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Really fun and well made, the physics sometimes act a little bit differently from what i expect, tho they are still really good. Overall very well done. I'll probalby pick it up on mobile too. Its very fitting for that platform.

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A post jam versjon of the game will be released within the next 6 hours

Edit: the post jam version is now out. Here

Intresting concept. I really like the way you fly around and set up tiny towe defence like structures whilst moving around. (as i read this i realize i could use one of the tools to bring the planets with me). Okay, now. This game has a suprising ammount of depth. The different structures provide a suprisingly fun gameplay loop and quite a bit of tactics. The main problem comes with how the different parts of the mechanics work together.

If this was to become a complete game, i would completely restructure the way you progress and how the different abillities are presented to the player. The way they are presented are as secondary abillities. That makes it look like they are to be used in together with the primary fire. This makes the game look like a space shooter with stationary secondary abillities. I would rater make the primary fire a seperate abillity that requires 1 (green thing?). This puts focus on the abillities as the primary way you interact with the world.  Also it isn't really explained that the primary fire requires a (green thing?).  You should also restructure the tutorial to emphasize this. Add planets one can interact for example. Also give the player another goal than just getting to the top, something that give emphasis to the abillities and how you interact with the world. 

All in all its an intresting game with a lot of potentioal, but not too great execution. It has good music and some really cool and derpy cutscenes that are pretty funny to watch. The creature designs are also pretty good. Keep it up, this concept has quite a bit of potentioal.

(sorry for my maybe shabby english)

Thanks for the feedback, really weird that it crashed that often. I only got one crash repport so far.

Intresting game. Its a bit challenging to play the game and it can be a bit confusing at times. Its rare to see a multiplayer game in a jam and it quite inovative. Tho it doesn't have that much variety, depth or challange. The human almost always wins, as the human only needs to stay by and spam the ship to destory it. It is pretty easy to locate the ship and when your'e already there just spaming the ship with shots will kill it pretty quickly, so it isn't that balanced either.

Nice that you tried something different, though it doesn't really offer that much in the terms of gameplay.

Really good and professional looking visual presentation. The gameplay is fun, tho it can be a bit irritating when the ball keeps bouncing around without any way to retrieve it. Though overall very well made game.

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Really well made game. Good sfx and fun to play. It was acctually really relaxing to play as well. In a full game there coul'd be other kinds of towers to place that all don't just follow a linear progression. That would add another layer of tactics to the gameplay. At the moment it feels a bit like a mix of a tower defence game and an idle game. If the choice of towers presented a choice to the player it would make it a fully fledged tower defence game. Maybe a slight enemy variety could help too, but that would be more of a last thought.

The music was also really good, tho i already know that fatal knows his shit.

Overall the game was really good. Good luck further on.

Thnaks for the feedback. That was a really weird bug, the weird thing is that it was on line -1? It tried to use an instance that didn't exisit. I'll try to fix it :)  I'll check out your game as well. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing, also glad you got to read the postmortem as well. Keep up the good work you too.

Thanks for the feedback. I am still kinda evaluating if i should add the tutorial to the description, but after the feedback iv'e got i think i'll do so.

Really good game. The mechanic was really good and made for really good pluzzles. It wasn't really explained ingame that you had to click A/S to change size. Not a really big problem tho, it said so right in the description. Not too big of a fan of the graphics, tho they are not bad at all. The music can also get a bit irritating over time, but again its far from the worst iv'e seen this jam. 

Very good overall

Glad you weren't turned away by my last minute apprach to tutorials. And that your ears are still intact. Thanks for paying my game too :)

Glad you enjoyed it. Ididn't have time to add a win screen or anything like that which was quite sad and the radar was probably pretty hard to notice. 

Thanks for the feedback :) 

Pretty good music. The gameplay has room for improvement and you sometimes just die randomly. Im guessing youre quite new to game development, but everyone has to start somewhere. The first game you make is not necessarily representive of the games you will go on to make. Everyone will improve along the way. 

If youre intrested in trying my game just ask me for the link or check my profile. Good luck with your future projects. You should check out this series btw its one of my favorites:

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Pretty good, the long brick wall that is the tutorial is a little bit intimidating and there would probably be a better way of telling the player about what he/she needs to know.  Also the game sometimes just sends me back to the menu, almost without any explanation. The general gameplay loop seems good in theory, but it can get quite confusing ingame. Some form of simplification could help the game.

