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Really fun game, although I feel like the rewind time should be shorted and that this is more suited for mobile. The graphics are charming though, great job!

This concept has a whole lot of potential, I'd love to see this kind of game expanded upon, nice work!

Really neat concept, I was a bit confused on how to move around stuff but I got the hang of it eventually. Only problem is the lag but you already know this, great game otherwise!

This is really fun honestly. The music slaps like crazy and the gameboy aesthetic is cool. Only suggestions would be like making it more clear when you miss notes or only get a "good" hit on them and easing the player in with easier levels. Other than that I love it!

Great game, I like how the rewind mechanic forces you to make clean movements to not complicate the rewinding.

Very fun game, the wormhole thing was a really cool concept and the level design's pretty easy to follow.

Very innovative concept, it was fun using the clones once I figured out the mechanic. Only wish there was more audio-wise, other than that, great game!

No problem dude and yeah, it kinda inspires me to wanna make a surreal adventure game. I'll be on the lookout for updates also!

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This is really good! The audio, visuals and game design especially, whole game feels surreal in the best way. Only thing is I wish the friend followed the character more closely so it'd feel more like they're walking together. Also I noticed a little glitch where he would kinda levitate near the sign and his leg would act weird.

Other than that I love it, makes me feel inspired actually.

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Cool take on the theme! If I had another person with me I bet it'd be a lot of fun. I kinda wish you could rewind the cars for momentum even more than 50 though.

Fun af

No problem dude and thanks.

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It's a nice start.  It's not for the jam but it's nice you're trying to learn game dev. 

It's a decent game with a neat concept. The rewind mechanic and level design does need some work though. You can still shoot while rewinding and sometimes are sent back to somewhere you never went to. You can also kind of camp behind bushes and wipe people out or shoot people off-screen. Also because of the respawning it feels kind of repetitive shooting everyone and you can sometimes get jumped when a bunch of enemies respawn around you. It's decent otherwise though.

It's pretty good, I really like the art style and music. And the gameplay has a nice rewind mechanic. The character feels a bit out of control though, sometimes it feels like you're jumping and praying the momentum doesn't catapult you. Other than that I liked it a lot.

The visuals in this game are absolutely fantastic. Really sells the whole post-apocalyptic look. The narrative is also really interesting. My only issues are with hit detection, animation and platforming. Sometimes when you touch a murder hornet your entire health bar gets drained in a millisecond. As for animations, if you shoot then jump or do anything to cancel the animation, the bullet still shoots out, which can look strange if you go backwards. Platforming's also kinda too punishing imo. Other than that it's a really good game with loads of potential!

Took a bit to figure out how to deal damage, interesting concept though and a neat little roguelite. It's fun.

the link’s down

Super polished game, kinda reminds me of downwell.

Love the atmospheric music and the game's fun too. The collision for the hole is a bit too wide though imo.

This is the best one I've played yet, love the music.

Unique take on the theme, I feel like there should be some kind of graphical indicator on the overworld of which potholes are being worked on. Other than that, issa nice strategy game.

I like the idea, just needs some polishing. The slow-motion thing's a little weird to control and when you go fullscreen the ui messes up.