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It's a nice idea, but it took a few tries to work out everything (I should have read the instructions). It needs some balancing, as I could easily just spam defense everywhere, and maybe a slowly increasing difficulty. I think a lot of work could be put into graphics and game feel, but ofc you only had limited time.

The music was nice, and the way things synced with it, but the player controls felt clunky and unresponsive, so i didn't get very far unfortunately.

Nice idea, but the controls were a bit annoying. I like the art and music

Thanks for the feedback! In the next update we'll add a setting to turn off the rotation of the background, as several people found it dizzying. We will also include a tutorial and possibly sound.

thanks for the feedback, we are working on an update that will add a tutorial and other things which will be released after the jam. I will think about how to make the background better, or maybe an option to freeze it :)

It is a nice idea, but it is too hard, i didn't even conquer a single planet before i was out of allies

Really great idea, and i love the visuals and sound effects. Unfortunately the controls felt a little unresponsive, otherwise I think i would have spent a lot more time playing it

PLEASE FIX!!! The ONLY way to exit this game on linux is to force logout or force shutdown, NOT good!