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Submitted by ApplePieDev — 10 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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Game Design#3782.9002.900

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Hi, interesting game liked the music and the graphics were nice, I found that player movement was a bit weird with player stopping every few steps. I think the colliders are wrong. But I found it quite nice to play through, but please add a skip button for text. 

I would appreciate it it you could check out my game too,


Thanks for the feedback :D. Yeah I was thinking about putting a skip button but didn’t have the time to put it. Yeah there’s something wrong with the movement sometimes, some people didn’t happen to them some they did, I will check if it is the collision of the character or the collision of the tile map.  I’m glad you enjoy the game! and sure I will check out your game :D


The music of this game is quite calming, which seems to be in contrast of the game itself. Especially given how it ends. But the combined feel of it works really well, leaving me quite calm at the end.

I noticed in the comments that some people had problems with the controls, I had no such problems. My only real complaint is that the dialog sound was a bit annoying.

Overall your game is really well put together. Amazing job!

It would be great if you could check out our game:


Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoy :D sure I will check out your game :)


A simple but interesting game. Maybe more challenges get us stuck in the game, because when I started to understand things the game was over.


Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah its like an open story in the end you imagine what happened with this character, the point of the character is to be free from this game, but the player isn’t supposed to know what is up to until the final level. In the final level there were character just like you that tried or attempt to escape but they just give up and they are watching you try but not telling anything. In the end your not free, you are stuck there, forever and basically the game forced the quit. It’s like a loop you will be playing and playing but never be free. Thanks for the feedback I will put more love in to this project, make more levels and more challenges. Again thanks for the feedback :D


I really like the game concept, I love the music, the essence of the game, I even felt bad for the player since you couldn't get out of there, Splendid job in general I like like almost everything, The only thing I didn't like was the controls, They're kind of buggy, sometimes if you want it walk it doesn't let you, you need to jump so you can continue to move forward that's the only thing, Overall I love your concept and everything else. 


Thanks :D, yeah there was something weird with the controls. Didn’t know if it was the controls itself or something wrong with the collision of the tile map or the character, something that I will find out eventually xD. I’m glad you enjoy, thanks for the feedback! :D


Pretty sweet! The game's got a lot of style, there's a bunch of issues with the controls and text boxes bugged out but that's understandable. Needs some refinement and editing but it's interesting!


Thanks :D, yeah there were a lot of issues with the text box ,  it didn’t go as I planned but the times wasn’t in my favor so I leave it like that. The keyboard inputs are fake the game lies to you about how to move your character. The only truth the game tells you is the Tab that quits the game. Thanks for the feedback I will definetly put more love in to this project :D 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cool game! I'm liked music and story line. Keep it up!


Thanks a lot :D


Fun and a bit confusing. Though, I'm not sure if I the end is the "for eveeeer" part. A missed opportunity, was that the jumping platformers were the jumping platformers; instead of the blank space being the jumping platformers ;-).


Thanks :D, the end of the game is basically that you will never be free. In the end this is why the other characters are there, they want it the same but they give up. There are some stuff that I wanted to do but the time was not in my favor. I’m gonna defenatly give more love in to this project. Thanks for the feedback :)