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You did grand!

thank ya! 

That's excellent! Thank you so much!

thanks so much for your thoughts! That was a lot of fun to see someone play. 

:D I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I am a bit confused on the crtl as attack button. It seems when I press it, I get the game over screen.

Looks real nice! I think the attack button being space really throws me off. So many of these games are using it as jump and that's what I am expecting.

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Thank ya! And nah! It's there! North east corner of the course :D

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I am a little confused for what's going on.  I dig the sprites. But I am sort of unsure what's killing me. I think if you could ease the player into what we are all looking at you'd have a better experience.

I think you could make the contrast between the background and the spikes more striking. Its really similar in color and I didn't see them at first.

I think its strange to see the platform under me move along with me. I couldn't really gauge my speed.

Fish is def out of place! I think you could ramp up the difficulty a bit later and be more generous in the beginning while I am still learning the controls. Escpailly as we all have similar controls and I am using similar buttons but I am also coming out of other games where I have to relearn timing.

I think you could work on visual clarity here. What's good and whats bad. For instance, spikes are def bad. But i wasn't quite sure if those first candy we encounter was bad.

Took a bit to understand the acceleration. I think you could remove the first stair blocks in the beginning and I would get a better feel for it right away.

Love it. Fun idea. I think it could be nice if the clones disappeared after so many. Limiting my use of the body would give me a bit more of an interesting choice.

Nice work! I wonder if there should be a limit in the number of blocks you can make at a time and maybe be a bit more generous with the time they exist.

Nice work! I dig the platforms arrow idea.

Nice. Agreed on the check box. Near room 3, I didn't even realize I was close to the spikes and thought the game might have just crashed or something.

Looks good. I wish the jump was a bit more forgiving. Becomes really frustrating really fast.

Nice. I think you could increase the visual clarity for when I get hit. I wasn't paying close enough attention to the heads. Maybe a nice fx when you get hurt!

I couldn't get your game to load! I was curious about your icon and title though!

Love the idea of you can only see the platforms while jumping. Nice work!

Nice. It took me awhile to realize 'c' was to clean. I thought it might be an alt button to jump in your description.

Kudos for competing! I do love me some vampire hunting :)

Nice work! I think the wall jump could be more generous and work if you are just touching the wall instead of having to use force?

I think too it's hard to tell what's dangerous or if I'm just dying from falling? Kudos for making stuff! Being a fridge is a good hook.

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Love the atmosphere you've created. And the idea of the circular platforms is awesome. The size of the web build though made it difficult to play. I have a mac and small screen so parts of it was just extended outside of my monitor. The maximize button was outside of the browser space.

I think the danger needs to be more clear. I didn't realize I was hitting spikes until I stopped play to look at it which interrupts the flow. I think you could make that tiny change and bring the quality of the experience up quite a bit!

Agreed with some previous comments. Jumping was a bit too difficult. I couldn't make it past the first swing.

Fun idea for incrementally bringing on the levels. A tad too difficult in the beginning stages though. Makes for a frustrating experience before I can get invested in completing the game. 

I think you are doing the classic jam mistake of keeping the fun until a bit later. What's fun is jumping and shooting. I should be able to do these things immediately. Most folks will likely quit before they get to what's actually fun about the game!

Love the shark! Had a terrible time getting over the first jump though. Might be more generous in teaching the mechanics up front. Nice work! 

thank the good lord you said that! I knew I played a flash game with this idea and couldn’t remember what it was called! Now my days gonna be filled with trying to get flash installed on my work machine...

Very nice! Lovely game. 

Thumbs up! Thats was fun.  A bit too hard in the beginning before I'm used to the controls

Thumbs up. I think you could reduce the difficulty up front until the player can get used to the controls

Nice job. The 1, 2, 3 controls felt a bit odd. I'd suggest reducing the number of buttons the player has to remember and it will be a better experience.

Nice work! This was cool. felt just a bit slow for my tastes.