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the game is very slow on my end

Lovely game and presentation. The auto rotate option was a bit annoying, but other than that I love it!

Pretty nice, reminds me of Understand

Lovely game, the keyboard-mouse combo is a bit bothersome, but great concept

Thank you!

  fun stuff

doesnt matter, the solution is still the same

Why is there no warning about nudity in this game?

Thanks! You mean music from my SoundCloud? Didn't expect people to connect this account to my music.

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Sorry, didn't put that. Not really experienced with that stuff but i guess you can use it in free or commercial project, but cannot distribute it by themselves.

ye, they're both confusing

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teleport is super confusing,

edit: oh, this is part two of something

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this needs to be a full game, would love to play it

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Cool concept, but the floor is way too big. It's easy to miss 1 enemy and loose all your time because you went the wrong way. If the floor was more of the size of the screen it would be way more fair.

Especially when the enemy gets stuck somewhere and runs away from you for some reason.

art is so lovely

This project is so cool! Honestly one of the best ideas for a puzzle book. I mean ok, I actually don't know any puzzle books besides this one, but it surely blew me away with its puzzles.

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And I would have gotten more points, if it weren't for you meddling spikes!

lol, i guessed it from the buttons

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Why is the screen shaking constantly, it hurts to look at the game in fullscreen.

CRT is hard on the eyes, text speed is very slow.

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This game is great to look at, but the gameplay... The keyboard mouse combo is annoying and unnecessary. Most of the time it's unclear what is a platform and what is a part of the background. Also the ability to jump seems like it's taking away from the main bubble mechanic.

Thanks for checking out the game, I'm planning on adding more levels, but that won't be as fast as I would want.

Very cute story

Hey, that's not a very nice thing to say, we were supposed to be nice

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Why does the player slow down when he swaps? That's not even part of the puzzle, you're just making me wait for no reason. Also this grid basement movement is very slow

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Game has cool visuals, but it is severely lacking in controlls. You fall off stuff very easy because it is unclear where the player hitbox is. There are a lot of unnecesarry deaths in this game that dramatically slow down the playthrough, like in level 3 with the road. Most of the jumps there could have been replaced with section where you just fall down and go back to retry the jump, but instead you die because of the hitbox thing.

Depends on how you coded the timing. It would be nice to have like these threshholds where you can click only once. Or the bar that is shrinking to the middle, you should be able to click between when the bar is fourth of its size and when its a single line. And you should be able to click only once then. That way players cant spam their keyboards like i did.

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Wouldn't call this a rhytm game. It's more of a "click before the bar runs out". Honestly just clicking very often does the job.

And when i actually try to click to the rhytm it doesn't seem to work.

i really like it, but tbh down as the recall is really annoying, it would be nice to be able to change buttons.

The game looks cool, keep up the good work! Stupid idea, but what if the boss was multiplying itself, so there's ten of them after a while all attacking you, but they have lower life than when it was only one

I like the atmosphere

I thought this is like a space funeral type game but now i'm fully confused

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if this was done in 7 days then its very impressive

It's a fun little clicker game, although it has some bugs. I'm not sure if you lose when all the planets are destroyed or just one of them. When you fail and youwant to try again the game instantly game overs you.

But besides that i like it. Click, click.

Really fun game, all the puzzles were understandable, but it took me some time to figure it out.

also i tried to speedrun.