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Thanks for giving it a try, and thanks for the feedback!

thanks for giving the game a try and providing feedback! I think u make a great point on the game area needing to be larger.

I think the level number is top center of screen. Great point on the game having a lot of blank space. I agree a larger game area would have greatly benefitted it. I did realize that as well late into the dev cycle and didn't want to put time into zooming in as I was concerned it may break other UI assets. Thanks for giving the game a try and feedback!

thanks for giving the game a try! You are right I originally planned on freedom of player movement and a overcooked type of game. However, although I'm familiar with Unity, I decided to try their isometric tile engine for the first time and had too many issues with sorting. I also thought the overcooked gameplay might have been a bit too big of a scope for the project. So it had a time advantage as well in really limiting player movement and using a simple rythim gameplay style.

Thanks for giving it a try!

Visually impressive. Might suggest allowing for a couple hits before dying. Also disliked movement stopping at the end of a jump (and swinging the sword). Kinda kills momentum/actiony feel. Still great effort, glad i got to try it out.

Really fun, played it all the way through. Liked the animation/art style and music sound fx. Also though the transition between rooms was good. I'm always a bit annoyed when jump isnt space :) but its a really good jam game!

An interesting take on the tv show. Decent graphics (liked the style a lot, just some seemed a bit unfinished). Good music/sound fx. Enjoyed it enough to reach the end :)

Thanks for giving it a try, I appreciate the kind words.

Gif was a great idea, I watched it, then played again and was able to pass the level! I might suggest that the left arrow is unnecessary as my eyes were glued to the one on the right (as that is the one I'm supposed to match i think). Might be less confusing if you simply hid the left arrow icon/bubble thing. Additionally you could include some pop-up text next to that bubble to indicate success fail, something like too fast or too slow, or Perfect to give user feedback.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the kind words!

Ok dug into the code and fixed the issue described in your post i think. As long as a key is in the box then the correct arrow will be cleared now.

Good interpretation. Graphics overall was really good, though the tiles in the house seemed a bit odd color wise (the edges of them). Was fun.

Controls good, and graphics were very limbo like. Not very familiar with the source material, but an interesting game. Wish it had closed caption/dialogue in addition to the VO.

Animation/art rough, but the fighting animation is kinda nice. Was pretty fun, though i couldnt seem to walk past a building after i fought a wave of enemies (maybe by design though?)

Great art, enjoyed the sprite work and the dialogue. Music was good too, didnt hear any audio fx though. Think it might be good to significantly speed up bullets, as well as make particle effects duration shorter (they stick around for awhile).

Fantastic art and sound. Couldnt get the gameplay too much, wasnt sure if i was doing things correct or not (maybe more positive feedback)? Maybe i was just aweful at it, i dont know.

Agree with below that initial sound too loud. Great game, great art, and was enjoyable.

Enjoyed the game. Great style (like the hand as a cursor at beginning. Screen seemed a bit blurry, would have like just a clean 2d look. Also sound wise might want to consider toning down the soundfx as it seemed quite a bit louder in game than the music. But game was fun.

Thanks for giving it a try. It is challenging, and i can understand the difficulty. If i can get a bit technical when the tiles cross over the square area it is possible that a button press will go against more than one arrow. The program always defaults to the first one, but only if it wasn't previously considered missed. Say you have both up arrow and right arrow both evenly in the square (half and half). If you then pressed right it wouldn't count as it goes against the up arrow (as it is the first one that entered the area). Of course the up arrow would be considered missed and wouldn't count again if you hit right it would correctly count against the right arrow (as the up had been set to missed). I'm not quite happy with the implementation as perhaps it should consider any correct within all tiles in the area and not just the first, but i need to go back into the program and try to solve the issue.

Oh there is a full-screen button (lower right, it can be kinda faint but its there). Thanks for the input.

Agreed on difficulty curve. Adjust down, played all the way through 20 levels, so should be doable now. Also turned down initial volume (can be adjusted back up by player though).

Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy working with a limited color palette.

Thanks for playing it! Glad you had fun.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it.

Enjoyed it, good concept/execution. Great art style/soundfx.

Good Puzzle game, good sound fx and graphics. Could use a music sound track.

Neat idea. Suggest adding more soundFX (could be clicks as hands are moved) to add to the feel of the game. Graphics were awesome and loved the main sound music.

Very playable (a bit wierd to lign up the stars with the net, but it works). Sound good too, though the sound effect might should be dialed back a bit to not compete with music. Was unsure what to do after timer was up. Was it a bonus stage? I ended up trying to capture the big stars on that stage, but from what i gather 

Cool Idea. A bit slowish (maybe i dont have patience though). Would like pieces not be used up until their health is zero.

Enjoyed the mechanics. Great graphics/sound

Branching story with clicking on the text worked well.

Good story progression, was a good concept with strong art and sound design.

Enjoyed playing it, simple idea but well executed. Would have liked a keyboard option as i prefer that control, but still neat idea. Maybe implement traps to discourage slowing the character down.

Neat idea. Was kinda bored though, but text based stuff might not be my cup of tea :) - still i brewed at least 2 potions.

I enjoyed the movement and the camera follow was good. Good sprites too. Wanted more sound, and feedback on hit would be good (like particle effect spawns on hit - just a recommendation). Good effort!

Scored 26. Neat concept, not much too it, but fun.

Agree having the recovery is nice. Very solid music, gameplay and visuals. I finished at score of 60.

Not sure real innovative, but certainly worked well (finished the level). Might suggest turning down the coin volume (can use Audacity for that - amplify effect but use negative value). Liked the art style and the music. Having a run button would be nice too.