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I loved this game! A very fun gameplay. The art is beautiful and the game is very clean and polished. The music is really good and the SFX too. It's a little tricky to understand what's in front and what's behind the train, but nothing that compromises the gameplay too much.


I loved this game! A very fun gameplay. The art is beautiful and the game is very clean and polished. The music is really good and the SFX too. It's a little tricky to understand what's in front and what's behind the train, but nothing that compromises the gameplay too much.


I loved this game! A very fun gameplay. The art is beautiful and the game is very clean and polished. My suggestions for a future version: Music (to give more ambiance) and a backstory with levels and even bosses. I don't particularly like endless games.


I liked the art, but it lacked a little music.

The most fun game I've played so far!

Very creative and fun!

I really liked the soundtrack. Who did?


Good game.

The model of the ship was very beautiful!

Is there any goal other than scoring?

Good job.


Mais um pouco e chega no chefe. :)

Quase no chefe... ;)

Muito obrigado! :)

Unfortunately it didn't work here. Open the game but the commands don't work. I got sad. It seems to be a very interesting game.

It's very dirty that the frog can't walk along the horizontal platforms. Some old 8-bit games had this mechanic and I always hated it. I understood the inspiration in rage tower games, but I couldn't understand the relationship with the theme. The physics is really interesting and I liked the music.

Congratulations for the game.

I liked very much. With an artwork finish it is already a game launchable on steam or google. I really liked the song. Fits in well with the game. A tip is to review the level design. It's challenging in some stages and quite easy in others.

Congratulations for the game.

I've seen this idea somewhere. I don't remember where. Changing scenery is a really cool idea. It's pretty challenging. The wall jump is weird. Very hard to control. Maybe rethink the command buttons. are not practical.

Congratulations for the game.

it's hard, isn't it?!?

A little hopeless when it starts to stick together.

A very good idea. This could become something much bigger. I think you should stick with the idea.


Cute game. Although I found the color palette to be right, maybe a little stronger colors could give a nice contrast. I liked the song and even though it's such a short loop, it has a quiet sound and great for puzzles. There are some problems with colliders and the restart p button didn't work for me. Something to watch out for. Congratulations for the game.

interesting idea. With a little more development time it will definitely be a great game. Congratulations!

I loved it!

It took me over an hour to get to the end and it really caught my attention. Challenging and delicious!

A very dangerous combination!



Beautiful game!
very well finished art and music that makes the atmosphere very pleasant.

Design and sound fit together very well.

A very well programmed and well thought out game.

A suggestion for the future would be to make the level design more challenging.

Congratulations to the entire team.

There is a Brazilian game that looks a lot like this. Maybe you like it:

Gostei muito cara! Pena que seja tão curtinho! Invista nessa ideia. Vai ser um jogo muito legal!
Quando eu avaliar todos os jogos da minha lista eu volto aqui para avaliar o seu.

I loved it! I spent a lot of time having fun! Simply a very original idea. With better art this game can become something very big!


I liked the simplicity of the game. For a game of jam it's great! If I could change anything in the game it would be the level design. It's very easy. I managed to get through the most difficult ones with just one ant. Removing the buttons levels and joining parts to break the stones, I could only manage with one. But overall I liked it.

congratulations for the work.

thanks for explaying.

Sha shee sha?!

Só podia ser coisa de brasileiro! HAHAHAHA! 
Parabéns pelo jogo! Gostei  muito de tudo! Jogabilidade, música, desenhos! Vou te confessar que escapar com a salsicha não é tão complicado, mas salvar a azeitona é osso!
O placar ajudar muito o engajamento dos jogadores! Fizemos esse teste em nosso jogo da Ludum Dare e vou te dizer que vários jogadores ficaram horas jogando só para ficarerm no top 10. É realmente uma excelente ferramenta.


e VIVA os desenvolvedores de jogos brasileiros! 

Sorry, but I didn't understand the game's relationship with the theme.

The idea is very good. Of all the ideas I've had, a game of passing the bat really didn't come close to me. The graphics are very well done. I think the song could convey more of the chase idea. It's very quiet. There's something about jumping I don't like. A certain inaccuracy that gets in the way a little.

Congratulations for the game.

Congratulations for the game! Keep developing your ideas. Good work!

It's a good idea, but I think the game is a little dull. If you develop this idea, it could be an interesting game, because it's very original.

Congratulations on your work.

Simple and challenging! The kind of game I like! Very original mechanics. You might consider developing this idea further. Congratulations for the game!

Cute game! I found it very easy! Maybe give the level design a review to make it a little more challenging, because the game is interesting. I finished it in less than 1 minute.

I missed music, however simple it was.


I liked very much! My favorite thing is the

 drawing and animation. I would love to see the sets with the same art. It will be very beautiful. The level design was also well thought out. There are a few minor problems with the collisions that get in the way of jumping close to the walls and the flight bar takes a little too long to load. I spent a long time doing nothing waiting to fill up. It is necessary, but perhaps rethinking the recovery time. I didn't like the song. It seemed to me that it was made running so as not to be muted. Random notes and don't match gameplay.

Congratulations for the game!

I loved it!

The mechanics are very original and the gameplay was fun. An excellent game to be further developed into something bigger.

I really liked the simple music, but fully functional and in keeping with the soul of the game (fun and relaxed).


Obrigado! Eu adoro pixel art e por mais que eu não saiba desenhar muito bem nesse estilo, eu tento caprichar.

Valeu!  Tentei fazer sozinho esse. Vamos melhorando!



Obrigado! :D

Thanks! I don't know how to program yet and I'm learning to work with pico-8. In the beginning I will only make games simpler to be able to learn.


Thank you só much!

Eu passava horas jogando. Acho que vai acontecer de novo com esse joguinho. Agora, definitivamente eu aprenderei os degradês de cores!
Obrigado e parabéns!
Obs: Adorei a música e a o layout está muito bonito.