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Created for Activision Blizzard King game jam. The theme was Christmas/Holidays.

Thanks for the reply/giving the game a try! I definitely agree with the message on the statues, it really doesn't fit theme wise with the rest of the graphics (it was the last thing i put in, and while not hard to implement I was pretty done with the game at that point :) ). 

thanks for giving the game a try! The ghosts can certainly sneak up on you as your field of view is pretty small (256 x 240 resolution). I should probably have them spawn in with disabled colliders until they finish spawning in though as u could certainly have one spawn right in front of or even on your position. 

Thanks for giving it a try! I really like making the pixel graphics (I use pyxel).

Thanks for giving it a try! Story is meant to be implied - there are clues, but nothing saying it out right. Share your theory!

Solid, like the game and graphics were really impressive. I've tried using godot before, but difficult coming from Unity. Really good shader work/graphic design. Weapon system seemed fun too. Would suggest maybe an arrow or something (maybe corner right of screen) that points to the closes destination so you dont have to always bring up the map (you can change color so if its boss arrow is orange, and if the planets it could be white). Excellent work.

Controls are a bit floaty. Did feel pretty responsive though. Would be good to have an exit door maybe (looking at the map i guess thats not implemented yet). Graphics are nice and solid/clear with a very clean look. Good feed back/effect on damage. Good job!

Neat atmosphere. I liked the notes left around, and the graphics/lighting system seemed neat. Couldn't really finish it, I got some batteries 1 and 2 (or maybe keys), but i wasnt sure what doors to use them on (on the map there is a 1 so i though that was the first door but IDK. Good atmospheric sound. Great job.

Really like the character designs. VN isnt my type of game, but the art was really good and the music/sound seemed spot on. For a VN seemed like a solid game (really liked the phone text sections as it added some variety to the normal text).

I posed my comment on the main page, but excellent job. Was very entertaining, i got the bus ticket. Was really engaging (really liked the character designs). Audio was great too. Only small suggestion is maybe having a different sound fx for clicking on a lcoation ( the ground) as oppossed to when you click to pick up an item. But man this was a blast to play. Oh and wonderful atmosphere. Maybe i didnt play enough (i didnt explore too much), but would have been neat to have some store in there about why the mist is there and what happened (where is everyone) etc. 

Great job. Enjoyed it, played enough to get the bus ticket and leave. Good atmospheric sound/music and I liked the dithering graphic effects. Only small suggestion would be to maybe have a different sound click when you select a location as opossed to when you click on an item (to pick it up). Game was very satisfying to play (especially when i upgraded my boots like 20x :) .

Very solid and fun. Liked the different options. Sound fx was good too. Could have used an audio track i think. Also would suggest allowing the mouse to be used in the control scheme (for setting the direction). 

solid platformer. Some issue with the blocks, but sort of minor. when pressing toward a block i was somewhat able to  jump again. The mechanics with blocks doing different things was a solid mechanic. Liked the music and audio sfx too. Overall enjoyed it quite a bit.

Enjoyed this. Very playable. Not sure why the jellyfish killed me (maybe on damage flash the screen red to indicate. Also might suggest different colors give different score points (like blue fish 10, but red 20 and gold 30 or something). Anyway great job, and like the multiple options available.

Enjoyed the game, would be better with music/audio. Definitely didn't like the tank controls, the other worked worlds better. After getting all my deliveries the first time, at level 4 I wasnt able to make the deliveries at the residence for some reason (no idea why). The xbox series X was funny as an object in the house.

I liked this quite a bit. took me  a while to figure out/remember that e is interact. Was cool and had a bit of a horror vibe (was that on purpose) as when i repaired certain things the music changed and things seemed a bit off. When i got the message to return to the van i continued to repair 2 more things. When i went to the van it wouldnt continue (maybe i was doing something wrong). I liked the retro PSX look, and i liked the aduio.

Solid game play. Simple graphics but nice in a retro way. Controls seemed really good too. I grasped it really quick and was dodging/landing hits. good job.

Liked the color customizability. Movement seemed a bit odd (cannot go down and right at same time for example). Liked that actions caused the bars to increase. Was a bit annoying to hit interact key and still have to click use to actually interact. Neat graphics, really like the style. Could not leave the room (was that on purpose?).

had a lot of issues with the platforming controls (seemed a bit floaty, and the moving blocks i had to move with in order to stay on it). Still i managed to get past a couple of levels, so had a bit of fun there. Good effort.

Not sure what i was doing wrong, but couldnt craft. I hit f and it brought up the option, but i could never click the craft button. Maybe i was doing something wrong. The environment is basic but nice in a retro way. The rising water was kinda cool, though should be some filter when im under water to indicate so.

Very polished in presentation. Sort of wished there was a mouse control for the facing direction (i kept wanting to use the mouse to control/fire, but to be fair maybe it plays better with twin sticks)? seem solid, i was able to score one point. Not my cup of tea gameplay wise, but the it seemed fair and responsive.

This was an unfinished jam project (had a week, took me ultimately 2). I like the way it came out, hopefully you all will enjoy it too.

This was very well done. Good Music/sound and gameplay. Would have loved more drills to get more fish). Well done!

Good Music, unique art - impressive for just starting out with C# and Unity. I wasn't too sure what to do, I ran into a castle and park sign. 

Liked the graphics/art. Bit jarring that the camera seemed to keep turning for me (or was that to disorient the player)? I wasn't really sure what to do, though i got far enough to grab the torch. Anyway great job.

Bullet weapon seems the best :) I got to the end spinning cube but couldn't grab it or anything. Neat sword animation and the penguins look great!

I enjoyed your game! sprite work was very well done with good music and sound. The jumping could probably use a bit of tuning (higher jump, perhaps a little less of a quick descent ). The text boxes were well done too. I think the temperature bar above the player was probably parented to the player object (as it turned every time the player turned). Would be good to keep it an independent object so it always faces the same way, but really excellent job on the game and great in keeping with the theme!

Thank you for your kind words and giving the game a try!

Thanks so much!

FYI keyboard controls only (arrow keys and space for jump plus ctrl for using an item -if you have one). If a controller is plugged in it bugs the ui input.

good catch on the error! It’s fixed now. I discovered in unity for some reason the children game objects of that level had accidentally been disabled. No idea when that happened!

thanks for the feedback! I’ll check the third level and see if I can replicate the issue (do you mean it started out dark, or that it became dark after you grabbed all the coins?)

Thanks for the feedback, and posting the video. I enjoyed watching it!

Really liked this! Great choice of colors, music, sound fx and art.

Seems fun. Perhaps the light is a bit too small (i really couldn't see where i was going which, while im sure is the point, makes navigation a bit of a headache). I really liked how music changed when encountering a monster (though i did have audio issue -maybe its an issue with my computer though).

Not sure what to do in the game.  Music was really good. Could maybe leave instructions somewhere would help.