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Just finished the demo there is a lot to like and yet i feel like there is a long way to go. 

The controls feel really nice and responsive. I loved the grapics, when i saw the big screenshot on the main page i knew i had to try it. I does still fell  a bit unfinished, but as far as i can understand its still in development. And might just be a smaller scale project. But the fact you wrote the engine yourself in C++ is really impressive. 

I do notice that falling off the track makes it borderline impossible to get back on it. Fell down into the river at the very end of my first attempt. Some ways of helping the player back on the track is really needed, maybe like the unflip but for returning to the previous checkpoint for a large time penalty. The track doesn't really beat you over the head with its linearity, but if you take a wrong path you eventually just end up in some random geometry. Maybe make it so that following a path that isn't correct enelops you in fog as you get further from the main track as a cheap way of avoding mapping out all the surroudings. Or simply map out all the roads so they eventually end somewhere that looks natural. 

The enviroment design really does lack a lot of visual variety at times. I really enjoy the artstyle overall but yeah, a lot of your surroundings are just the same thing over and over again. There isn't really any visual landmarks for people to remember parts of the track by besides the layout itself. Something small like a couple sharp turn signs, maybe some of those separate stone dividors you can find along alpine roads or some small shrubbery besides trees. Thats just a suggestion though, but the lack visual visual variation might leave this looking a bit forgettable.

There also obviously isn't any music. I just imagine some very inintrusive Jungle music, given the era these games are from. But anything even ambience would really go a long way. But i know this is still in development, its your choice what direction you want to take this after all.

Looks really cool though, think this could turn out really cool 👍

Interesting concept, but i can definetly tell you ran out of time. 

Good luck with whatever games you make next though

Really well made, great coconcept that required a lot of strategy to do well. Might use some polish in the controls and some more consistency in the artstyles of the different assets. But otherwise great work

Really cool idea, but its really hard to controll, and often is feels as it you miss items you shouldv'e picked up. I think it'd work better if it only moved when you gave the input, instead of automatically would've worked a lot better. Though i will say the presentation is really well made

Amazing work, i love the concept. Its definetely a kind of game that could be developed into a fully fledged title. 

The only specific piece of advice i have is just to change the typeface of the text bubbles to something more fitting. Though still very readable

This game has so much personality and it looks amazing for a jam game. Great job.

However the controls feel quite hard to handle and the gameplay loop feels quite hectic and i feels as if wouthat i do doesn't matter too much, and its all about beeing fast, as if the gameplay loop doesn't have much intent behind it. 

I'd say maybe at a highlight on the ground below yourself/the building to make it feel more responsive / easy to read. And maybe reduce the size of the town, so that you have a better overview, and can more actively make decisions about how you rearange buildings, including those not imideately in danger.

Quite creative idea, and the assets are really well made. Though i feel as if this needs some more polish, the game feels a little bit unresponsive and after a while i'm just unloading damage into an army of bullet spunges that just won't die.  And the hight ammount of hp makes it feel quite low risk, i'd say reduce the ammount of hp to emphasise the fact you are the last tower.

Still great team effort, keep it up

Thank you very much. I didn't think much of pac-man making it, but i see why you would make that comparison. The visuals we're more of a focus than the sound, which was more or an afterthought this time as it was only made in a couple hours. 

I've been making games for the gmtk jam 6 years in a row now. And i didn't want to let that streak go. Thank you very much for the feedback

Thank you very much. This game still has some issues because of how little time i had avaliable, but i'm glad you enjoyed it.  And thnx for the feedback.

This has come far since the jam. Well done man

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Was a great and quite funny experience to be honest. Great art and music, and soime solid platforming. Feels very bullethell ish. Which personally isn't my favourite way to make a platformer. But its still a great experience. And 10/10 characters btw.

Controlls very well, i LOVE the dodge move. Adds a lot. The infinite flying removes a bit of the tacktile feel of some platforming. Making more of the gameplay take place in a flying floaty state, instead of jumping and doging. But i doubt that could change at this point hehe.