Good luck with youre future projects, there is definetely a good foundation. It just needs some inprovement. The space also looks really good, not just empty darkness. Though it can make the game a bit again overwhelming. If it looked a bit more like it does in the cover it would probalby fit a bit better with the general artstyle. 

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Overall the game is extremely simmular to 2048. Though the gameplay is really good as 2048 is already a game whos gameplay already has been proven very much. 

The music is excelent. Its like it belongs in a whole different leauge of games. The visuals are also really good. The sprites are really good though not as effective gameplay wise as 2048. There isn't as much of a liniar progression visually and you always have to second guess what planet is worth what so the tiny menu below the game is really helpfull. Tho it should have been incorprorated into the game itself. 

Overall reallt good and fun to play, though not very inovative.

It seems it crashes ~80% of the times it tries to generate the world. 

Overall the game isn't that origional and there isn't very much in terms of gameplay eighter that haven't already been seen in other games. though the technical feat is quite astounding. Building any game from complete scratch is very inpressive and that fact that you did that in a week is quite inpresive. So as far as gameplay, visuals and sound there isn't too intresting, though i can see that a lot of work as gone into this, and it is really inpressive that you managed to build this with only the tools that you used. 

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Okay, admin did not help, but after a bit of trying and failing it works. It seems it crashes ~80% of the times it tries to generate the world. 

Overall the game isn't that origional and there isn't very much in terms of gameplay eighter that haven't already been seen in other games. though the technical feat is quite astounding. Building any game from complete scratch is very inpressive and that fact that you did that in a week is quite inpresive. So as far as gameplay, visuals and sound there isn't too intresting, though i can see that a lot of work as gone into this, and it is really inpressive that you managed to build this with only the tools that you used. 

If your'e intrested you could check out my game, i haven't been very lucky with the ammount of ratings either.

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Very nice visuals and music. The gameplay overall is quite frustraing to be honest and i am not getting very much enjoyment out of it. The overall visuals makes it hard to see where things are comming from, and the secound planet is especially difficult because of this.

When it comes to games, i values gameplay the most so i didn't really enjoy this game that much. Although you have chosen a really good visual style, but at the same time it doesn't work to well with the gameplay as it is suprisingly hard to judge angles. 

Overall quite a bit of room for improvement, tho the music and visuals are good.

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Really great game feel. I really wanna compare this to downwell. They are very simmular. Short bursts of intense gameplay, broken up by a choice of upgrades. A template that often works wery well. Overall very good. Simple mechanics that you manipulate with the upgrades and superb gunplay. Music is decent and the sfx are really good. The visuals are also pretty good.

My biggest critice is the menus. You should be able to click on the options. At least that doesn't work for me. It just uses the currently selected option when i try to click an option. Its really jarring. 

Well done overall

Okay thanks man, i'll check out your game when i get a chance. Im working on a playlist of games to rate, i'll add yours inn there too.

I really don't see how your'e supposed to interact with the enviroment. There is no explanation for the gameplay. At first i thought it would be some kind of interactive storytelling, but i reached a lose sate without even knowing how i was supposed to do anything other than move. 

Im sorry, but if your players can't understand how to interact with the enviroment you have kinda failed in delivering a message. Some sort of explanation would go a long way.

The music and visuals were very good, but were all almost taken directly from other sorces. It seems less like inspiration and more like light pagiarism in a way. Not saying that this game is plagiarism, but i think your'e interpreting "inspiration" a bit worng. 

You have to some degree a bit of a foundation, though i think you can improve a lot. Try to inovate a bit and maybe research some game design.

Fun game. Definetely one that could become very good with some more work and small improvements here and there. 

The first thing i'd like to mention is the music. It starts up honestly just bad. The sample starts up like a knife in my ear, but the wonderful thing is how it evolves into a wonderfull track with really good instrumentation.  Also there were no sfx, but i won't critizice you much for that as i also forgot sfx in my game.

Sometimes you get chaught by the eroding planets and get stuck in an unescaplable situation, though thats probalby part of the design though it is a very unclimactic end. Also you sometimes get stuck in these tricky situations where you have to find a way out of the planet. These are both really frustrating and brilliant. As they are again frustrating, but at that point it becomes a kind of puzzle game with a time limit. Which is also very trilling.

