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I had an error when trying to open saying the "Giants of the Oasis_Data" file wasn't found. It seems the name of the game might have been changed, so I renamed the "Song of Sand_Data" folder and it launched.

Can you play with with a mouse and keyboard?

Love the art style!

Finally got around to playing this game, and I quite enjoyed it! The atmosphere is spot on, especially with a perfect choice in music. Gameplay is smooth and easy to understand, and the subtleties in the opening screen sets a great tone. Keep it up :) 

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This game's pretty cool. Looking forward to the full game! Do you plan on releasing the full version here on itch? Or will it only be on Steam?

Love the graphics and game play. Took me a few minutes to realize you had to click on your home to send out the radar, but after that I collected all the planets fairly quickly. I know you said you didn't have a win screen, but even the game over text could have said something different if you'd managed to collect all the planet pieces.

But overall, the grappling aesthetic and feel of the game was great! :)

Game play was easy to grasp, but I after level 3 it just kept restarting, which probably means that all there is so far? Voice acting was nice, and the running mechanic felt good as well. I'd just work on the adding a bit more variety to the levels, and maybe making the buttons look more like buttons (instead of exactly like the shard which you need to collect).

Also, I recommend uploading as a zip file, and mark as a windows download on the game page. That way you'll be able to play it in the itch app.

Aha cheers

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Great effort! Those last 2 levels were hard to beat but worth. The game was smooth and simple, and most levels felt unique.

Now, the music you used was so perfect for the game. But it kept starting again whenever I died or started a new level! So it turned from an epic feeling, into a repetitive and annoying thing that kept restarting when I died. Which is such a shame. If you ever update the game, I recommend making the music continue throughout the whole game without starting again :)

Also, if you'd like one other tip, have a line that shows the direction the player will jump. When the planets are moving fast it can get quite frustrating judging where the player will start going. And the player's movements around the planet not being very precise add to this as well.

But overall, I enjoyed this game :)

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Just finished it. Beautiful game. Graphics and sounds reminded me of World of Goo. Game mechanic was unique and challenging, and I thought the difficult curve was pretty good. Amazing effort!

Hey nice game. The control mechanic was similar to what I did with my game. I found I only really needed to use the bigger planet and just keep spamming the mining ships though. Also, the rotation was a little slow, especially if you wanted to jump to another planet quickly to check it. But overall, the pretty models and simple gameplay created a great game! :)

Loved it! Was looking forward to playing this one and it didn't disappoint. Quite a steep learning curve, but the graphics, sounds and game-play were all smooth and top notch. Good job!

Well, there doesn't really seem to be much interaction from the player. Whether you hold space-bar or not, the values still seem to go up and down? And holding space-bar just fires your cannon balls depending on that number. I'm not really sure what the purpose is sorry

Aw thanks!

Cheers mate :)

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All assets were created by me during the jam :)

The fire particles used the built-in particle system (shuriken), where as the black hole and stars use their new VFX Graph. Then I used Unity's Post Processing at the end to get the bloom effect.

Nice little graphics. Some of the explosions seemed to show thorough the asteroids though, and at times it was a little hard to judge the perspective of whether the missile would hit.

But it was a nice simple game, so good job :)

Interesting idea. I think it all moves a little too fast for the mouse though. When you hit it, it flies off the screen and then back in again, not giving you much time to react. I'd probably tone down the bounce a little. Other than that though, it flows nicely and has simple graphics. Good job :)

Hey not bad. It got a little frustrating near the end, especially having to collect those keys; but the graphics were cute and the game-play was simple and easy to understand. Good job.

If I could make one suggestion though. The green portal looks like acid or something, and in the beginning I thought I had to avoid it. Maybe making it a more obvious color (like yellow or aqua), or changing the design to an arrow, would have been more effective :)

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Hey, thanks! I didn't even know an desktop app existed. It should be fixed now, I hadn't tagged it as Windows

Cheers mate

Amazing game! Perfectly captures the theme!

Hey it was good. Simple graphics and sounds, and an easy to grasp concept. However there was a lot of times where I wasn't quite sure why I wasn't able to move a certain way, or why I wasn't able to get to end point. Not sure if it was explained, or if it had something to do with the light colour, but just got confused at points.

Just something to think about :)

Hey there, I'm Matt and I've been programming as a hobby for a number of years. Have only recently gotten into libGDX, but found it to be a great extension to Java, so I never left. I'll of course be working alone for this jam (out of solitary as opposed to choice) - and I try to draw most of my own art assets, but I'm not an artist; so OpenGameArt is usually handy.