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A member registered May 26, 2017

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I like it! story is quite good and I enjoyed the opening cutscene. gameplay is fun, but difficulty scales quite fast. wasn't able to finish it, but good overall experience

Wow, a 3D platformer collectathon in one week with an adaptive soundtrack? one of the most ambitious game I've seen for this jam so far! Was fun to explore, especially after getting the jetpack. didn't run into any bugs, game ran smoothly. Only thing that bothered me was it's sometimes hard to see where I'm going, so the ability to move the camera around with the mouse or something else would be a good addition. Amazing job!

Love the visuals! movement is unfortunately quite buggy, but I like the idea of slinging yourself around to jump, as well as the idea of buying checkpoints. an option to skip through text could be useful, even maybe a sprint button could add to the experience. 

Here's my game if you want to leave some feedback c:

You did an amazing job for your first game jam :D very polished and quite fun

Haha, this game is hilarious. gameplay is quite simple but love the writing

Such a pretty game. one of the most polished games I've seen :D

The artstyle is adorable! game has a real Slime Rancher feel. controls can be a bit frustrating at times, but I like the mechanics of collecting and breeding slimes, very addicting

Wow, that last level was intense! managed to finally beat it but on the end screen I wasn't able to do anything to advance it. 

Apart from that it's such an adorable game, always love your art, and the sounds when clicking on the planets are great. really simple concept but really fun too

Really nice! gameplay is simple but fun, music is great, artstyle works well