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Planetary grappleView game page

The game where you grapple together your planet
Submitted by PhilipL
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
The Experience#223.6253.625
Sounds and Music#303.5003.500

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Developer (3 edits)

A post jam versjon of the game will be released within the next 6 hours

Edit: the post jam version is now out. Here


This is a really cool game with a unique story to it. The visuals are quite pleasing to the eye and match the music as well as sounds. However where the game lacks is in its ability to instruct players on how to play.  Also the experience wasn't the best because it constantly kept crashing. I think the crashing might have been a result of using a rookie engine like game maker since it isn't the most stable with larger games just my opinion though. Lastly the theme wasn't that well incorporated since there isn't mentioned or shown a mini planet anywhere. Some people might disagree with me but I personally don't think the parts of the larger planet counts as mini planets. Overall its a pretty fun game just too bad that it keeps crashing.


Thanks for the feedback, really weird that it crashed that often. I only got one crash repport so far.


cool game ! really liked the graphics and the music :) the control are difficult and that's what make the game challenging so that's a good point ! and by the way i met some bug like a crash and i don't know if this is a bug but when i reached 24/24 planet nothing happened, i was just able to collect more here is the message when it crashed : 

if you want to check and rate my game  :) :


Thnaks for the feedback. That was a really weird bug, the weird thing is that it was on line -1? It tried to use an instance that didn't exisit. I'll try to fix it :)  I'll check out your game as well. Thanks for playing.


Great work man :) ! I really enjoyed reading your post mortem blog post, and the game was neat as well ! 
I liked the stars in space, and how there seems to be different layers, giving a real sense of depth to this top down 2D scene, great touch ! Initially I just zoomed around a little lost and finding it difficult to control my ship, but eventually was able to grasp how things worked and enjoyed the experience.
So yeah all in all this is a solid game jam entry, with cool graphics (nice intro by the way), chill music/sound effects and that fits the theme of the jam really well, keep it up ! 


Thanks for playing, also glad you got to read the postmortem as well. Keep up the good work you too.

Submitted (7 edits) (+1)

Strange that you edited your page to say "look at the readme.txt", but you could have just as easily edited it to include the contents of the readme: "Right click to... Left click to... ", etc. (Still could) (-1 exp for wasting my time hunting for readme docs)

Fun game. I liked the feel of flying around with the planet-fragments in tow.


Thanks for the feedback. I am still kinda evaluating if i should add the tutorial to the description, but after the feedback iv'e got i think i'll do so.


Love the graphics and game play. Took me a few minutes to realize you had to click on your home to send out the radar, but after that I collected all the planets fairly quickly. I know you said you didn't have a win screen, but even the game over text could have said something different if you'd managed to collect all the planet pieces.

But overall, the grappling aesthetic and feel of the game was great! :)


Glad you enjoyed it. Ididn't have time to add a win screen or anything like that which was quite sad and the radar was probably pretty hard to notice. 

Thanks for the feedback :) 


Definitely the best game I played so far

The music was good, and it didn't make my ears bleed unlike some other games...

Flying was fun

Nice visuals

I liked the READ ME.txt file, I didn't have much time for a tutorial either


Glad you weren't turned away by my last minute apprach to tutorials. And that your ears are still intact. Thanks for paying my game too :)


I really liked gameplay and building a base out of those tiny planets. This game is as good as your previous one and it for sure needs more feedback!

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)


Okay thanks man, i'll check out your game when i get a chance. Im working on a playlist of games to rate, i'll add yours inn there too.