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Submitted by wesen3000 — 1 hour, 51 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#261.9371.937
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#1791.1061.106

Ranked from 142 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (5 edits) (+1)

Super addictive game! It really feels like I'm the developer in team :) Also it fits the Game Dev theme so well and I really enjoyed the visual effects. The only thing it's missing is sound :)

You can watch my playthrough at

Also be sure to rate my game too


Super design, super visuals, right on theme and a new standard for JUICINESS!

Awesome work! 


Loved it. I've never played a clicker game before but this gave me those same vibes building Sim City. Visuals were really fantastic.


Great Game! It was very fun to play it!


Super on theme.  I enjoyed watching myself make a game company grow.    The animations were great.  It was interesting that there was a sound off button when there appear to be no sounds.  Sounds was all this was missing.  Great job.


I couldn't play a clicker game for longer than a few minutes but it seems I'm in a minority here and the visuals are spot on.


expertly designed! its tough to make a clicker engaging and fun :)


There should be a warning poster saying that this game is way too addictive to handle! At least for me, it is the most addictive game in this jam. Seriously, my one precious hour just went nowhere.


Oh man I spent way too much time playing this. I made so much money that it bugged out, went negative, and I started bleeding employees. So in other words, a real game company.

Excellent use of the theme, perfect visuals, loads of juice made it feel so good. I don't usually do clickers but this an excellent one.


What a fantastic little game :)) !! Everything feels so juicy ! Clicking buttons is a real joy, just to get that little screen shake and a puff of particle effects ! Such a shame you didn't have enough time to add a few sounds !

Also, 5 stars for respecting the theme of the jam, it fits perfectly :) ! Well done !


Finally managed to stop playing... nearly an hour of time went poof! great game, lack of audio was its only downfall but made it perfect to play in the office ;)


Very fun and addicting!!!!


Oh god... I thought I got over my addiction to clicking games, but then this comes and I'm more than 30min in x_x
The only thing this game lacks is sound, because for the rest it's perfect! 
Congrats on your entry! ^^


Thanks a lot! I hope you were able to finally close the tab.


I was, when I accidentally pressed F5 XD

Submitted (1 edit)

I played this game and it was super cool! :D Really enjoy it!

Would you like to test my game and leave feedback?

Keep going! You are great!


This game is amazing, well polished. Only thing I didn't like was it made my hand cramp up XD! Wish it had sound fx and music!


Very fun to play and, the fact that you have to manage your budget really adds to the experience. the only thning this game really needs are playtesters that you can hire. That would make the process off releasing the game a lot less tedious. 

I see you are still using the placeholders you got, though they still look really nice. Not really gonna criticise your lack of sound, as my own implementation was rushed and buggy. You can check my game out if you really wan't to see how buggy it is. 

Overall this game is like a solid  A -  our  6 -  as we would say here in Norway. Its a very nice game :)


Those are indeed the main points I have to fix post jam!


Overall - 5 Stars: Amazing Game! Missing SFX & Music, but still 5 stars! The rest of the game makes up for it!

Theme - 5 Stars: It was extremely on point!

Visuals - 5 Stars: The Visuals are Steak Sauce!

Innovation - 5 Stars: I love the mini people!

The Experience - 5 Stars: I couldn't stop clicking!

Sounds and Music - 1 Star: Brutal Honesty! Any sounds at all would be all this game needs!


Thanks lot, it was really nice seeing you play it on stream and give good feedback. I appreciate the honesty for sure!


I saw your constructive criticism on another game so I thought i'd head on over.  I was pleasantly surprised with how deep  and engaging the game became as I played further into it. And the fact that I could leave the game and have the stuff run while I went to the bathroom only to discover a few minutes later that there was an economic system and I was in debt.  My only suggestion that I find applies to most of the games I have played is a better tutorial.  I am as of now still unsure how the whole paying employees thing works. I would love to get some feedback on my own game if you would like to stop by.  


Thanks Auer. I am not sure if I am going to make a tutorial, because part of what I really like about clickers is to be like "ohhhh there's a tab that does that! i understand now!". But I think it's indeed possible to not understand how salary is deducted (when the employee creates a resource), I will see if I find a good way to show it in the UI. 128x128 pixels definitely is restrictive :).


Your game looks amazing, I will play it when I get back home (travelling right now).


Very cool game! I love these semi idle/clicker games! Great art and effects and a good implementation of the theme "Game Dev".

Minor notes: I have no idea how to get "Game Builds" to release a game, I only have beta builds so I can't get the last item. Fullscreen does not work for me on firefox (cursor was stuck to the top left).


You need 5x beta builds and 1000x playtests to make a release. Thanks for the feedback. The fullscreen issue is a known one with pico8 and chrome, I think you can reload and try again and more often then not it works then.


Sadly I don't have windows right now so I will have to wait for a few days until I can play your game.


Made a web version of the game with some critical bugfixes if you still want to give it a try.


This was some very fantastic work. I spent 30+ min playing already. No major criticisms or anything it's just a very solid entry to the game jam.


Thanks a lot for the feedback! Sadly I don't have windows right now so I will have to wait until I'm home to play your entry.

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