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(‘~`;) ooofff, my soul 

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Warning: way too long review incoming

Great game, at least one of the best iv'e seen on It has some very good design overall. The music is good, the gameplay is also very fun and the difficulty is very well balanced. Hard enough that i couldn't beat anyone first try, but FAR from "getting your head bashed into a brick wall" difficulty. Came inn expecting a full game and was a bit dissapointed when i saw it wasn't one, but it was still very fun as i said. 

It could use some details in areas like the club, like maybe the other npc's on the dance floor would change their dialouge after the fight. Also the battle in the incinerator is kinda weird and unexplained. I hope (if kept), that it is explained/fleshed out in a full release. 

In addition as mengtioned, the areas like the club could have some more detail and polish, also graphically like adding a couple small details too keep it up with the level of visual polish that the rest of the game has. (at least in my opinion)

 The one additional complaint i maybe have is that dying feels a bit wrong when the game just fades away. Some animations would be very nice and maybe seeing the enemies celebrate and stop attacking would help. 

Also i hope that this game does not become too much of a meta game like undertale or OneShot. Those games are great, but if this game does not have anything to add to that table, i hope that it instead focuses on a seperate story that is not too "meta" (looking at itself as a game, characters knowing about functions like saving etc.) Maybe something like Just shapes and beats. That brakes a lot of conventions, but still keeps the imersion and doesn't break the forth wall.

Overall it is a very fun, well designed and challenging game. Though it need this much more polish (squinting my fingers with less than a millimeter of space between them). The battles fellt very nice and had a lot of game "juice" and i overall enjoyed this game/demo a lot. I usually don't use rating scores but i would probably give this a 9.5/10.

 (also i used way too much time to write this review/comment or whatever, but i hope it helps. Also sorry for my (probably) countless of missspellings. English is not my native language)

Very cool, thanks a lot for playing

Simple and fun. Only criticue is that the alternate / player 2 buttons (I,J,K,L) has the arms and legs inverted. up and down is legs on player 1, but arms on player 2. And vice versa. (tried as solo, mashed bottons a lot to see who would win.)

fun game, The level design was a, bit frustrating at times and i really think you could have done more with the origional murduer (screen 2) and maybe added a mechanic where he would follow you in inpredicible was, if you weren't keeping him visible. But overall very good concept.

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Not too familiar with GMS1, but maybe try out some other export methods within the program. Had a look and the game file was a win32 cabinet self-extractor or Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B. Don't know much about them, but they are often assosiated with viruses. 

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Finally got the game working, worked around with the firewall. I played the game a lot like a rhythm game because of the repetetive music and the animations that reminded me of games like rhythm heaven. Very fun and kinda adictive. Would make a fun mobile app if there were some extra fatures that added some depth and maybe a rythm mode (though that could be hard to make) 

Overall it was very fun and i liked the consept and theming. Also like that the grandma gets called the cops on becuase she gave too many sweets to (what seems like) punks 

👍(yeet, made big text ._.)

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thanks for playing. The game wasn't really made for someone to collect all the souls. (But if you do your'e damn good) the triangle was more or an easter egg more than anything. I focused more on the secound to secound gameplay, atmosphere and the creepy/spookyness.

good luck tho, seems you out quite a bit of effort in. If else you probably wouldn't have continued to awnser.

Thanks a lot. That's was more or less what i was going for.

same problem on android, very sorry. wanted to play the game. Good luck tho 👍.

Thats true, seems the screen shake overall was a little overboard. Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

It doesn't open the normal blue message with more options and open anyway, but the file gets automatically deleted and i get a message of a serious threat located on the system. May try it on my phone.

Very simple and fun, and it has a lot of replay value. Not the kind of game you would call AMAZING, but it's defenetly a solid experience

Its a little confusing and disorianting. I think i was supposed to get the blue box the secure zone alpha, but i couldn't intreact with it. But overall you really nailed the theme and atmosphere. Though the mouse controls are way too sensetive. 

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My antivirus seems to have some special beef with this game in particullar, for some reason. Can't seem to be able to start it, deletes the files before i can start. Sry:/

Glad you enjoyed it. The exits and entraces are the same, and yeah i should have added some indications on nearby souls and the closest exit. 

