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Invisible walls, annoying and repetitive music, weird controls and having to restart from scratch each death really hurt the experience. Models are nice though.

Very good game! Levels were pretty good, controls were easy to use, visuals were nice. Music got a bit repetitive but that's really a minor issue.

Is it actually possible to beat the second level?

Yeah, I didn’t handle the difficulty very well. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Love it! Art is good, movement is predictable once you get used to it, but still feels like a struggle (in a good way), the projectiles are well-placed, generally a very solid experience.

Also I get to knock AI planets into searing plasma, so there's that.

My score was 87

Very solid experience, generally very well executed. But I'm a whiny nitpick, so I'm gonna say it would have been cool if there was some kind of visual representation of the gravity, because as it is it's pretty much impossible to tell where your lil terraforming ball is gonna go. Also waiting maybe if the planets moved a bit faster. 

Overall I really like this one, definitely one of the better games I've seen in this jam. 4/5

Visuals are great, my only nitpick being the clash of styles between the foreground and background.

Could have been a bit more interesting gameplay-wise.

Also the controls and completely broken, making it quite difficult to enjoy.

Music was good.

Art is absolutely phenomenal. I doubt I'll find anything better elsewhere in the jam. Music is great too. 

It's slightly frustrating that (unless I'm mistaken) there's nothing you can do if even one ball gets stuck bouncing around the backline (except the gravity warp which isn't particularly helpful). Otherwise a great game.

I love the way Pluto moves, very unique.

fuckin brilliant

Just pressing all the buttons at the same time makes it impossible to lose lmao

Thanks for the feedback! I did think about addressing those issues but unfortunately I’m using Construct 2 which has a limit on how much code you can write with the free version and fixing other stuff was just a higher priority. Glad you enjoyed it though!

Fantastic concept, would appreciate if the mechanics of the last stage included certain places where you couldn't draw (as just building around all the hazards was by far the best strategy) and force the player to react with their instantiate tool (as well as include a hotkey). Good job

Absolute favourite feature was the pizzas turning into bugs

I couldn't play a clicker game for longer than a few minutes but it seems I'm in a minority here and the visuals are spot on.

I get to savage a playtester with twelve crawlers at a time and make them permanently quit. 10/10

Pretty cool game. Random name generator was my favourite part. How could I turn down such legendary games as "The Great Survive", "The Best 2018" and "The Man Hitter"?

Go left at the start before unlocking gravity

I haven’t played the game yet but it’s gonna have to really suck to lose the five star rating I just gave it because it’s a game about rubber duck debugging.

I read the text the thing is just really small and blends into the background. Got it now tho

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I was already in shambles when I saw the unity interface, then when I realised I could jump around on the different parts of the layout my mind imploded. After this I obviously expected that the game would be like many others in this jam where it would have a cool idea but not really deliver because of time limitations but this one did not disappoint. It's also the only game so far which I've been interested in speedrunning. Brilliant work.

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Fantastic foundation, feels incomplete. Graphics and sound effects are phenomenal but it needs more work to be a full experience imo, which based on how good it is now, I would highly recommend doing. Some suggestions:

- Include more of an incentive for taking lots of light bulbs at a time since at the moment I can basically just take one at a time and do infinitely better than taking multiple. I would suggest a permanent damage boost or some kind of powerup.

- Include speedy homing enemies or projectiles or just something which stops me from just running away and shooting and winning as a result of repeating this process.

- More offensive options, be that different weapon types, abilities, whatever.

This is a great start and a solid experience  (I love the mechanic of stacking waves on top of each other especially) and I think adding more features would make it a fantastic game. Not saying this all should have been done within the confines of the jam because that would be ridiculous, but I do feel like the game is slightly lacking in depth as a result of being so barren, and I would recommend expanding on it after the jam is over.

Uh, it appears I accidentally left in normal arrow key movements without meaning to I MEAN OF COURSE that it was completely intentional and I put it in as a way for players to be able to somewhat control their movement.

Ignoring that minor completely intended mishap the way it works is that there are three speeds, slow, medium, fast, so when you hit a red block it goes slow, yellow goes fast and green is medium, but medium gradually slows down the higher your score gets making it tougher as you go on. Challenge mode starts medium speed slower than in regular mode, so that's probably why.


"try to reactivate it" an explanation would be handy. graphics are brilliant.

Basically SpaceChem 10/10

Overall good experience, not quite sure how it links to the theme but I certainly had fun.

Gameplay is a bit boring but the graphics are great and the idea is definitely worth expanding upon. Game quite desperately needs some kind of danger besides picking the wrong card (which doesn't really happen)

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Thanks for your feedback! I think you must just be particularly good at music since a  couple other commenters found it more difficult than the other games. Sorry but I don’t quite get what you mean about clicking green blocks stopping the character?

P.S. Your Construct game was really cool! Clearly with our Construct powers we are UNSTOPPABLE!!

Agree 100%

Story Of Game Creation: can't even start. 5 stars for theme at least.

Definitely a good concept and I like the art, but the lack of any danger and tutorial kind of doesn't really let the game experience its potential. 

I do like your idea of making left click stab the brush but maybe temporarily disabling it for a bit.

Great idea, doesn't really deliver on the idea of destroying a game but the controls are nice (please explain triple jump) and destroying blocks is satisfying. Puzzles don't really get difficult so you're never really challenged on your ability to make use of the key mechanic. For your first game this is excellent though and I hope to see more from you in future!

how do I play? I got the opening cutscene then the green arrow disappeared after a set number of text prompts, so upon pressing the red X the text box closes and I can move my character, that's basically it. what do I do then?

Me too.

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Possibly my favourite out of the 40-ish I've seen so far. Very interesting and unique mechanics and gameplay which sort of link back to the theme of game development, pretty much the best soundtrack period, some neat visuals and some very cool programming of the hands, overall just a fantastic game and I'll be surprised if you aren't featured in Blackthorn's top 10 video.

EDIT: Oh yeah forgot to say there's one HUGE FLAW in this game, the controls are awful to the point where often I feel like I'm wrestling with the controls rather than the actual challenge of the game. Please, if you make this into a full game (which I would highly suggest) just swap out all that dash bs for a simple doublejump, it will turn the game from maybe an 8/10 to a 10/10. Other than that though, top notch.

"Note that when you lose, you'll be Sent to "Level 1" as a punishment :D" I don't think that is a great system. Hitboxes are weird, sometimes enemies killed me sometimes they didn't, besides that pretty good game. Movement was very fun.

Hhhhhhhella good game. Not gonna give it a perfect score because if it wasn’t for the description teaching me how to play I would never have learned but is damn good overall

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Great visuals, decent sound effects, fun and interesting gameplay. 4/5

Edit: Also there's a duck gun, 6/5