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This was a great surprise, I was scared by the controls at first, but the more I played it, the more I enjoyed it! I really liked it, thank you for making this!

Thank you! A volume slider would have been a welcome addition for sure...

Thank you!

I really liked the game, I thought the rules were really clever, and the levels are beautifully designed as well: the first level managed to teach me everything I needed despite me having not read the instructions; and the final level was really satisfying to complete! The atmosphere is great too: the backgrounds and ambient beep-boops are really useful here. The whole experience is really well crafted. Fantastic game!

Thank you so much! I am glad you liked the game!

Thank you, I am glad to read that!

Not sure what to say that hasn't already been said. Amazing work, really impressive game!

It's true that it's easy to mix up the controls, but aside from that, it felt like a really well realized game! The challenge isn't so finding a combination that works, but finding it fast. Simpler controls would make this a great speed game! The art looks good as well, the art style is simple and clean. Well done!

I really like the look of the game! The dithering looks really good. I've had a bit of trouble with the handling though, I didn't really understand the difference between gears, as I felt like I was always blazing super fast even after I had pressed down a lot. But even then, that was a great entry!

Thank you! I definitely feel that having some kind of music, at least during the moments when nothing is happening, would have made the whole experience more enjoyable. But for that, I need to learn about making music first!

Great looking game! It controls well and the actual gameplay is fun. I think an endless mode and some sort of ability like a dash would be some nice additions, but still, that's a great entry.

That was a nice dream-like experience, the music and art really helped at establishing a great atmosphere! The controls may take some time getting used to, but it makes it all the more rewarding once you master them. The level design is enjoyable as well, I really like that getting every fish is not mandatory. Great work! Oh, and nice dithering too :)

Thank you! I considered having some sort of visual clue, but it ended up feeling intrusive. There probably is a way to make it work, but I could not figure it out!

Thank you! It's true that it's not the most conventionnal way of moving in a game like this 😅

It's a really relaxing experience, and the both the art and music are really good! The price for the upgrades felt scary at first, but it actually was really quick to get enough, and they are satisfying to unlock, so that was well done too. I really like it! Also, it's fun to see that the title of our games are very close, but the games themselves are really different!

Thank you for your feedback! It's true, I may have been slightly excessive with this effect

Oh, I hadn't thought of that. That's actually a really good idea!

It seems we've all been there 😁️

Great work, there must have been a lot of work put into this. Love the art and the sound, I wish I could test the multiplayer!

The art and music are great, and it's clear that there was a lot of thought and care put into the world design. The controls may be hard to get used to, and it may need a bit more polish, but I still had a great time completing the game. Great job!

This is all around great, I wish I could play it with somebody right now. Well done!

Great idea for this jam, as someone who knows nothing about music and sound, it would have been super useful if I had the idea to look at the other entries before submitting mine! Great job

The movement and physics feel great, the art is very well done and the whole experience is really polished. This is all around great, especially as one developer only! One thing I didn't really get though is the behavior of the slimes, I don't understand when they decide to jump over me. But the penalty for dying is always minimal so it wasn't a big deal at all. Great entry, congrats!

I really liked it, difficult, but the good kind of difficult, the kind that wanted me to go back at it and try to get a little bit further! It's well polished too, and as Redimane commented, it feels very professional. I never played a game made in Scratch before, but I was really impressed by this game. Great entry, congrats!

With a stroke of luck I managed to reach 17!

The movement mechanic is really unique and interesting, and it makes for interesting "on the spot" strategies, which I really like! A bit more polish could make for a very attractive mobile game I would say. Good entry, well done!

Thank you! My first idea was to make it a rhythm game, so that the sound effects could be interpreted as some sort of music, but it didn't turn as well as I'd hoped... I should really start learning about making music!

A simple and straightforward platforming game, it's all I need from time to time! Not having collision on the side of the platforms in a stair-like layout can be tricky, but thankfully the penalty for falling is never too harsh. My first run took me 233 seconds. Good entry, congrats!

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I think the fun in this game shines when it starts getting really hectic, and this is great! The beginning is a good warm-up to get used to the controls and the mechanics, so it definitely has its place, but after playing through it once or twice, it's true that it can start getting a bit repetitive to have to wait some time to get into the heart of the action.

The art is absolutely gorgeous, and I feel like you made great use of the limited palette, to the point that I forgot that there was one at first! The animations are great as well, although I think the blue scorpions' animations are bugged? But that's just a nitpick. Graphically it was really great!

Overall I think this is a great entry, and a great game for the LTRO-1. Well done!

Thank you for playing and for commenting! It's true, I should have included an option to disable the defaulting behaviour... I didn't even think of it while I was making the game, but it seems so obvious now!

This is really fun and super juicy, and the music makes it even better ! Amazing entry ! There's no link to your jam submission though, so I can't rate your game...

Super juicy and the music is awesome, it feels great to play ! Great job !

There's no link to your ldjam submission though, and since I found your game through itch, I can't rate it :(

Super difficult but also super juicy ! I like the twist you put on Downwell. I wish there was a way to slow down once you're out of ammo, because it's really hard to react in time when falling !

Also I found this game through itch, and there's no link to your ldjam submission, so I can't rate it :( I'd suggest adding it to your itch page so people can rate it from here, because it's easier to find games on specific platforms through itch.

Great job !

Thank you, glad you liked the game !

I'm a big fan of the graphics, music and atmosphere ! I have yet to complete the game, but so far I liked the way progress is handled, it's very unique. Well done !

That was really polished and well made ! Top-notch presentation, the mechanics were nicely introduced, and the sound effects are really satisfying. I really like it, and wish there was more ! 

Thank you ! I hope you still had a good time despite the difficulty !

Thank you !

Thank you !

Cute little game ! A Metroidvania where the upgrades are your jump count is a neat idea for a jam ! My only real complaint is that sometimes it's hard to tell where you're going when falling.

Cool game !