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Space BallzView game page

Sling ballz and break planets!
Submitted by Kelly Ray J (@kellyrayj) — 17 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
The Experience#113.9633.963
Sounds and Music#113.8893.889

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The music is super cool and gameplay is very fun! I love the graphics and animations, it all look so smooth and professional!


very nice game. best have played today.

feel free to try-out and rate my game.



Really good and professional looking visual presentation. The gameplay is fun, tho it can be a bit irritating when the ball keeps bouncing around without any way to retrieve it. Though overall very well made game.


Fantastic. Congratulations. I loved the game. The effects are very good, the sounds, music.. Perhabs the concept is not that inovating but it fits very well with the Theme and the executions was very good.

 I would make it with levels instead of score. But this is just a single details.

Very nice game.


Thank ya! Yes I like the idea of levels instead of scores. I'll for sure consider this!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Wow. A really awesome and polished game with a cool concept, couple of interesting mechanics, great visuals, nice sound and music. Some rebalancing and problem fixing (when the balls get behind a whole cluster of planets, there's not much you can do other than hope, maybe some way to blow up the balls would help), some additional stuff and monetization ways, and it would be a great mobile time-killer!

Please check out and rate my game, too, if you can find the time -


Congrats, well done.
Good gameplay, art and music. An original theme application.
I think initially the planets could have less damage, this would make the player could play longer before dying.

Please, rate my game and leave some feedback too =]


Yeah! Cool!!! Looks good, sounds nice, plays well. Top notch :)


Wow, so slick and well-presented! Very nice neon aesthetic with brightly-coloured planets, and great choice of music and sound effects too. They complement the animations and particle effects extremely well, and they all work together to make for a satisfying experience. It's fun to watch multiple ballz bouncing around and demolishing the planets. Great job!


Such a pretty game. one of the most polished games I've seen :D


Truly remarkable! It seems like a finished product that was done in under 7 days!  You can definitely launch it as an official release!

I really liked how you took a known game and twisted it to make it fit the theme with nice little additions!

Visuals are outstanding! Game feel is amazing!

As for improvements, I agree with one of the comments that the ball should retain its position at the line, so you know where you are going to start next.

You can also add power-ups like black holes (That suck all that is around it) ever now and then, so it cleans up a bit the field.

Great job!

(1 edit) (+1)

if this was done in 7 days then its very impressive


Really awesome game. I think I know where the idea is coming from ;) Love your implementation with planets. The continues movement of the planets looks good, but can be really punishing if one of your ballz is stuck behind and is not coming back while all planets get closer. Maybe some way of shooting without all your ballz being at the line would be a nice idea. Also the repositioning of the ballz is a little annoying, because they get moved to the position of the last ball hitting the line. Here I would really like to see the way the original game is doing it with keeping the position of the first ball hitting the line, so that you know the position and can already start to aim.

Other than that the graphics and animation are really awesome and look alive. The music is also good, but the soundtrack is not from yourself.


Thanks for your thoughts! Agreed with all the above. Seriously considering turning this into a mobile game and throwing it at the app stores. 

The music comes from a guy named Eric Matyas. Defiantly check out his stuff. Super generous!


That sounds like a really good idea, but please turn the game 90° to the left so that you can play it in portrait mode. Like Ballz.

Throw me a reply when the game is out. Definitely going to try it out then.

My game will not make it to a mobile game because the controls are to complex I think. But I will keep working on it as PC and maybe console game after the game jam rating is over.


Others have said it, but I'm also going to say it : this game is awesome :) ! 
The gameplay is polished, fun and interesting, but where this game really shines in my opinions is with the visuals and particle effects. They're amazing ! And that scene transition is so cool ^^
Plus the sound effects and music are spot on. Glad you joined the jam ! 


Thank for your comments! And thanks for hosting the jam! Was a blast.


Awesome game.  Makes mine look very newbie like.  Really fun to play, love the graphics and the concept.  Well done!


Awesome game, congratulations


One of the best games I've played today. Absolutely wonderful! I love it!


Absolute love it! 


I love it,

Fun and challenging, looks great on top of that.

Great work!!


awesome game play. Some times  ball does not show projectile line but overall game is awesome :)


Art is absolutely phenomenal. I doubt I'll find anything better elsewhere in the jam. Music is great too. 

It's slightly frustrating that (unless I'm mistaken) there's nothing you can do if even one ball gets stuck bouncing around the backline (except the gravity warp which isn't particularly helpful). Otherwise a great game.

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