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Okay, thanks. Might be something i will consider contributing to in the future :)

Indiepocalypse #4 community · Created a new topic Questions
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Thought of ideas similar to this before. As a developer, what are the requirements to have a game be part of an indiepocalypse issue in the future, and what would the process of kinda submitting a game, to say it that way?

Edit: i now see that a multiple of the games were made by the same people. The question then is, is it possible for new creators at some point to have their games featured or is this a project across a group of people?

At one point drove into a tree besides the road, then back into the road. And then the game crashed, sound still playing.

i did so, spent like 4 hours last night working on that. Here;


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I am very impressed. I have been messing around with 3D in GMS and it is very confusing, makes it even more impressive you've built this.

I love how it feels to play this game and i am really happy that there are options like no npc collisions (i found that really annoying). I get real mario kart super circuit vibes from this one, even tho i haven't played that game. The game is extremely intense (in a good way) tho i feel like the road itself could be made a bit wider and added some collision to make the running of the road feel more natural. The music is top notch, really really love it :) 

The one thing i am a bit iffy on is how you play trough the courses themselves. I don't like the fact that you can't continue onto the next course until you've gotten into the top 3. It is a real shame that i can't play all the courses. I think organizing them into smaller packets of levels that you play trough with some sort of way to unlock them would be awesome. That is a very mario kart way of doing it, but the current arcade mode really is not my cup of tea. Maybe you find some other interesting way of doing it, but i don't think the arcade solution would be the best for a full game with more courses.

But overall i really loved this game, an easy 5/5 rating on this page.

edit: i finally beat all the 3 levels and it makes a bit more sense now.

Thanks, the reason i was considering using the spritestack method is because of the limitations of GameMaker Studio 2. But thanks for the help anyway :)

Can these full scene compser views be exported as single spritesheet?

Aslo, is the 128 limit centrally built into the architecture of the program or is it something that is somewhat easy to change?

Hello, i am back; the source of eternal comments. But well beeing the overthinker i am, i have realized that for the project i was considering the 128x128 size limit will make it difficult to create bigger, higher resolution structures, which was what i intended to use it for. Is there any chance that there will in the future be a significant increase in potential size limits? Maybe just as a tool for exporting spritesheets.

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Oh, nice should never really be a problem with 256 colours.

One last thing i noticed, in an older video featuring and older version of this tool. It was mengtioned that only ~32 colours were avaliabe. Is this so that all the 256^3 colours are not  avaliable? If that is the case that is a huge bummer. That really should be a subject of the rework you mengtioned.

And yes, i really am looking into what i am spening my money on before i do (maybe a bit too much, but whatever)

Ok, this might seal the deal

Yeah, that should be what im looking for. Thanks :)

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Nah, its not with voxels. Im using a 2D engine (gms2) and i am rendering all the frames of the sprite on top of each other, relative to the position of the camera. As i got the impression it was layered sprites and not voxels i tought maybe the layers could be exported as seperate frames in a sprite sheet, and then imported to streamline my current process. May have been wrong. Seems it is mainly exported as rotating animations, an made as voxels. Would be cool if each vertical layer of voxels could be turned into an image (1 voxel = 1pixel) kinda like this. But what do i know, i haven't yet purchased it. No offense; looks really cool.

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Thinking about purchasing this tool. Is it possible to export it as a spritesheet where each layer is one frame? Would be really usefull for my current project. I am making a game with a visual style inspired by the 4th generation of Pokémon games, in a 2D engine.

Also, is there a limit to how big the sprites can be?

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Yeah, i recognize those sunglasses. That is truly a "weird picture from Japan"

The first one is intresting, ill send it to Pringle.

The second one is known, its caused by entering fullscreen on the main menu using the shortcut.

Sometimes when im in a heist and leave the window, some henchmen are stuck in the bank. Only happens late in the game so far. Also it sometimes makes it so that when i purchase something i gain the money instead of losing it. Im playing it on Firefox if that is relevant.

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(I am making a topic, because there are no ordinary comments)

In the trailer there seemed like there was a reference to a discord server / user. In the case there is a server, you really should feature a link somewhere in the promotional material. Or if there isn't one, this game really deserves one. 

I have also tried out the demo, though i have not finished it yet, i am enjoying it. The controls are probably my biggest problem. I am having trouble using the controls, and there really should be some way of making your own control scheme. Also, it should be added early in development so you won't have to go back and comb through the code to make it work.