I'd love to see this fleshed out mechanically. Especially in how you interact with the world. The simple shooting and doging could use to variations. Maybe an object that you can swallow and spit out. Think koopa shell/bob-omb. But while you do, you can't spit. Or a mass to swim or move trough in different ways like water/celeste space blocks.

Some extra stuff

- What is money?

- Sometimes i see the spaces between the tiles when moving. Also why is this game 380mb? Im just currious what part of the game, be it assets or some framework that takes up a lot of space. And the game feels a bit choppy at times. Like the framerate dips slightly.

- The level design nerd in me wants my hands all over this level editor to make shit

Really glad you enjoyed it man. : )

Haven't even managed to break the bottom layer of rock myself so thats impressive. I'll definetely add some real procedual generation or more hand made levels if i continue development. Thanks a lot

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Very finicky to aim. The platforming itself feels nice, but some of the hook variants seem a bit superflous. I'd also reccomend using a controller, the game is very hard, and especially on keyboard.

Loveley game. The gameplay requires you too think a bit in advance, and it overall works together very well. As i said earier it is very remenicent of Tiny Islands, but still very much its own thing. It was a bit unclear of  "ajacent tiles" meant the 4 or 8 surounding it, but found it was just the 4 trough experimentation. The gameplay seems affected by luck quite a bit, my first game was a score of 223, but my secound with a better understanding was ~150.

The art and music is loveley too. The art was really great, great execution and palette. The hermit house looks a bit like it doesn't quite fit, but that is probalby just me.  Also noticed the castle didn't make it. Love all the uniuqe music.

Again, loveley game. Very relaxing. Seing your finished board when the score is presented could be something to keep if you are going to develop it further. Its a shame i can't study my completed board once im done.

Yeah that is true, but glad you enjoyed it.

Think i'll just make a new one, and edit this one to clarify

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Haven't got any paid releases on here, but hope its something i can contribute to this.

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Great game, it isn't exactly innovative or anything like that. But it has solid fun gameplay, very simple and is very fun to play. The artstyle and vfx are top notch. And it has a lot of charm and is incredibly fun on repeat plays. Great risk/reward system w the friends. And the enemies are varied and create lots of different situations. This is like doom level simple, but functional enemies.

Felt like a gms game, but its godot which is great too. Good stuff m8.

Though i think it should be worth testing 360* aiming w controller. To see if it fits or not.

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hello, Prasad. Sadly i don't have my cumputer avaliable, also i didn't participate in the brackeys jam. Though hosting such a jam isn't too hard.

Yeah, i could ser that. Thanks :)

Glad you liked it :) The mechanic was kinda a last second change after i struggled to program the original mechanic. The current mechanic is that the less HP you have the more you can see.

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I've played and rated/given feedback to two games in this jam already. One more, but it always crashed upon starting. I'll be checking out more of the games too, just if everyone does, we are all better off :)

You can also do rate/feedback trades with others, also ones who submitted in time. I would not imagine they would have anything against it. There are a lot of rating trades on the discord server, its very common for jams.

Hello, if you joined the jam, please play and rate a couple or at least one other submission so everyone can get some feedback

To be honest, the game doesn't try in any way to tell you what is going on.  Im presuming that you need to defeat the frozen red creature. But shooting him enough just makes him disappear. Also as far i as understand, there is a rage meter that fills up when you do you touch the creature or his hands? or when you press space for some reason, pressing space doesn't seems to anything else.  The hands consistently push me trough the collision of the walls and get me stuck. There is also a large usage of 3'rd party sprites like the bullet kin and some potions of a very different art-style. Also when using pixelart, try and keep objects at the same artstyle and resolution, like one pixel on item A should be the same size as one on item B.

