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Yokai - The curse of time bendingView game page

Samurai roguelite with time looping
Submitted by The Fifth King — 1 day, 17 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#4523.3813.381

Ranked from 42 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
The dungeon holds the power of time bending and manipulates the players journey by rewinding to the first room over and over again (also at the very end to the start of the game).

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
We created almost everything ourselves as a team of 2 people.

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Great concept and visuals. The controls are a little hard to figure out in the beginning, I think some feedback on when you hit an enemy and damage piles up to them would improve it, and also something that signalizes when an enemy would die if I pressed the RMB now. Often times the player character also received damage when attacking which feels a bit unfair, but I guess I would have to git gut...

This is more of a personal thing: The time between strikes feels too long. I would prefer to be able to immediately strike a second and a third time to make the game play faster, but I understand if it's your design decision to make the player run away and repositioning for a bit before striking again. (or maybe higher level weapons have shorter cool-downs already, I didn't actually get to buy new weapons)

All in all I really like it, and I will check it out again in one or two weeks if it receives an update. Hope you guys can have a look at my game as well. Funnily enough it's also a Japanese inspired retro-style game with some tengu and oni. It's by no means finished, but I would appreciate the feedback since it's only my second game ever!


Amazing art and idea! A little hard to play but still fun


Very good game, I wish the player progression was quicker because it felt you need to put a lot of time to start to enjoy and be a badass. For a bigger game it is a right pace but for an entry jam it is just too slow. The rest of the aspects of the game are awesome.


Interesting game. I was not too much of a fan of the mouse controls, because it felt like the  player didn't always dash in the direction I wanted. Sometimes, when a dash ends right after an enemy, the player takes damage and that gets a little bit frustrating when it happens  a lot in a row.

I really like the graphics and the way the mechanic works, cutting through enemies feels really satisfying! The rewind side of the game doesn't feel very present, we could say it's just going through new dungeon rooms. The game was very fun nonetheless! Well done! :)


I think the art for this game may be may favorite I've seen from the jam so far. The only things I would say need to be improved are giving visual feedback that you can dash again as well as if that dash connected with the enemy. It's a really good game though, I would love to see an improved version after the jam, nice job!


Nice Entry! I liked upgrading my sword the most, but I think having a price of 5 gold would be more fair for a health potion.


Really good entry!!! I just loved this game, the art is very good as well as the idea. The shop is a really nice addition. Despite its difficulty is a really good game. Good job! keep working hard!


This is a fantastic game! I couldn't let it down, I played like 1 hour straight. I bought every single one of the items available. I'd absolutely love seeing a full release of this game with more bosses, enemies, zones, items and perhaps some ranged weapons and personalization. I really like the combat system, but I think some particles or sound effect when you hit an enemy with the dash could be a really nice addition to the feedback of the game. Really well done, the game is very fun and hard to put down! 


i like the weeb slice but it's a very difficult game 


Awesome and unique game, I thought the idea of slicing up your enemy and then sheathing the sword to have them fall to bits behind you was a great representation of the theme as well as the art style. Markers would be a good addition, I want to keep playing this game for sure!

The blue flame shooters were the hardest part for me; it felt almost like a bullet hell in some rooms.

Anyways nice job!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

sprites and animations are incredible, cool sounds too, i like the fight mechanics also maybe it would have been nicer if enemies drop potions sometimes so u could get equipement easier, and makes things a little bit easier, also it feels that the rewind usage on this one was kinda force but anyways its a promising game if u could expand on it, good job!


The art is great, but I don't think I quite understand how to kill enemies effectively.  But this does have potential to be really cool! 


Is this like a dark souls? I like the graphics and animations, nice job. The attack animation is pretty cool. I'm not sure I was doing it right though. I had trouble even hitting the floating demon but seems like this could be expanded.


I like the slicing sound effect it feels really nice to fly through your enemies and shealth the sword.  Altough I didn't understand the tie to the rewind mechanic.  Is there a button I am supposed to press?


Damaging them when sheathing the weapon feels very anime, I like that very much!
That in itself is a rewind mechanic, which is smart. Though it would be great if the targeting was more accurate to the point of the click since we're using mouse buttons. I also agree with others for an indicator in which the enemy has been slashed. Plus, an anticipation animation from enemies would help warn us players for an incoming attack.
But anyways, cool stuff/concept, reminds me a lot of Nioh 😄


Agree with others: the art looks great, the attack animation is amazing, but I didn’t get how to fight the enemies & died whatever I did. The game clearly has a huge potential, great job!

(btw look at mine & rate if you like shooters)


The graphics are incredible, but I couldn't figure out how to damage enemies. 


I absolutely loved the art of the game, but it lacks way too much in giving fundamental information to the player. It took me a while to figure out how to damage enemies, since "marking" them didn't really had any visual or audio indicator. 

I really like the idea of the game and the concepts behind it, I hope you'll polish this and create a gem, good job!


the  game is nice and fun, but too hard, after 20 minutes of trying i gave up, and for the first 5 minutes i had no idea what to do, everything else is good, good job!


Thanks for the feedback! Hope you still enjoyed your tries :)


i did :)


Nice concept. The art style was especially nice. The sound effects were cool, but i think that the tutorial can be much better executed as the text was quite small. Great job! Feel free to try my game, im a little low on ratings. Thanks!


Thanks for the great feedback! Will surely check out your game too :)

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