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Guy Girmonsky

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Nice game, I like that the planet is slowly given life

Good entry for your first game jam,

I like the music,

Sometimes I felt frustrated that I destroyed some planets and from nowhere a super fast bullet hit me and I died, kinda help less,

but besides that it was a nice entry, good job!

Thanks for the feedback!

Will do.

Nice, simple yet challenging.

I like the art style, and the sound effects.


Thank you very much for your kind words. Notes taken, will update as soon as I get the option to.


Thank you very much!

Nice game, quite fun!

I agree that it takes some time to adjust to the controls and to figure out what to do, I think overall it can be a bit more user-friendly, as in instructions or turret pricing and what not. 

Besides that it was pretty fun and challenging though, good job!

Hi buddy, I was trying to game for a while but I couldn't advance past the first star - I collect all the fuel, and not spend it until the last jump, and then I just press on the jump until  my fuel depletes, but I didn't get to the next planet. What am I doing wrong?

Nice gameplay, simple and challenging. Nice music aswell.

Good job!

Thanks! feedback noted. Cheers!

That was a fun one, I reached 20k, that must be good right? I felt like I had the game of my life.

Anyway, nice game, very fun!

Was quite challenging, but fun as well.

I think a bit of instructions at the start could be nice, I found myself lost at the first few rounds before I completely understood the game.

Nice job!

Was fun, and challenging.

Perhaps it was too challenging for me, I didn't go too far :(

But I like the idea, nicely done.

I like it, I think it looks lovely and is pretty challenging.

I gave up after dying many many times in the red angry planet level :(

Overall great job!

So relaxing, it's almost addicting.

I think that my turtle was stuck in some very specific cases, but I managed to roll out of it after playing around with the movement keys.

Fun experience overall, nice!

I love it,

Fun and challenging, looks great on top of that.

Great work!!

Very fun and addictive game!

I love the fast paced gameplay and the intensity.

Sometimes when I was transported to a new planet I got insta-killed by an asteroid that was heading there already, which left me kinda help-less,

But besides that I had a blast. Good job!!

I did actually, how was it made?

Game looks great, I love you art style - I think I've told you that already on one of your entries.

The idea is nice, I have a question regarding the controllers, I sent it to you on discord, so I'll await your response.

The UI at the top seems to be cut out for me, perhaps it's the webGL resolution on the site?

Anyway, that issue aside, good job!

I like the idea, the game is quite fun and challenging.

I wasn't sure about which one of my projectiles I need to shoot and when - sometimes I had a result different from what I intended,

but besides that the game was pretty nice.

Good job!

Hi guys,

I wanted to announce the release of my new game, for the BTP game jam.

It's my second game jam I take part in, after the one last week by Brackeys. It's also my 2nd game doing by myself.

I'd love any feedback I can get!

You can play the game at:

The goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible. 

How? You orbit planets around the galaxy. Collection coins will give you points, where as collecting the trees will enhance each coin value.

Avoid obstacles do not get hit, and don't go head first into a planet! You have to enter it's orbit carefully, best in a right angle.


How To Play

Thank you, feedback noted!

I agree on most of your points, I will find some time soon to try and fix these issues.


The music is just lovely,

Fun game, it started really easy and became more challenging with time. Well done!

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback!

I'll try and find some time soon to adjust the controllers, and the interactions around the world - as I agree with all your points.

I tried to make more fluid animations, and ended up with a pretty slow game - I didn't think of the consequences of that when I built around this mechanic.

Anyway, notes taken, lessons learned for the next jam.


Sold my bathtub for 12 bunnies. 

I think I like this one.

Thank you very much!

yeh I agree with you regarding the game jams, that's why I liked it - with not many assets you found a lot of ways to diverse it so it won't get repetitive!

Really well done,

I love the art, and I like that you found a different solution for each level with not many objects (or atleast at the start).

Great game overall, good job!

Thanks for the feedback!

One of the most fun I've played in this jam, very addictive, looks great too.

Well done!

It was fun, I like the idea behind the game.

Sometimes I felt a bit frustrated as I didn't predict their movement direction and speed, and a match I planned ended up being a rejection,

but other than that it was nice, good job!

The art is beautiful and the game is fun to play.

Loved the idea, very unique, well done!

This game looks great!

It was fun and I loved the design. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback!

Checked your game a while ago, left a feedback there as well.


Most atmospheric game I've played by now. Looks and sounds great, loved the theme!

I didn't dislike the movement actually, I thought it was alright. the atmosphere is great, was a fun game to play!

Thank you very much!

Noted, thanks!