies, it just took longer to kill them. Some other people commented that the movement felt floaty, but it felt pretty good to me.

I did some writing for a previous jam, and it ended up eating way more of my time than I intended to. I'm impressed you got done with that much before the deadline. I probably would have cheated when making this and killed them in a specific order so I didn't have to write as much dialogue :). I enjoyed the writing a bunch, although, like others have said, it could use a cleanup pass, which is understandable for the game jam. I'm looking forward to playing the updated version!

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I'm glad you liked it! I don't know why power-ups never occurred to me while I was making this, but they could be really cool, and a good way of off-setting some of the increase in difficulty.

Great job on getting to 35. You'll have to let me know if anyone actually beats it! Then there's always hard mode. ;)

Thanks for all the kind words! I'm glad it felt rather polished, aside from the difficulty. I was pleased when I found the music (creative commons music is great!), as I thought it did a good job of preventing me from getting too frustrated while I played.

The change for apples being a spiral was actually the last change I made. They were previously randomly laid out, which ended up looking rather haphazard, and I figured it was easy way to add another cycle-ish thing to the game. The game is way too difficult, but it is possible to beat it. I did beat it... once.

Thanks! I'm thinking about how I could drop in a health bar with all the comments suggesting it. Maybe some slight invulnerability and the enemies move away for a second? All the feedback is greatly appreciated.

Yeah, eventually the enemies hit a point where it's really difficult to keep track of them all. The autumn and winter seasons aren't differentiated enough, the only real difference is that autumn spawns more enemies, and in winter the apples last for longer before disappearing.

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks for playing! The difficulty is definitely something I'm going to work on, and I appreciate all the different ideas people have been giving me for how to address it.

Thanks for playing! The difficulty is definitely too high. Once I have some desire to come back to it, I'll probably explore different ways to reduce the difficulty, including adding a few extra lives. Your point about the clock essentially being impossible to look at while playing is noted. Spending a bunch of time on things people can't look at while playing the game seems to be a trend for me and game jam games, it seems (my last game jam game had the same issue). Solid point about the main menu as well. All your suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!

Really cool game. Around some of the corners the kaleidoscope effect was really stunning. It's always fun to see raytracing in the wild. I liked the message and, while narration would add to it, that definitely would have been out of scope for the game jam. The changing (I think) geometry of the levels enhanced the uncertainty given by the reflections, which made me just embrace going where it wanted me to go. The movement could have been more responsive—it felt like you were using the OS auto-repeat to get inputs instead of checking if the key was down on a frame.

I managed  to find Walpole on my third attempt. That was a fun little bonus to put in.

Thanks for playing and your comments! Having one of the seasons break up the game arena is a really interesting idea. I wish I'd thought of it for the jam, as three of the four seasonal enemies are functionally identical. It also would have helped the difficulty curve not ramp up quite as quickly. I realized the difficulty curve was really tough after I submitted it (I thought it was going to be easy, which is why I added a hard mode). If I could tweak it a little, I would have made the normal mode the hard mode and made something easier (if just a lower, more reachable target) the easy mode.

I made sure to not let the enemies spawn too close to the player. It's no fun when you die to something completely out of your control. One of my goals was to have everything (mostly) predictable for a player, so theoretically someone acting perfectly could play forever (until the screen filled up with enemies).

Having your ammunition rotate around you is a really cool mechanic, and given a little bit more development time, I think it could result in something really satisfying to play. I could see it going in a bunch of different ways. That said, I don't think there's going to be a really easy way to communicate to the player that they take more damage the more bullets they have. Maybe if it just increased the hitbox so it was riskier and had a global cooldown on how quickly you could get hurt?

I'd love to play it again if you have a bit more time to work on some of the rough edges.

This game had great mechanics, and I really enjoyed the theme. It's something I don't think I've seen before. The mechanics are something that could have backfired—I've definitely played ones before that were frustrating and finicky with their level design, but this game did a good job of avoiding any jumps or movements that were too picky about positioning.

That said, I also got an out of bounds error after the 12th level (in the web version, Chrome 72.0.3626.121). It seemed like I was at the end of the game anyway, so it didn't really matter too much, unless you had a really cool game end screen.

Cool game! I've played a few games with the same "time-traveling clone" mechanic, but  this managed to differentiate itself well mechanically from those other ones. A lot of the games of that type tend to frustrate me by how easy it is to mess up and lose a lot of work, but I never felt that same frustration with this game, so good job!

