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nice game, really like it, good job!


thanks for the feedback!



yea, i didnt know what to do for the rewind theme, i know what i would add after playing some of the other games people made for the jam, ty for the comment

maybe just lower the movement speed in script?

good game, good job!

nice game, good job

Best game i played this game jam, played around 30 games, very very fun, could be expanded to create a even better game, great job!!

i did :)

it would have been better if the car could go full 360 deggres, not in the 90 deggre turn like in game, anyways, nice game

art is good, but the character is too too fast

the  game is nice and fun, but too hard, after 20 minutes of trying i gave up, and for the first 5 minutes i had no idea what to do, everything else is good, good job!

the movement was a little hard, but everything else was amazing, great job!!!

Very nice, enjoyed playing it, good job!

good, fun game, good job

yea i didnt know what else to do with the rewind mechanic, now that i have played some games from the game jam i got a idea, but its too late now, ty for the kind words :)


i didnt understand the point of the game, what happened to the robot, why is he there, where he is and where i should go, i was just wondering around trying to find where to go to finish the game


good game, just the movement is weird

This game is amazing, one of the best game jam games i played. Great job!

yea, will probably add

A beautifull game, really enjoyed playing it, good job!

yea but i didnt have time, i worked the last day for 12 hours straight, and was happy to have a playable version

i will check out your game if i have time, ty

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the game wasnt the best so i knew i had to add something that the player will remember, but which fits the theme, so i choose that ending


GREAT GAME, very fun, you can just add the "current height" so we know when we are close to the ground. Good job!

nice game!

good game!

really good art and animation but the game i didnt understand whats happening or what to do, so it definitly took out of the expirince, all in all, good game

everything gets together nicely, but the jump tottaly ruined it, idk why it looks like you just teleport the player up, you should make him go up and back down again and it would be good, the art is good and everything else is nice

thought of putting some in, but felt like it wouldnt really fit the style of the game. Its a short, relaxing platformer with cute charecters, so adding monsters wouldnt be the correct choice i think, ty for the comment

good game but the controls are too too slipery, because of that i didnt enjoy it as i would have if the controls were better. The game could turn into a fun hack and slash game by giving the player like 3-5 hp. Add a animation for the ranged enemies because we dont know when they will shoot, and lastly PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT USE DESTRUCTABLE WALLS AS PLATFORMS TO JUMP OVER. Cheers!

hahaahha, a very funny game and great art. Didnt have a friend to play with, but even now i see it would be a blast to play with one. Great job!

i am sorry to say this, but i dont really enjoy it. The controls are very very slow, which just kill the game straight up. If the controls were a little faster it would be a very fun game,but with these sluggish controls, it dosent get it anywhere

Very good game, really liked it, could be made into a bigger project, good job!