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Play mini golf with robots
Submitted by Kelly Ray J (@kellyrayj), PositiveAttitude — 7 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#553.8253.825

Ranked from 114 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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WOW... that game had a ton of polish and everything felt super great especially the drifting. i would love to see this as a full game


Had a play of your game in this video here - at 00:45 -, where I give my thoughts while I play. Hopefully it's helpful feedback.

If you have time I'd greatly appreciate it if you could give my game a go to, happy jamming


thanks so much for your thoughts! That was a lot of fun to see someone play. 


Hey, loved your game,  loved your art , music , game design ,a bit of polish and your game will be pretty cool!
All the best and Good luck! Do check out our game we need the feedback! -


Very cool graphic and fun gameplay. I played for a while but couldn't find the 3rd robot in the first level. Did I miss something?

Developer (1 edit)

Thank ya! And nah! It's there! North east corner of the course :D


This is one of the most well made game of the jam! Good job on that! Reminds me of Microvolts and the Toy Story 2 game! Feels really good to control and well rounded game!

All the best! Here's my game! Do try it out, would love to get some feedback!


Nice.Rate  my game also.


I love the art style for your game! The controls are fluid and fun to use! This was my first game jam, could you give me feedback on mine?


nice ambient and gameplay but if you are not paying that much attention the instructions just go over your head, literally


This I s a great game! I love the artstyle and the gameplay felt amazing! I was having some severe lag, so much that I couldn't beat the game, but I think thats just my computer so I'm not going to doc your rating for that :P Great work!


Great game it was a rela fun to play the game! 


Great game, for me was difficult to control the car, and push the robots in the holes, but I do like the graphics and audio


Great graphics and car handles, the music also fits the game well.

But when the car goes backward, the rotation needs some correction.

The idea of World Space Text UI is okay, but it could be better if those Texts would always face the player.

Other than that, sound effects still have some rooms to improve.

You team got some really awesome assets and a soothing level, so maybe consider using "modern" SFX, instead of "retro" SFX. (retro SFX refers to those generated from bfxr etc.)

Overall, you guys made a great game, it has potentials.


Awesome game! i love it so much, its really fun but it is kinda difficult, good job on the game! i got to level 2 and then i couldn't get past the 3rd robot that you are supposed to destroy.


Really good environment and physics. I liked the game very enjoyable!


You've managed to put a lot together for a week, congratz. I liked the concept of fun park, but the short timing and the slippery vehicle make it a bit hard to enjoy at it fullest. I found the gameplay innovative but the vehicle really hard to maneuver, making the task to put the robots in holes difficult, especially within the timing !

What I'll improve : balance the controls to make the car more responsive, make the robot more easily movable, maybe draggable as in goat simulator ?


Wow, good job at this one! Graphics, gamemechanics, music, everything! Well done.


A very well done game, good job. I really enjoyed the hook mechanic. The controls feels nice, really reminds me of Crash Team Racing. One thing though is that you need to tune a little bit better the steering, or it does turn a lot ( shift) or doesn't turn at all. But Great game =)


Super charming graphics and overall aesthetic, one of my faves so far.

Yeah!! Amazing work, expecially considered the limited amount of time!! 5 stars for graphics, really loved the flower shader!

Please consider rating our game too ;)


Nice mechanics and  how the robots move is fun. Art direction is a solid theme. Difficult (on a keyboard) but addicting!

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