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Ok this was genuinely really funny, my only suggestion would be to have some obvious results of putting stuff in tea that shouldn't be in tea rather than having the tea just look perfectly normal each time. Really good stuff though.

The Kindergarten music was an excellent choice.

This is a really neat concept, and the visuals and audio are solid. Further gameplay developments or more 'juice' would be the main things to improve on imo, but I understand it's a jam and one runs out of time. Good job!

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I genuinely feel like this is the sort of thing game jam games should aspire to be. A really unique and cool core mechanic, presented simply but effectively. Was a little hard to get the hang of but this is definitely one of the games I've enjoyed the most from this jam, brilliant work! (just make it so the music volume doesn't reset to 0 when you restart from high up, and perhaps increase the amount that you can bent the plant)

That all sounds really cool! I understand that time constraints make it tough. Gl if you plan to develop it in future

Really nice theme and aesthetic, only drawbacks were a couple bugs and that I couldn't really tell what was going on a lot of the time. Overall great job

I love this! One of my absolute favourite entries so far. Felt a bit slow gameplay-wise at times but I love the concept and artwork, especially the language changing gimmick!

There's a few fairly minor negatives, these being the bugs, fairly generic concept and doesn't particularly build on ideas very much, but this also plays really well and has lovely art, so overall was a pleasant experience.

Amazing submission (rated 5 stars)! My only gripe is that falling into the water is a bit punishing sending you back to the start every time

As others have said, it takes the fairly obvious concept of the controls changing further than a lot of other games have. Good job on this!

Solid gameplay and absolutely wonderful aesthetic, both with visuals and audio.

There's a lot of games on here where the core mechanic is "wow the gun spins around so you can't control your aim" but the way the gun moves around the player and the additional risk of shooting yourself makes this feel really unique and fun to play. The presentation and polish is also good. Well done!

Really good presentation and theme, but felt like the order didn't really change a whole lot and probably the buggiest game I've played so far

Fun idea and presentation but couldn't understand how to play most of it, I think better tutorials are needed

I really like the concept and the visuals are stunning, but the harpoon mechanic seems really buggy and only sometimes works as it should?

Fun puzzles and really well executed! I particularly like the music. Nice one!

Doesn't really build on the theme in a novel way imo and more visual indicators would be handy, but this is also genuinely fun to play and really well executed. Good job overall!


I love this! Cool theme and runs with the out of control concept nicely. Only issue is the randomness of which commands appear, which can sometimes cause unavoidable losses, especially if the number of left/right commands isn't proportionate. Well done though, especially the audio having been done in the jam, as most entries didn't do that.

I enjoyed this, really fun presentation and good concept, just wish some kind of threat or challenge had been included.

Really solid game and my fav so far, only slight quibble is that the timed jump mechanic (especially as it's such a long cooldown) makes it feel rather less "out of control" and more waiting to time stuff correctly. But otherwise really good!

Invisible walls, annoying and repetitive music, weird controls and having to restart from scratch each death really hurt the experience. Models are nice though.

Very good game! Levels were pretty good, controls were easy to use, visuals were nice. Music got a bit repetitive but that's really a minor issue.

Is it actually possible to beat the second level?

Yeah, I didn’t handle the difficulty very well. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Love it! Art is good, movement is predictable once you get used to it, but still feels like a struggle (in a good way), the projectiles are well-placed, generally a very solid experience.

Also I get to knock AI planets into searing plasma, so there's that.

My score was 87

Very solid experience, generally very well executed. But I'm a whiny nitpick, so I'm gonna say it would have been cool if there was some kind of visual representation of the gravity, because as it is it's pretty much impossible to tell where your lil terraforming ball is gonna go. Also waiting maybe if the planets moved a bit faster. 

Overall I really like this one, definitely one of the better games I've seen in this jam. 4/5

Visuals are great, my only nitpick being the clash of styles between the foreground and background.

Could have been a bit more interesting gameplay-wise.

Also the controls and completely broken, making it quite difficult to enjoy.

Music was good.

Art is absolutely phenomenal. I doubt I'll find anything better elsewhere in the jam. Music is great too. 

It's slightly frustrating that (unless I'm mistaken) there's nothing you can do if even one ball gets stuck bouncing around the backline (except the gravity warp which isn't particularly helpful). Otherwise a great game.

I love the way Pluto moves, very unique.

fuckin brilliant

Just pressing all the buttons at the same time makes it impossible to lose lmao

Thanks for the feedback! I did think about addressing those issues but unfortunately I’m using Construct 2 which has a limit on how much code you can write with the free version and fixing other stuff was just a higher priority. Glad you enjoyed it though!

Fantastic concept, would appreciate if the mechanics of the last stage included certain places where you couldn't draw (as just building around all the hazards was by far the best strategy) and force the player to react with their instantiate tool (as well as include a hotkey). Good job

Absolute favourite feature was the pizzas turning into bugs

I couldn't play a clicker game for longer than a few minutes but it seems I'm in a minority here and the visuals are spot on.

I get to savage a playtester with twelve crawlers at a time and make them permanently quit. 10/10

Pretty cool game. Random name generator was my favourite part. How could I turn down such legendary games as "The Great Survive", "The Best 2018" and "The Man Hitter"?

Go left at the start before unlocking gravity

I haven’t played the game yet but it’s gonna have to really suck to lose the five star rating I just gave it because it’s a game about rubber duck debugging.