Fun concept and execution. Had a lot of troubble balacing the world switching and floating at first, but it got a lot better after a while. Would also often get stuck inside of objects and either get stuck, have the leven instantly restart which was a bit confusing or fiding a way out using the world switching mechanic. Also found out that tapping the float button practically dubbles your time airbourne. Do not patch this, it added a lot of replayabillity as it allowed the satges to be completed in multiple ways, and adds a bit of speedrun value. Overall very good :)

Thanks, its a bit buggy. The up and down arrow keys didn't work due to a coding error. I will be releasing a post jam version once the voting period is over that will probably fix a lot of the issues. :)

Nice game, though i have some recommendations. Let the player aim or / and move with the mouse. Make missions shorter and make it so that you don't have to blow up every building, and when you transport the hostages to safety. Make it so that you deposit them all at once so that players don't have to wait for too long. Make the levels faster phase or more mythotical and add another mechanic that is essential or helpful to find the hostages, but at the same time gives the game another thing to keep in mind to raise the skill sealing and hinders players from just fly around blowing up every building after defeating the enemies.

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Note: A post jam version of the game will be out when the voting period is over. It will feature a lot of small imrovements that i hope you will enjoy. Please stay tuned, if your'e intrested. More info can be found here:

Intresting concept, and very hard. Its espeicially challanging to rotate the player / game with the right and left button. I think it would be more compelling if you aimed towards the mouse instaed. 

I aslo, noticed that we have very simmular game names. Finish your games! and FinishMyGame, thats pretty cool.

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The graphics and music is really great. Especially the art is some of the best iv'e seen this jam. I also really like the idea.

But, for beeing a platformer / shooter your character moves very slowly and the bullets move kinda like ballons instead of bullets / lazers. Therefore i feel like the game is a bit of a chore to play sometimes. But, if the mechanics were polished a bit and there were maybe a couple other levels to play with, i think it could be a really fun game.

Thanks a lot for playing. The audio was added last minute so it was bound to be buggy. The plattform pixel issue was one i took a lot of time to try to fix. I didn't manager to get a good fix, but im glad you enjoyed it :)

I can see what kind of metaphor you where going for. The execution and gameplay was standard though the gun feels and seems more like a pea shoother, It would work better if you were to ad some sfx  and make the bullets bigger and moving faster. Overall the game feel could need some attention.

overall very fun, the puzzles are very well made and the nature of the mechanics allows for a lot of creative solutions. I really like how mechanics like moving blocks and rotations, and tasers and sawblades interact with each other. Espesially the splitting effect that comes when a tazer lazer hits a sawblade. 

 My biggest problem is that the game is very slow paced, the transitions especially are VERY slow.

Overall pretty fun to try to get the best possible rating. The game was quite buggy though and involved a lot of randomness. The music also made me lower my own volume, which is not a good sign. But overall it was fun to try to get the 5/5 score on your own version of minecraft.

Thanks a lot :) 

Thnx, 4 playing :), i hear a lot of comparisons to lemmings, as it is very simmular in some ways. The issue of snapping to the right pixel was an issue i had trouble ressolving. It was much worse origionaly tho.

Very fun to play and, the fact that you have to manage your budget really adds to the experience. the only thning this game really needs are playtesters that you can hire. That would make the process off releasing the game a lot less tedious. 

I see you are still using the placeholders you got, though they still look really nice. Not really gonna criticise your lack of sound, as my own implementation was rushed and buggy. You can check my game out if you really wan't to see how buggy it is. 

Overall this game is like a solid  A -  our  6 -  as we would say here in Norway. Its a very nice game :)

Very cool lighting effects and has quite a bit of potentioal. I think the game could use some more intresting movement mechanics, and some overall polish.

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Intresting, fun to play around with, but there arent really anyting here that adds another layer of gameplay. Like others mentioned, something like enemies could ad a lot. Its all in all a solid level creator with not a lot of depth. But for what it is, its very solid.

Thanks for playing, the music was rushed so its quite buggy. Mentioned it in the description of the game page.

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Very good humour, the dialouge was very good. Very little gameplay though. The accordium just adds to the weird feel this game has. Also, if you were to ask me, i would remove the spongebob jokes. But, overall a very good experience.

Intresting game, the pc controls are a bit clunky. But the artstyle and presentation is really good

Happy to hear, because the music was rushed hard.

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Had to finish my game on wedensday, so i didn't have time to make music. (More info on my game page description). Will check out your game when i have the chance. 

Thanks a lot. I know the game lacks a lot of polish. I wouldn't have access to my pc after wedensday som i had to complete game then. Glad you could get some enjoyment out of it anyway.

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Great music, idea and i really like artistic direction. It sometimes seems to randomly duplicate objects or change what kind it is; (art turns into code and so on). It was a delight when i noticed that the positive comments helped you. Im glad you didn't tell the player that. 

Note: noticed that you didn't make the music, but that doesn't really detract from the experience. 

Very intresting. Its simple and fun to play.