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Submitted by Studio5Three — 58 minutes, 43 seconds before the deadline
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In what way does your game fit the theme?
it´s the story that´s rewinded. So you start at the end of the game working your way back to the beginning. And instead of collecting xp to upgrade skills in the skill tree you have to give upgrades up.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
I did the coding. And my team mate made the assets from scratch.

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It is a very good game, but confusing. I don't know what is going on when I am giving upgrades up, I fell the player doesn't change at all. Also, I feel I only need to walk forward and shoot constantly to progress, maybe a way to evade enemy shooting, and receive more damage to add little bit more of strategy or gaming dextery.


The music and art was really good but the gameplay got repetitive after a while. I think the game should be a little faster and I think you should give the player more options than shoot and run forward.


+ I love the art!!!

+ I love the music!

+ The way you have adapted the theme is original.

- The character is hard to move (jump too floating) and the gun only fires forward.



The graphics remind me of the old Sierra games or Roger Wilco. Nice job with that. The controls felt a little odd. Floating jumps and I got stuck on those tables a lot and had trouble jumping onto the ramp. I'm not sure if I beat the game or not, went down the long set of steps and then got stuck in a room after that. Nice job on the game.


I wish you could aim, at least I wasnt able to. I wish the music would harmonize a bit more with the gameplay too. But aside from that really really cool to mix 2D Art with 3D-ish environment!

I also liked the sounds and the art itself :) Nice!


The music is great, the player didn't move as expected, jumping didn't work well. also I think is missing the option to crouch in order to avoid the shootings. I find out that if you shoot from far away you can kill them and they don't notice you.. After restarting I was stuck in the office and I couldn't go out..

I like the way the sprites were walking.. like following the music.

If you polish a little bit can be a great game

My game is a casual game if you wanna rate is , Thanks


while I liked the game, the music was on a completly another level.  Very polished. Not the most orignal idea but the controls, music and art make up for that.

P.S  :please consider playing our game

Graphics are great, but the animation needs to be polished.

I find some bugs, and thing me causae the game is great.

The music is good. althoug, the loop does not work well.  the sfx is not good at all...



The cover image took me in the same moment that I saw it haha

I loved the art style and the simplicity of the gameplay. I only recommend to polish the upgrade mechanic, plan a little better the difference that this point make in the game. 

Great job! I expect to see more games of you!


It is very polished in the visuals and the controls, though these are not very intuitive, but it's playable. It doesn't feel like you are going backwards in the story, and the upgrades don't look like they make a big difference, and come up in what looks like a random moment, even if I'm sure it's not like that. And overall it's not very fun to play, it's just walking and shooting people. I think you lost focus on the gameplay by thinking about everything else. If you think more about that, since the nice presentation you are able to achieve, you won't have great difficulties in making a nice game


Graphics are really good.

The music is incredible. Did you made the music or used a free one?

The bullets color shouldn't be red I think and the particle effects could be better.

There is a 3d looking in the game and I loved it. Keep up good work! 


The pixel art is really nice and the idea of rewinding back and removing upgrades is great!


Really catchy visuals and idea! I thing the gameplay needs a bit more polishing, especially the movement, It feels a little slippery. Great game overall :D Hope you try mine too 


The art is pretty top, and I love the concept. And *chef kiss* this music. I will say it would have been nice to have some more agency in what I was doing. Maybe a crouch or roll, the ability to reload on my own, or switch weapon, etc.


Graphics are awesome! I would work a little more on making the movement and attacking feel more fluid. Maybe more stealth than action? I think you need to plan a little more before you start to add a little more depth. Really good aesthetic though and I think the idea has potential. Also still pretty fun!

Submitted (1 edit)

I really like the art for this game, it looks really cool! And you game page looks awesome as well. I also really like the concept of losing skills from a skill tree.
Unfortunately, I think the gameplay is missing some depth. The combat basically comes down to facing the right direction and spamming the mouse button. You could maybe add some depth by allowing the player to take cover, or by shooting where the mouse is pointed instead of straight.
The jumping is also really floaty. You should probably increase the gravity. I usually start with 20 and sometimes even go up from there. It tends to feel much better that way.

I'd really appreciate it if you would have a look at my game as well, and be sure to download the smaller version.


I like the increasing difficulty that comes from the deevolving of skills.
I'd like to see this explored in a full game.


Pretty good, game ! I enjoyed the theme and the gameplay was well-made!


Great graphics and sound,

I felt the movement and jump were slow tho


Great graphics and sound,

I felt the movement and jump were slow tho

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