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Great little game, super polished and satisfying ! I wish Fire Emblem Heroes played like this !

Thank you! I wasn't too sure how to handle the player's death, so I'm glad to see that what I went with worked in the end.

Oh, so you've played Moover?! Haha that's amazing, what are the odds! 

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I think it's a strong basis for a topdown shooter! Here are some things I would suggest adding:

- being able to move in 8 directions would make movement more fluid

- making the jewel harder to defend over time, by for example removing a wall after a certain time has passed would make the game feel more dynamic, and would give the player a stronger incentive to continue playing

- a ton of different free to use music tracks can be found on, adding one would also help the game, but other comments already pointed this out

Of course, it's a bit hard to suggest "possible" improvements for a game made only within 48 hours, because the time frame is so short. So I tried to recommend things I think should not take too much time or work to implement. Great job on the jam!

Thank you! Glad you liked the game!

Excellent game, great use of the theme !

Really good concept and visuals! But as the other comments said, a lowered difficulty would make the game more engaging (to me at least!)

That's a shame indeed... but uh, the game never tells you to press H! At the beginning of the game, it says to press X, which is the attack button! But since the game uses a pixel font, I can see how one can mistake an "H" for a "X" haha

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game! For some reason I really wanted to hide the path forward behind destructible walls, so it's ok if you got lost for a bit. I really tried to prepare the players for that in the opening area!

I thought this game had no audio... my ears :( 

Fun and simple game!

It's a hard game, but once you get the hang of it it becomes really fun to look for the potions you need and explore the level as fast as you can!

I think an information screen on the main menu, or an opening level where mechanics are explained along with the effects of each potion would have really helped lowering the difficulty of the game, because when I started playing, I didn't have an idea of what I was supposed to do. For example, I understood that getting the key ends the level, but only after I reached level 3!

Also, everything feels a bit too fast in my opinion? Like how the text boxes disappear really quickly, I had to get the same potion 2 or 3 times to read its entire description. In the same way I thought the player moved a bit too fast, I had trouble keeping up with the game, and I often wouldn't know why I died (or why I beat the level at the beginning). So I'd suggest slowing the player down a bit, and the speed at which your health decreases (to compensate for the lower movement speed).

I hope that this comment didn't come up as too negative, I really like this game. Great work on it!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game!

The presentation in this is really amazing, the movement and the animations feel super polished, and the use of the theme is really clever and unexpected!

I had trouble figuring out what I was supposed to do though... at first, I thought I had to prevent the carrots from getting eaten, since the game says "game over" in red when all of them get eaten, and "time out" in blue when the timer runs out...

Also, is there a difference between the blue guys and the red guys ? I didn't manage to find out what was different about the blue guys when they got introduced. I think a main menu with an information screen to explain all of this would make pretty much the perfect jam game in my opinion! Great work on this game!

This looks really good!

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Haha that's a clever interpretation of the theme, it took me an embarassing amount of time to realize that the "nothing" platform actually stays forever ! My only issue is that if you touch a platform by the side, it will start to disappear even though you've technically not landed on it... Other than that, It's simple and effective, great job !

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game ! Sadly I didn't have enough time to add the sound effects, and the whole game lacks some feedback for actions like this...

Really well polished game, with a clever take on the idle game genre. Well done !

I really like the concept of stacking power-ups that also count as your health, I think it's a really fun and satisfying mechanic ! There is a strong base for a really fun arcade game, and I think that even with simple graphics like a bunch of colored squares, the game would have been enjoyable as well, and maybe you would have been able to add more variety to hte gameplay !

Also, my computer nearly died when the second wave of zombies appeared, so I suggest making them appear one after the other instead to go easy on the less powerful computers... Great job on the game !

The graphics and audio were great, and I managed to have fun despite having never played the original game before ! However I couldn't figure what determines which player dies when both of them collide, it felt pretty random ? I assume it's whoever lands on the other, but sometimes, since the computer player seems to have the same speed as the player, it's really hard to try to land on the computer. So I'd suggest maybe reducing its speed ? Other than that, great job with the game !

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the game ! I tried my best to make the levels increase in difficulty throughout the game, so well done for reaching the last one !

I couldn't manage to go very far (that's the problem with this kind of games haha), but there are fun ideas to expand upon in here, like turning the platorms invisible to make going back harder on the player : I think this is a really cool twist.

Other comments already pointed this out, but I think there is a bit too much of waiting, particularly with the dialogues that replay every single time the player dies, or the sort of lengthy death screen. Still, good job on the game nonetheless !

Thank you for your feedback ! I'll keep that in mind if I decide to continue working on this game.

Ha, so it turns out you basically beat the game, since stage 12 isn't beatable beacuse of a mistake on my part... So uh, great job !

Really fun game ! I like the aesthetic too, and the sound effects are good (I can't get enough of the punching sound !).

My only issue is that somehow there seems to be no enemies after a certain point, and I died after walking for 20 seconds without encountering a single foe. Other than that I have no other issues, great submission !

Oh my bad, yes I meant the technology resource ! I've never went out of my way to get some, and I still managed to build the ship without any issue.

That's a funny idea ! The atmosphere was really great and the music was really good. It made me feel bad for a bench ! The gamplay could use a bit more variety as the other comments pointed, but still, great job !

It seems that we had a similiar initial idea, but with different executions ! Really cool puzzle game, I just think the puzzles were a tad too easy. Great game nonetheless !

The graphics, music and atmosphere were amazing, and the gameplay was actually pretty relaxing. I'm not sure what is the use of the minerals ? Great game !

Feels really great to play, and you nailed that retro aesthetic ! I saved 900 citizens. Is Vintage Vision a custom engine of yours ? I should really look into doing the same, because I ended up cheating a little bit to mimic the look of a NES game for my submission...

The level design is really good here, it's clear a lot of thought went into it ! The controls feel great, my only nitpick would be the wall jump, I had a ton of trouble walljumping between spikes, I think the walljump height is too low. Other than that, I really like it !

That's a cool base for a game, and that's pretty great that you made it with C++ without using an engine ! There are some issues, for example with collision detection, the character seems to sometimes bounce off the ground when he lands. Also I can't control him anymore when he reaches the far right of the map it seems. That's still a solid foundation for a Broforce-type game, and destroying the environment is fun !

Thank you ! I originally wanted to make a different sprite for each item, but of course I ended up not having enough time to :) And stage 12 was the one just before the final stage, so you went pretty far !

Thank you !

Excellent game with a really clever concept and well designed puzzles ! I really liked it !

Thank you ! I'm seeing with the team which platform they're interested in !

Thanks a lot ! Glad you enjoyed the game !

Great game ! Trying to survive was really fun, and the variety of weapons helped me staying interested in the game.

The improvements I think are the most important, would be to add an indicator to tell you how many bullets you have / when you need to reload, and to add some effects when the player is hit (like a screenshake or a flash) to make it more noticeable, becasue sometimes your health can go down without you noticing.

Great submission !

I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you had fun with some of the mechanics ! This is the first time I make a topdown game, and I didn't really figure a way to make good lighting for the scene. Maybe adding shadows would have made the graphics more enjoyable ? Thanks for your feedback !

Thanks a lot ! Some things had to be cut because of time restrictions, which sadly makes the game really short. I'd love to finish it at some point.

Wow, thank you so much !!