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Good to know you liked the atmosphere!
Since it was one of my assignments in college, I wasn't planning to make a long one.
If I ever had a chance, I would definitely make another one, which would be more complete!

Thank you for making this video!

Well, I gotta say this project would more likely to be a casual one.

Actually, this was an assignment from the course I took in college.

And the theme of the assignment is maze, so I thought, why not making a horror maze?

Then, this is it.

Of course, there could be chances that I would make another horror game.

But making a 3D game like this really requires resources like models...

Anyway, thanks for making this video!

Hey! I remember you, the guy who made the video for "Goblin".

Nice video man, your video quality is way better than mine lol

Thanks for the awesome 4K gameplay!

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Good to know that you've noticed the sounds in the game :)

I did put some effort into sounds so that the player could feel the tense atmosphere and like be actually in the game.

Cause I don't really like jump scares, how to create a horror atmosphere is what I'm learning and trying to do.

I'm pleasant that though you're not shocked but enjoyed.

And I've also noticed you've made subtitles for your videos, good work!

(I think if your voice could be louder, that would be better)

Thanks for making this!

Oops! you're so close to the "Look Behind" shock.

Anyway, I'm so glad that my game could be one of your choices!

I'm also looking forward to the coming up new COD game in this moment.

Again, thanks for making this video!

Though I don't understand Russian, but your reaction is just perfect :D

My biggest achievement making this is to see people get shocked, haha!

 Thanks for your video and appreciation to this game!

I'm sorry that you having such bad experience.

Perhaps try to lower the graphic quality while start up,

it could help you get a few more frames when recording.

Anyway, thanks for your video!

If you can feel the tense atmosphere, that means I succeed in making this!

I genuinely hope everyone can enjoy this game even just a little bit.

Anyway, thanks for your gameplay footage! I'm really happy!

Your video is funny haha

I enjoyed your playthrough so much, thanks mate!

Thanks for the video!

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


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Thank you for making this video :)

This game is about a goblin enters the dungeon to challenge himself

But later finds out that there is a secret about the dungeon...

What you have to do, is to look for the story behind


I'm sorry that Goblin is now only Traditional Chinese supported, but no English

(Probably could have English translation in the future)

But you could still give a try if you have watched the trailer, and be interested in it

It's my first Unity project, so I would be happy to receive any kinds of suggestion or advice.

And I would be thankful for those who played the game :)

Now go check it out→

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This a 2D Puzzle-Platformer game on Android!

In the game, you have the ability to control the time, to slow down, or to pause. (Maybe rewind?)

What you have to do, is to find a way through the obstacles to get to the PORTAL.

And that is how you play the game, and finish every level.

MOST IMPORTANT, put on your headphone and ENJOY the awesome SYNTHWAVE!

(This game is like 70% Musicc, 30% Gaming)

(PSA: the music is shuffled and loops in game)

And... It's still a prototype.

So I'm looking forward to your suggestion & advice to help me improve this game!

Now go check it out→

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Hello! We have used your art work in our game as main character.

The animation or the goblin itself is absolutely amazing!

But we can't find any license information, yet, we might publish our game commercially.

We want to know if this asset would be okay for commercial use?


Hello, we have used your art work in our game, and it worked out so great!

I saw the comment below asking "is this free to use?"

But we might publish our game, so we want to make sure is this okay for commercial use?
No doubt that we'll credit you in the game :)

Hello, we are making a student project but we are short in art resources.

We found some of monsters in your packs pretty good.

We're thinking if there's a possibility that we're able to buy different mobs separately,

instead of the entire package?

Cause we're short in budget, we're not gonna buy all the packs.

Looking forward to your reply, thanks!