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Tiny PlanetsView game page

Manipulate a large variety of cute, tiny planets !
Submitted by Blackthornprod Games (@NoaCalice) — 33 minutes, 31 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
The Experience#233.6153.615
Sounds and Music#273.5513.551

Ranked from 78 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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  • Got damn it Noa... These sounds xD 

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Visually outstanding! Overall kinda nice simple arcady thing with lots of levels and cool variations on the basic mechanic. Difficulty is very inconsistent though. Some early levels are really tough, while some later ones are very easy.

good game but way too hard


Very nice Game


Very nice and simple idea, with a clean execution. The well-proven artstyle makes it all come together naturally.
The difficulty curve does feel too steep, and could probably be eased by increasing the number of planets more gradually. Alternatively, although the hitboxes seem to be quite fair, you might want to shrink them a bit to allow for more last-second saves, which always feel satisfying.
Well done anyway.

good, but VERY hard


Congrats, well done.
The art style and sound effects are cute.
The particles are amazing.
Each planet has its personality.
The gameplay is very difficult for me. I did pass using the pause xD

Please, rate my game and leave some feedback too =]


Great work and game!

I just love your artstyle so the visuals were great, of course. All the particle effects help to create a mood that the game brings!

The SFX are awesome. I love the squeaky voice of the planets and the popping sound when you lose!

The game in itself it tough, which means you need to put some effort to beat and I like it this way. 

Keep inspiring us!!!


Great work! I really like the art and animations. Good progression of difficulty as well - I really like that a new mechanic is introduced on it's own, and then build on. The final level is really tough!


My hand aches after playing it :D So much hapenning! The planets are really cute and I like how different levels look. The sounds are really amazing!


The game is very good. 

It looks great, the characters are really cute and convey emotion very well. The sounds are also very fun and cute, but the music isn't that good.

The gameplay is very fun and also hard. I used an exploit to beat the game (pausing so I can position my mouse on the planets).

I had one major problem at first, being that the OpenGL didn't really work. I switched to Fire Fox and after that the game worked really good.


Loved the game! Finished it finally :O


OMG the Art style is so cute. I like the gameplay it's simple and the objective is easy to follow. Although the music is a little too quiet in my opinion, but nonetheless I like your entry :).


Loved the sounds very cute. The music not so much kind of a bit quiet.  As always love the art style.


Love the graphics as always.  Very playable and matches the theme.  Well done.


Realy good job! Right now the best game I have played in this Jam :) The Planets are so cute :D

But after I finisched Level 16 this screen came up. Pressing the space button didn't do anything... Have I won? :D

Wow, that last level was intense! managed to finally beat it but on the end screen I wasn't able to do anything to advance it. 

Apart from that it's such an adorable game, always love your art, and the sounds when clicking on the planets are great. really simple concept but really fun too

I think it's brilliant. Well done!

Submitted (1 edit)

Just finished it. Beautiful game. Graphics and sounds reminded me of World of Goo. Game mechanic was unique and challenging, and I thought the difficult curve was pretty good. Amazing effort!

Jam Judge

This game is just way to difficult to be this cute. :D Charming aesthetics as always man, great job! And the fact that you made a few different planet types with different mechanics is awesome. Pretty cool game design. :) Loved it!


I like it, I think it looks lovely and is pretty challenging.

I gave up after dying many many times in the red angry planet level :(

Overall great job!

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