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I played your game earlier on in the jam, it was really well made, good job!!

An interesting entry, I didn't like the dialogue bu the minigames were good. Good Job!!

Would really appreciate it if you could play and rate my game,

A Great Entry, loved the graphics and the music was calming. Aside from the jump issue was a really welldone job. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, will play your game now :)

Hi, interesting game liked the music and the graphics were nice, I found that player movement was a bit weird with player stopping every few steps. I think the colliders are wrong. But I found it quite nice to play through, but please add a skip button for text. 

I would appreciate it it you could check out my game too,

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Thanks for the feedback, I did mean to add arrow controls but I completely forgot about it. Sorry

Thanks a lot for the feedback, looking into it

Really Enjoyed It!! Was fun and interesting to see how many ways you could die. Super impressive for one week of development.


Good Prototype, not really a playable game super ambitious for a jam, good job. Make the game just mouse controllable and it will be a lot better

Really drove me mad, good game rlly need to work on the movement but nice concept

I found the controls quite hard to use, but it was a really well thought out game and I loved the story, really turned out to be quite dark. Welldone.

They actually weren't but I can see where you're coming from. Thanks!

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Looks like it was drawn by Blackthornprod, Really welldone!! 

Love the twist at the end didnt expect it at all


Blackthornprod made the trailer and thats his art style

Really  fun I enjoyed playing it but it was kinda slow to get going but was deffo one of the better games in the jam :)

Good game had a bit of fun but didnt know how to play before watching the youtube video, The sound effect for shoot got really annoying very fast and made me mute it when i was firing a lot of cannons at the same time. Some background music would have been nice.

But very good for one week good job :)

Very Hard to play,  unfortunately wouldnt keep me gripped for long Graphics not particularly great but overall is a good attempt. Good Job :)

Solid Idea Quite fun and I like the art, music fun and chirpy and all together a really good game for a jam and given time could be expanded into something really quite good :)

Quite fun to play yet annoying after a while, since the main game mechanic is to move objects around with the duck you really need to fix the ducks jittery movement when colliding with the colliders:)

Adding SFX  when the player gets hurt is what I mean I lack it in my game for the jam too so I especially noticed it with yours :)

Other than that the art work is good and the game can be fun lacks an Indicationto when you take damage too.

Keep up the good work:)

Quite a fun/ annyoing game  but even with a gaming pc I experince quite a lot of lag very quickly due to too many Astronauts being spawned in a at one time

The audio is good and the game is quite fun to play,  but halfway through I managed to break the game and the SpaceBar wouldn't work anymore :(

Thanks for the feedback.😀

When I tried adding check points the level kept on bugging due to the separate chambers only being activated after the one before it being defeated, I'll look into adding a checkpoint later.

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Thanks for the feedback, I've now changed in Unity the cancelling out of bullets and ill update the game after the jam voting period is over.

I only got how the game worked by realising the name and working out what to do then I reloaded the game to look for ther instruction to check for instruction but they are quite far out of the way. You need to make it really obvious what to do

Good game. Worked well. Love the music. But needs a bit more explaining at first i was really confused as to what to do , since the portal diagram is out of the way

Hard to control but in all a good game

SOOO hard lol, good job