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The game is simple, yet, the idea of rewind is well executed.
While playing, you'll start to figure out the meaning of those backward bombs,
and end up receiving the message from the creator.

Well play.

This game is well-polished.
I love the sound effects and music, makes the game much more immersive to play.

Great job!

The mechanic that player can manipulate objects in the level is pretty fun.

Not to mention the art, the music and the SFX fit the tone well.

I especially like the level design of stage 2, perfectly tied up with the core mechanic.

The level provides the player enough space and time to "fix" mistakes on controls.

As for the others, IMO, it's asking too much precision of control for players to finish a stage.

Wow, that's really detailed.

You're right, not all the games are for everyone. And clearly I just neglected the key word "momentum".

I think the art of this game is not bad, though the crystal doesn't fit the style well, its animation makes it feel alive.

But honestly, I don't really like the control.

Though you define it as a hardcore game, the unstable movement just makes it uncontrollable.

Sometimes you will slide a short distance, while sometimes you slide long.

And there were times that feels like the material on the character had been changed to 0 friction.

Yet, it's always good to try something different.

3D games can be tricky sometimes, but it is the 3D physics that makes the concept of this game fun.
What I want to say is already said by other people.

Just keep it up, and make it better!

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Thank you for playing!

I will work on the control more to improve.

And I'm glad you post the screenshot that you finished all the levels, it really means a lot to me.

Thank you for playing!

The reset mechanic will be revised afterwards.

Thank you for such a detailed review!

I must apologize for the dragging issue, that is probably what I spent the most time on, but it certainly needs more work.

And I will also improve the graphics for sure!

Thank you! The portal reset mechanic would be revised in the future!

As for the music, I found Youtube and Soundcloud are two good places to get a good one.

Especially for Soundcloud, you can find copyright free music there.

Thank you for playing! As for the level issue, I think it's probably because the character ends with a loop.

So the system detects too many loops for the character, thus restart the level.

Yeah, that sound effect is just so right!

It's a simple game with one level. But I like the idea, it's just like Roller Coaster Simulation games.

I'm always satisfied with this kind of games which you can see the result of your track design.

Yet, it can be better if there's a background music, and maybe more tracks would certainly be better.

The concept of your game is good.

But maybe consider let the size actually reflects on the hole, instead of just being a value.

And the background music sounds just like a simple loop for few bars, the tone does fit your game, but it would be better if it's a full song.

The UI is good, and the game design is also well done.

Just some improvements that can make your game better.

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Some suggestions for you.

  • If you want the player to jump in small platforms, you probably need to let the character be able to turn the direction instantly. In your case, the character would often fall out the platform due to the turn mechanic.
  • Since you have a white/black background transition, it would be better to change the color of platforms too. It's pain to jump between white platforms with a white background.
  •  The music and sound effects are fine. But just don't fit the style of your game. You would probably need a pixel art character for this type of sounds. Otherwise, it's better to use a more modern one.

The idea and concept of your game is okay. There are just some improvements that can make your game even better.

It's also good to see that you made the volume slider and dialogue system.

Keep it up.

I like the idea of having hexagonal tiles and bombs to break them apart.

The sound effects are also good choices.

A nice and simple game!

Thank you for playing! I will work on new levels and new mechanics for sure! :)

Thank you!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you had some good time playing it.

I would work on the dragging more!

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

It's so good to know that my art skill isn't making this game worse. :)

This is a fun game.

The art style is so cute and the UI is well designed.

I would suggest showing the status of every creature if you hover on it.

Because when I turn the "constant showing" on, it could be so confusing if there are many creatures nearby.

Also, when the creature is hungry or thirsty, maybe show a little icon on top of them can be quite convenient.

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The art style is so lovely and elegant. The music fits well.

The game concept and the mechanic is outstanding.

Overall, this is a great game. Good job!

I was like spending hours on level 6 ;)

Graphics plus animations all look good.

The control is also smooth.

The only problem is the level is too dark for the player to see what they should portal to.

(Or what obstacles are in front)

And it would be better if there is a checkpoint.

The art style is consistent, and the idea of protecting a dam is also cool.

However, I don't know why the only sound I can hear is UI sound effects.

The field of view for third person is too small, it's basically just like first person.

And it took me lots of effort to rotate my character.

But still, making a 3D game in such short time isn't easy, you've done a nice job!

The game design is so great! It's really fun to play.

The mechanic for jumping is well implemented.

Maybe I would work a little more on the visuals to make this game more polished.

The art style fits well and looks great.

Though the mole is able to run, but the moving is not so smooth.

Nice job, just keep it up!

Thank you! I'm glad you love the art style, and I would work on the dragging more!

Thank you for playing! Really appreciate that you like the idea!

The overall game concept is interesting. It's really fun to fill the hole of a doughnut.

But the sound effect for dialogues is a little too loud, since you also have a strong background music.

And I do believe it would be better if the character can be smaller, because it even receives damage when collides with enemies.

Also, I would recommend let player have a choice to skip the dialogue.

I like how the UI shows up, but it's kinda annoying that if you click another one, the last one won't disappear but stays.

And the idea of pipe connection is cool, I was expecting more outcomes influenced by where the pipe connects.

It's a potential simulation game, this can really have some environmental meanings in there.

Just keep it up!

I don't know why when I hit space, the character jumped super high and didn't fall down.

The visuals looks good, and I like how you design the exit of this game.

The lava animation also looks nice.

It would be astonishing if lava can really flow to empty space.

The wheel of second level seems to spin along with the frame rate.

Cause it was spinning super fast, and I was running in 144hz.

The idea is okay, but maybe consider let the ball really "move" instead of just move vertically.

(Let the ball roll would be better)

Thank you for playing! I did try to let the portals have colors initially, yet, it looks odd so I just used white for temporary.

But I will try to apply different effects and make portals look better.

Sure, I will check your game later.

Thank you! I'm glad you have fun!

Sure, I will also rate your game!

Thank you! I'm so flattered!

As for the pro gamer move...

Well.. I'm still working on fixing it, so just keep it as a secret between us. :)

Thank you so much! The music is truly awesome!

And I can totally understand how depressing it can be when you were so close to the diamond, but it was too late when I realized that.

The reset mechanic would definitely be revised after the jam ends.

Thank you! I really appreciate it! It's my first time making my own assets.

Thank you! The reset mechanic will be revised in the future!

Thank you for playing! Sure, I would take some time to work on it :)

A memorization training game haha!

It's interesting and I had a lot of fun memorizing those paths.

Such games would normally be made into a clicking game or card game, yet, you twisted it with a movable character that chooses path. Good job!

This is a really interesting game concept, it's a little like board games.

I remember seeing the similar idea somewhere else, but can't recall.

I think it would be better if you can review the one you already asked, so that you won't stack a lot of information in your brain.

Anyway, good job! Keep it up!