I get the impression this game was made with GMS2. In that case i could write up a project that allows you to change the control scheme. I haven't made a customizable control scheme before, and i am not an expert with the program, but i would love the challenge. Only given the game actually was made in GMS2 and you deem it necessary :/

Good luck with development, and kudos with the great trailer

Edit: All the issues were addressed even before i made this post

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Okay thanks, ive hard of simmilar methods before. Was wondering if it was another one. Thank you anyways.

Cool game, was wondering how you made the trees and buildings? Is it just the layered sprite method?

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Regarding the "pico pirates" comment: The game was very technically impressive (no idea how pico8 works tho), the gameplay could be improved a bit and the battles against the ships were extremely hard. Was wondering how you made the 3d effects on the trees. They were very impressive, was wondering what method you were using.

Really fun and well designed breakout type game. It is just breakout with a really good gameplay loop and repeatability. Very good choice of blocks. They all work together in interesting ways.

Very technically impressive game for the given engine. I will admit i know nothing about PICO8, but it seemed far more advanced than other pico8 games I've tried. The reflections, water physics (the visuals) and those trees were all above and beyond for a pico8 game as far as i have seen. I know nothing about the technicalities of pico8, but i would still love to see what method is used to render those trees. They were intimidately impressive.

Overall given it wasn't limited by rooms that the game seems to consist of the sailing could be very fun. I found it to be a bit clunky and hard to control and it didn't feel like i was controlling a boat. It doesn't need to have both, but one or the other would really help the game feel and overall experience. The transitions between the different rooms felt a bit unnatural, but that could be a limiting factor of pico8 (i honestly don't know)

Overall a very visually and technically impressive game.  Gameplay wise it could be improved a bit, and the fights (especially the ships) were brutally hard. Makes your progress feel a bit redundant when you are crushed by a ship just out of the blue.  But i generally think this was a fair bit of fun and an impressive experience.

Pico Pirates community · Created a new topic Comments
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Idk, i wanted to post a comment, but that isn't an option + i am not very familiar with the itch community system

No idea what a Zine even is, but im intrested

You can ask itch if you need custom css. If they comply with what you are trying to do they can implement the .css script on the page.

Thank you, I've participated in 5+ game jams so far, but they have all been 48 hour jams. I was not prepared for a 7 day jam at all, and the lessons were DEFINITELY valuable.

Yeah, you really did hit the nail here. It was supposed to have a main mechanic being a wiki that you used to get a secret ending that the game was hiding from you. It wasn't finished either. We really did over scope with this project.

Thank you for the feedback :)

that sound intresting. Tho that wad far from what we were giong for. There is a dere t bit of hidden content. There was supposed to be a wiki with the game that you used to access different parts of the game trying to get an alternate ending. So information was your greatest asset.

The rating is kinda generous too tho, for how uninished the game is. But i will take it.

thanks for the feedback. The game wasn't finished anyway. But i will keep the feedback in mind for future games.

Interesting idea, i like how the truth always changes, but i quickly gets hard to remember what things have been said before and it kinda blends in with the previous runs.

Overall well done.

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Great game. Somehow you made a somewhat functional fluent conversation system. That is quite the feat. Very funny game as well. I must say this game was very well made. Good job. The voice acting was awesome and humerus as well, tho the music was a bit on the annoying side. The last boss fight in the toilet was really well constructed as well.

Somehow this game still has less ratings than my unfinished mess. This game deserves more.

Very humorous game, Unique to see a game with voice acting and all. Interesting premise and all, the biggest disappointment was probably that the other door in the first room didn't lead anywhere. Also, the sword was probably kinda a waste of time as it didn't really change the game in any way. Still wondering what that thing in the labyrinth room was.

Overall a very solid entry

Don't bother, the game is bugged and incomplete.

If you really need to know; WASD, mouse, left mb and tab.

I will check out your game of course

Half of the content isn't even aaccessible. There was supposed to be this wiki with the game that you used to discovering new areas and get a secret ending. But we didn't have a time to finish it. Also there is a Menu (the wiki was supposed to tell you how to use it) just press tab

Suppried you played this mess 👍

i will probably check out your game, there is an inventory tho i haven't added any way to tell you how to open it, + it's bugged. Also there was supposed to be aother mainmechanic in the game, but it didn't make it into the game 

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Well it is so far from finished that the main concept isn't even in the game. Thats why it is "The game we didn't finish", just released it for fun. I was supposed to have a wiki come with the game with pages you could search up to find out what to do. But we never finished the wiki. Gonna try out your game later, so that playing this garbage wasn't a waste of time.

My other games are usually a lot better.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

very funny

when you unironically keep on listening to the song.