Overall a suprisingly good game, with both flaws and potential.

Well done man 

Im sorry, but when i click play the game just crashes and closes. No idea why...

It is quite a bit more forgiving now, but not super easy. Well done.

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Really good game, unique movement mechanics and really great branching gameplay. Literally.

Got all the endings. Reallty fun and well made. Unique in very many ways. Probably one of the best games iv'e played on You should really be proud of this one :)

I really like the movement overall, but the game is still way to difficult. Gave up quite far into the game and to complete a stage i had to replay it way too many times. I like a challange, but this was just irritatingly hard.

I agree. There is no doubt that the game looks intriguing, but a some description of the gameplay and even yet maybe a short gameplay trailer is crucial if you want people to buy it.

Simple and satisfying design. Well done

(‘~`;) ooofff, my soul 

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Warning: way too long review incoming

Great game, at least one of the best iv'e seen on It has some very good design overall. The music is good, the gameplay is also very fun and the difficulty is very well balanced. Hard enough that i couldn't beat anyone first try, but FAR from "getting your head bashed into a brick wall" difficulty. Came inn expecting a full game and was a bit dissapointed when i saw it wasn't one, but it was still very fun as i said. 

It could use some details in areas like the club, like maybe the other npc's on the dance floor would change their dialouge after the fight. Also the battle in the incinerator is kinda weird and unexplained. I hope (if kept), that it is explained/fleshed out in a full release. 

In addition as mengtioned, the areas like the club could have some more detail and polish, also graphically like adding a couple small details too keep it up with the level of visual polish that the rest of the game has. (at least in my opinion)

 The one additional complaint i maybe have is that dying feels a bit wrong when the game just fades away. Some animations would be very nice and maybe seeing the enemies celebrate and stop attacking would help. 

Also i hope that this game does not become too much of a meta game like undertale or OneShot. Those games are great, but if this game does not have anything to add to that table, i hope that it instead focuses on a seperate story that is not too "meta" (looking at itself as a game, characters knowing about functions like saving etc.) Maybe something like Just shapes and beats. That brakes a lot of conventions, but still keeps the imersion and doesn't break the forth wall.

Overall it is a very fun, well designed and challenging game. Though it need this much more polish (squinting my fingers with less than a millimeter of space between them). The battles fellt very nice and had a lot of game "juice" and i overall enjoyed this game/demo a lot. I usually don't use rating scores but i would probably give this a 9.5/10.

 (also i used way too much time to write this review/comment or whatever, but i hope it helps. Also sorry for my (probably) countless of missspellings. English is not my native language)

Very cool, thanks a lot for playing

Simple and fun. Only criticue is that the alternate / player 2 buttons (I,J,K,L) has the arms and legs inverted. up and down is legs on player 1, but arms on player 2. And vice versa. (tried as solo, mashed bottons a lot to see who would win.)

fun game, The level design was a, bit frustrating at times and i really think you could have done more with the origional murduer (screen 2) and maybe added a mechanic where he would follow you in inpredicible was, if you weren't keeping him visible. But overall very good concept.

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Not too familiar with GMS1, but maybe try out some other export methods within the program. Had a look and the game file was a win32 cabinet self-extractor or Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B. Don't know much about them, but they are often assosiated with viruses. 

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Finally got the game working, worked around with the firewall. I played the game a lot like a rhythm game because of the repetetive music and the animations that reminded me of games like rhythm heaven. Very fun and kinda adictive. Would make a fun mobile app if there were some extra fatures that added some depth and maybe a rythm mode (though that could be hard to make) 

Overall it was very fun and i liked the consept and theming. Also like that the grandma gets called the cops on becuase she gave too many sweets to (what seems like) punks 

👍(yeet, made big text ._.)

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thanks for playing. The game wasn't really made for someone to collect all the souls. (But if you do your'e damn good) the triangle was more or an easter egg more than anything. I focused more on the secound to secound gameplay, atmosphere and the creepy/spookyness.

good luck tho, seems you out quite a bit of effort in. If else you probably wouldn't have continued to awnser.

Thanks a lot. That's was more or less what i was going for.

same problem on android, very sorry. wanted to play the game. Good luck tho 👍.