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Thank you ! Glad you liked it !

Thank you !

Thank you very much !

Well, I didn't make the music, but I'm glad you liked my spriting at least !

Thanks !

Thanks for the feedback ! If you don't mind and you remember, can you tell me what are the parts you found most difficult ?

Really satisfying movement here ! Even though the controls may seem a bit unintuitive at first, it gets really fun once you get used to them. I just wish there were some mechanics that could help diversify the gameplay a bit, like moving obstacles or platforms, but hey I know it's hard to implement stuff like that in less than 48 hours. Still, amazing work here ! Kepp it up !

Thank you ! The "level select is actually a level" is a cool trick to allow me to avoid coding UI because I really hate doing it :c

Thanks ! Did you play the web version ? If so that's probably the reason why it glitched like that, as there are many more issues with this version...

Really cool game, although I didn't manage to beat level 11 :(

It's fun to see that our games have the same core idea but with a completely different execution !

Glad you enjoyed it !

Well, thanks !

Thank you !

Thank you for your feedback !

It's a nice concept, the difficulty ramps up good real fast and the setups are pretty clever ! However I feel like the color portal mechanic wasn't exploited enough, it's just... kind of there, but it has a lot of potential for puzzle solving ! You should expand on that ! Otherwise, great job !

Thank you very much ! Glad you liked the game and its design !

Thank you !

Thank you ! This may be an issue that occurs with a certain type of graphics card, although I'm not sure at all. Seems like it's something that comes from the engine itself...

That was a really clever mechanic, and an original twist for the theme ! Well done !

However the game gets more and more laggy the longer you play it if you are on a weak pc, so maybe the splatter mechanic would need some rework if you plan on continuing the game. But still, very well thought game !

Showing Godot some love and support ? Count me in ! Here's One Jump Ninja, my fast paced platformer where you need to constantly regain your ability to jump.

Oh hey it's you ! Hi again ! Thank you ! That's strange though, it doesn't flash white for me, although I think it's a common downside to Godot's web exportations. However the particles seem to be broken on the web build...

Programming is just a hobby that I started about 3 years ago, just to make games. I learned the basics with Brackeys' videos, and then I tried some stuff by myself in Unity for basically the following 2 years : I must have created something like 30 unfinished prototypes during this period, each one more broken than the last one :)

But ultimately I started participating in jams last year and I think that's where I got the most experience from. As for finding ideas, well this was surprisingly hard for this jam, probably the hardest it has ever been for me yet... I try to find a mechanic that sounds fun in my head, then thinking about what stuff could make it more fun or could combo well with the mechanic. So here, my core mechanic was having only 1 jump and 1 shuriken, and for example, the wall-climbing mechanic was introduced because having only one jump would make moving in the level more of a chore than anything else.

Hope this helped you !

Wow thank you ! It's the 2nd time I'm using this Downwell style for a jam, it's easier to make and looks good as well !

Thank you ! Glad you liked the level design because that was one of the most fun parts to do. Also you beat it, nice ! I hope you weren't too disappointed with the ending lol

Thank you very much ! I'm glad you had fun !

Wow thank you very much ! I'm really glad you liked it !

Thank you very much for your feedback ! It's very appreciated, I'm taking notes 👀

Thank you !

Thanks you very much ! I've never heard of those gdwc before but I'll definitely check this out.

Woah, thank you so much for the amazing and detailed feedbacks ! Your ideas are really good and will definitely help me ! I'm currently working on the game to try to fix every issue encountered and to add more enemies / levels / bosses, I really feel like this concept has potential. Once again thank you, I hope that the upcoming update will provide you more fun !

Thank you !

Thank you very much ! I would definitely love to turn this into an actual game !

Thank you very much ! I'm really glad I went with the 2 colors palette, it helped me a lot in the spriting process since I really suck at art !

Thank you for your feedback ! A shortcut to erase all connections is something I've never thought about. I'll definitely add this feature soon !

Thank you ! I'm glad you liked the game !

Thanks a lot ! Yeah I really screwed up the difficulty of the bosses, I added them at the last minute so there wasn't a lot of playtesting. I'm gonna fix every bug and rebalance the game in an update soon, so you can check it out if you want to test the new difficulty ! Once again thanks for your feedback !

Thank you !

Thanks for your feedback ! I must admit I forgot to erase the connection when your mouse is over the battery due to how clunky the coding is... and I also agree with you on the 2nd boss being too easy, I was afraid of making anything difficult, and I really wanted everyone to be able to play the whole game. I'm working on an update to rebalance evrything and fix all of the bugs (like the weird screen flickering when you shoot). When it's released you can check it out for increased difficulty !

Thanks for the feedback ! It's true that I didn't think about using the mouse with the left hand, sorry about that. And for the projectiles... I actually didn't even notice they went through walls since I never bothered to shoot walls in the first place x) that's totally my bad !

Thank you ! Although I don't really deserve any credits for the music, it was all the work of Joshua McLean (go check his website out, his work deserves it ! I'm working on extra animations for the enemies so that hopefully they get more lively and noticeable ! Thanks for your feedback !

Thank you !