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Really like the game, the movement is very fun! A little more leeway for the timer would have been welcome though 😅 It's very difficult, and it can feel a bit discouraging when the text boxes can not be skipped. That said the game is very well made! The white outlines to differentiate between foreground and background is a smart way to make the level readable but also detailed. Great job!

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Sorry you encountered this. Not sure what caused it. I hope you still had some fun playing the game

Thank you for your honest feedback! It's the most useful by far 🙂 I like the idea behind the game, but I'm a bit disappointed by my execution. I didn't have enough time to make both parts of the game feel interesting enough; in retrospect, I should have focused more on the board game aspect... hope you still managed to find some fun in there!

Really like the concept! And the art is great too! I just wish there was some music and sound effects... but the game is still really fun! And I didn't expect to find the Metroid spinjump in here 😀 Well done!

Well that's seriously impressive! Probably the most fun game of the jam for me, with a pretty much perfect presentation and attention to detail as well. It may not be the most creative use of the theme, but it's definitely one of the most well realized games of the jam. With a few more upgrades, a lot of people could be interested in this game, given the success of Vampire Survivors!

Really, really great job to the team! It's basically a complete game!

No doubt you've received that comment times and times again but, super great and impressive art work, including the music. The gameplay is pretty fun too! It's only held back a bit by the clunky camera, I wish I could have controlled it with the mouse. And I would have liked to see the dice more integrated into the gameplay as well ; but still, super good job to everyone on the team!

Really fun game! It's really unique from all the others too. Great presentation as well, only lacking some music. One piece of feedback would be to temporarily disable targeting of dice you've just thrown (with the first attack), because I felt it was too easy to accidentally regrab it instantly. Super well done!

Cool idea! I like the art and music too! I just feel like there isn't enough feedback for what's happening in the game, so it's hard to tell when you hit or get hit. I still enjoyed it though! Well done!

That was a cool little game! I'm also impressed that you made this with Scratch 😮 The art is cute and the music was very fitting, so very well done!

My feedback would be to watch out for the small collision issues with the pushable blocks, I got stuck for a little while trying to push one from a bridge to a grass tile... And I don't really get why we have to roll a dice before using it! 

Still, really cool entry, well done again!

Thank you! And I know how that feels 🦉 Though I haven't made much effort for the thumbnail, so it's on me... I'm trying to play the game of everyone that's commenting, so I'll come to yours before the end of the rating period 🙂

Super elegant and clever game, I was pleasantly surprised to see how fast it managed to melt my brain 😅 Really well done!

Thank you!

Thank you! But you should know that 99% of the sprites were taken from an art pack by Kenney (, go check them out if you liked those! Their packs are lifesavers :)

Well heck, thank you so much! Glad you liked the game!

Wow, this is a super impressive game, the core is super satisfying and the presentation is top notch. I particularly liked the music, the boss animations and the shopkeeper art!

The one thing that seems missing to me is the balance of the stronger cards, because I never neeeded to use my lower value cards after getting something stronger. But that certainly didn't affect my enjoyment of the game, absolutely wonderful game, super impressive!

I had some trouble telling what's going on sometimes - but some of the combinations made me laugh a lot 😄 I especially liked the cartoony sound effects, I didn't expect it at first. Fun game! With a great presentation too, well done!

This is a really cool concept, I really like it! And the presentation was great all around, I just wish the music was a little louder, I couldn't hear it at first under all the (super awesome) sound effects! Super good job! (and wow, that's a good looking itch page 😎)

I really like the idea of each side of the die being a different enemy! I just wish there was some kind of balancing between the different values you can roll 😅 I really liked the sound effects as well, they add a lot of punch to the attacks. Well done!

Fun concept! It was hard to understand at the beginning though, since there is no mention of the controls anywhere!

Thank you for playing and commenting! I noticed the health thing when playing after the deadline, I'm kind of mad at myself for missing such an easy bug 🤐

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you! And you should thank Kenney for the great sprites :)

Wow, thanks a lot for taking the time to give me such detailed feedback. I love it!

I feel like the idea behind the game has a lot of potential, but I don't think I made a particularly good job of showing it 😅 I was overly ambitious, and I ended up rushing the game pretty badly. My biggest regret is that I haven't been able to test the gameplay loop at all, I just didn't have the time! So I went with the first thing that came to mind.

I agree with almost everything you pointed out! There's still a lot more that I want to do with the concept, so I hope to revisit the game someday. Once again thank you for your super thorough comment!

Thank you!

Fun game! I really like the style in the cutscenes, and the sprites are funny. The music is super cool too! I like the idea of the gameplay, but I would have liked a bit more difficulty, I feel like I didn't have much to do at all.

Great job! I wouldn't eat bloody vegetables though

Thank you! I would have liked to tweak many small things like that 😅

Never heard of that game, I'm curious to play it now! Thanks for trying the game :)

This was a great surprise, I was scared by the controls at first, but the more I played it, the more I enjoyed it! I really liked it, thank you for making this!

Thank you! A volume slider would have been a welcome addition for sure...

Thank you!

I really liked the game, I thought the rules were really clever, and the levels are beautifully designed as well: the first level managed to teach me everything I needed despite me having not read the instructions; and the final level was really satisfying to complete! The atmosphere is great too: the backgrounds and ambient beep-boops are really useful here. The whole experience is really well crafted. Fantastic game!

Thank you so much! I am glad you liked the game!

Thank you, I am glad to read that!

Not sure what to say that hasn't already been said. Amazing work, really impressive game!

It's true that it's easy to mix up the controls, but aside from that, it felt like a really well realized game! The challenge isn't so finding a combination that works, but finding it fast. Simpler controls would make this a great speed game! The art looks good as well, the art style is simple and clean. Well done!

I really like the look of the game! The dithering looks really good. I've had a bit of trouble with the handling though, I didn't really understand the difference between gears, as I felt like I was always blazing super fast even after I had pressed down a lot. But even then, that was a great entry!

Thank you! I definitely feel that having some kind of music, at least during the moments when nothing is happening, would have made the whole experience more enjoyable. But for that, I need to learn about making music first!

Great looking game! It controls well and the actual gameplay is fun. I think an endless mode and some sort of ability like a dash would be some nice additions, but still, that's a great entry.

That was a nice dream-like experience, the music and art really helped at establishing a great atmosphere! The controls may take some time getting used to, but it makes it all the more rewarding once you master them. The level design is enjoyable as well, I really like that getting every fish is not mandatory. Great work! Oh, and nice dithering too :)

Thank you! I considered having some sort of visual clue, but it ended up feeling intrusive. There probably is a way to make it work, but I could not figure it out!