While I found the puzzles mostly understandable and intuitive, I don't think I got the "correct" solution for the puzzle with the elevator. I think there was some mechanic that I didn't fully grasp. I ended up kicking the block down on the switch and jumping over, which, to be fair, is probably a good speed run strat.

Yeah, I tried to temper some of my feedback about the UI/gameplay as I thought that would a smoother experience would undercut and perhaps trivialize the message.

Interesting game. I loved the aesthetic, it looked great. That said, I think the font of the text up top didn't really mesh with the rest of the game (which is understandable, it is a game jam after all). It also wasn't immediately clear to me that I had lost in the hood down scenario, so I was kind of confused as to what I had to do at that point. A restart button or some indicator would have been useful. The hood up lose scenario was more obvious to me and. In hindsight, I get what the hood down segment was going for, but I think the way the feet moved threw me off.

This was a really interesting take on a racing game. With a little bit more difficulty, I think this could be a game that would be a lot of fun to play, especially against other people. There was a lot of polish in this game, especially with the really professional-looking menu. The grinder at the end was pretty intimidating, especially with the sounds that felt like they wouldn't have been out of place in a horror game. I did notice that it seemed like my vehicle was always leaning to the left, which felt like it was unintentional.

I really love how rotating the papers makes the control text move. I was trying to get A+ on all the staples, but I got distracted making the letters dance by rotating the papers. That was a cool detail that I'm glad I didn't miss. There's also something about the down arrow that, when I press it in this game, just makes me feel like I'm pressing a stapler.

Or maybe I'm just hitting my down arrow key too hard.

Very well written. There were definitely some scenarios that I could relate to, and some of the options are things that I've weighed in my life. It felt like a very authentic experience, and it was helpful to see the issues that other people may struggle with that I'm lucky not to have to worry about.

I'm impressed how you managed to have levels resemble each other but have such a wide range of difficulty. I'm pretty bad at platformers, so I got the bad ending, but I still had fun. I felt like I got pretty good at dodging those darn bullets.

I was going to comment that this game was a bit too easy, but then it started coming at me with four symbols and I lost pretty quickly. I think I might have enjoyed it a bit more if the cooldown between shots was a bit shorter, but the cannon switching mechanic felt pretty novel to me.

This felt really enjoyable to control, and the visuals really worked for me. Altogether a really cohesive package, with cute writing and music as well. If I had to be picky, I'd say I would've liked to be able to use WASD as well, but the arrow keys did work well enough.

This might be the weirdest comment you get on your game, but I found the way the leaves pushed other leaves to the side when they spawned in weirdly compelling. I'd leave bunches of leaves in one area in the hope that one would spawn in over there and push them around. I also liked the CRT TV-ish effect on the game.

This was a great amount of content for a game jam, and it had a very cohesive style. Nice job.

This was cool! I enjoyed that it was essentially a race against an ever-growing population on the planet. Once I realized that my harvesting was making the population go down, I wondered what would happen if I could make it go down to zero, and it was oddly satisfying to get to that point.

Interesting game. I liked the creative mechanics, even if it wasn't always straightforward what I had to do.  I found the turn-based mechanics a bit confusing, as it didn't feel like it was really explained. I think it would have been clearer if there was an indicator of the time left until the action, and maybe the action that was queued up for the next turn.

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Really polished game. It used some elements that seem like stock unity assets, but in such a way that it formed a cohesive package. The game also flowed really well. In the hands of someone less adept, I could see switching between the different gameplay modes feeling awkward and confusing, but it always did what I hoped it would do. Good job!

Really enjoyable game. The gameplay managed to feel unique while being easy to pick up and play. At the start I didn't think I'd have a chance, but I ended up beating it on my eighth try or so.  I don't think I'd be able to beat it on those difficulties I unlocked, though.

I liked this. I thought it really evoked the feeling of the show.  I thought the floor texture being static was a strange choice initially (although I know it's a limitation of the simple raycasting engine you're using), but it grew on me as I went through the level. The strangeness matched the tone of the show. The main thing I would change would be to not use any texture filtering on the sprites, as I think it would make the art style feel more coherent.

The world generation was really cool. That said, I had trouble finding my way back to the stargate. It would have been nice to have an arrow that pointed back to it or something to help with my poor sense of direction.

Thanks for the feedback and the kind words! I'd love to get some voice acting in there.