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Will you survive the treachery?
Submitted by sadzanenyama
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
The Experience#143.8573.857
Sounds and Music#832.9292.929

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Congrats for finished the game, well done.

Cool. He held me for a long time. I lost on the day 10.
Using the laser is a lot of fun.
At every stage you feel you are really getting stronger.
A soundtrack could make the game more enjoyable.

Please, rate my game and leave some feedback too =]


Thanks for the feedback!


I like it! story is quite good and I enjoyed the opening cutscene. gameplay is fun, but difficulty scales quite fast. wasn't able to finish it, but good overall experience


Thanks for playing :)


Nice game, really! The gameplay is very funny, but you should work more on the graphics. Good job!


So I was greeted with awkward bleeps and off-screen text...

Overall the game is good, it has some solid gameplay and story going on. Though the difficulty was a little unfair on day 7, so I didn't manage to pass it. It's nice that you took effort to make detailed tutorial and hints in game, but I think it could be more simple, without tons of pop-up windows. I also don't see how this game corresponds "Mini Planets" theme, it's more of a space shooter / space tower defence game.

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)


Yeah, the off text screen is due to the resolution your playing in. I sadly forgot to fix the text scenes so that they work on any resolution. They only work on 1920 x 1080 unlike the other scenes. Also the text scenes are the ones that tie in the story to the theme of the mini planet. Thanks for rating it though!


Managed to get to day 7 (2 times) but that day just killed me. Tried it with different tactics tho. It would be nice if I get an idea for the upgrades, because I don't know how good a point in range or damage is. you should add some information there. Also showing how much each upgrade costs would be good.

The sound and graphics are ok. Your enemies could need some more variation instead of just read eyes or showing the brain. Different colors and visual representation would be good.

I really liked the intro with the text message :D This really transported the theme to the player, but the scene where the citizen got killed is a little confusing to me.

Maybe I give your game a second try later because it would just be fair to really play it till the end.

However, I heard that you repay the favor and you would also play and rate my game. So here is the link. I hope you enjoy it.


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I agree with what you had to say about the upgrade system. The civilian was killed because the soldiers are like slaves to a fictional religious cult towards the emperor. That's why Tifus says you should only love the emperor. Though I get this is hard to get understand as there isn't much information to suggest this. If you want a tip to finish the game I suggest first upgrading range to the max. Then fire rate, don't bother with health but always upgrade your own gun ASAP.  That is at least how I managed successfully most times. I'll check out your game now :)


Ok, so my first try was quite ok because I went for range, upgraded my gun and then went for damage and fire rate. But day 7 killed my by an inch :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

nice game i didn't manage to kill the boss :( but really cool ! even if i don't really understand where the theme "mini planet" is its a good and fun game !

you can try mine and rate it if youwant :)


The mini planet theme comes in the story. Your planet is irrelevant and small in the grand scale of things which is why command does not help you. I will admit that this is hard to pick up on. What day did you manage to make it up to?


don't know the day but the big spider's boss killed me and yes sorry for the story i skipped it (this is why i didn't recognize the theme bruh ) i shouldn't have


Well done though! Most people don't make it that far


I like this game quite a bit. Its simple but fun to play and its got some interesting story. However I don't feel like the theme is represented that well in the gameplay its only really shown in the story. Also the visuals are lacking a bit but thats of course understandable since its a game jam.


Thank you for playing. I agree with the visuals but drawing definitely isn't my strong suit. 


Wow, it's a really impressive game ! It's really satisfying to gradually upgrade your soldiers and your gun, and it gets hard really fast (at least for me x_x). It's a shame that there is no rating yet, a HTML version would have helped... Overall it was really good and the story bits were great too ! I hope more people get to play your game, it deserves it !


Thank you for the kind words! I agree, I made it too hard near the end.  This comment put a smile on my face!