I must say though, that this seems like an interesting arena shooter or boss fight with some real intent behind it. But it struggles to covey what it is and what you are supposed to do. Just a short description on the itch page could do. The bullets also have physics, which is very intriguing, but i struggle to understand its significance

If there are any takeaways here, i think it would be that you should build your games in manner so that people will know how they function, get it playtested and see how they react to different things. Game design is mostly about understanding how others will perceive and interact with the game.

I hope you didn't percive this as too negative, but i hope you can take this as an opportunity to learn. This could be great with a couple of tweaks, so that the mechanics are more easily understandable.

Great idea for the game, you kinda have to judge where to put the weights and set out paths to drive. The visuals are impressive for the time span given. The controls are a bit fidgety, sometimes moving just to the left isn't enough and sometimes you cant move quickly enough. But that is just how it is when using the keyboard for a game like this. The music is pretty good too.

My biggest critique is probably how crashing instantly loses the game. It helps drive up the stakes and pay extra attention, but hitting an unexpected item you had trouble seeing can be very frustrating. Though again this helps drive home the idea you should think about where to put the weights. Maybe giving them a more high contrast colour could help.

I really like the pixelated 3D look but it also helps to obscure the items in front of you and make it harder to judge. This might be its shortcomings, small details like steering and track visibility can have a lot to say in a racing game.

Overall its a great game, but the controls and visibility are maybe a bit lacking. Great job.

Also, take a look at some other games in this jam and rate them if possible, feedback is always great and this jam doesn't have as much traffic as the official one.

I changed the rules to allow more participants in this jam, read the description anew if you are interested.

- If you have submitted your game to the BTP jam 3, you can still submit your game here if you did significant changes following the deadline, the jam version is broken or you forgot to upload certain files.

Honnestly, go ahead, slept on it and im gonna slack om the rules a bit. Go ahead :)

Thanks a lot :)

Glad you enjoyed it, im sorry your game crashed, that bug was difficult to isolate, so im sorry.

Really appreciate the feedback too, so thank you very much. :)

Thank you very much, some of these bugs and issues im aware of, but would be difficult to solve. Tho i would try if i was to continue to develop the game.

The about the ability to see jump pad arches/height and player intentions are very interesting, and i appreciate it.

The player was deliberately made stupid, but maybe that wasn't the best choice.

again, appreciate the feedback and glad you played the game :)

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks for the feedback. I had a lot of people telling me that i should impose a limit on blocks moved before you love,thus why i added the green indicator. 

The whole score system is a good idea, one i had thought of, for some reason never seriously considered. 

Thnx for the feedback again, and glad you enjoyed it :)

The best combination of all the good stuff, the game looks amazing, it has excellent music, great animations.  The movement feels great, and the central mechanic makes interesting puzzles and an overall amazing experience. This is hands down the best game i've played so far this jam. Beats my game out of the water. Good job guys, this game deserves to get featured.

Some of the levels were a bit well too hard, but i knew you would have kept a level skip button for debugging purposes. I found that it was enter, really helped me get trough the levels that were too hard.

Again, great job. Loved it

thanks :)

The collision code is a bit wack, due to the fact that i had to write  collision functions from the ground up, instead of using the ordinary collision code. Thus its a bit buggy. The game got stuck at an infinite loop, thus why it froze, sorry m8 :/ Don't know the exact bug. 

Also the player doesn't really pay a lot off attention to the flag sadly. Was due to time constraints.

Glad you enjoyed it tho :))

Thanks, the idea litterally kinda came from making too much mario maker levels, and strugling to strugling to find any other good ideas :)

Thanks a lot :)

The issue was just time, didn't have the time to complete the player ai. He was supposed to be slightly smarter, but there was always also supposed to be an element of randomnes. Tho i didn't want him to chase the goal too hard, to avoid the player just making a staircase or simmilar, and having the player then just follow it. Though making shure the player would walk towards the goal if they were say less than 3 tiles from it would have been a good idea.

Thanks for the feedback :)