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This looks very good! We like it :) Great job.

Hey, we've seen your video around the time when it came out!

That was really entertaining, thanks for playing!

Hey boscha, thank you for your honest feedback!

We understand that you had different expectations, but we hope that you still had a great time while playing our small game :)

Sorry for the inconvenience about the little glitch! Hope you still had a nice time with the game :) We're gonna look into these issues!

We're glad you liked the game, even though the concept was something you wanted to avoid :D Thanks for the vid!

Hey, thank you very much for playing and uploading a video of our little game.

Haha, thanks for playing, your reactions were super funny!

Heyy, we already left a comment under your video :D 

Thank you again for playing.

Hey, thank you for the nice words! Nice that you found your way back into gaming, especially with our little game!

Thanks for playing and the nice video!

Thank you for playing.

Hey, thank you for playing!! We will look into these issues and see what we can do! Hope you liked the game :)

Hey, your video was still entertaining, we know a bit of spanish :D

Thank you for playing as well as the nice words!!

Hey, we loved that genuine scream haha!

Really interested how you gained so much distance at 8:11? Thank you for playing Bosmic.

Thank you Keef, for providing some entertaining gameplay as well as some nice feedback and reactions!

Really like your style, keep it up!

Hey, thank you for the detailed feedback!

It was really interesting to see your different reactions and theories here and there ^^

Really glad you liked the game that much!

Thank you!

Hey, thank you for playing!! 

Thank you for posting your playthrough, your commentary was very entertaining!!

Hey, thanks for posting your video, that was really cool! Thank you for your feedback in the end!

Nice video, glad you enjoyed our little game :>

Thanks!! Loved your reaction :)

Hey, we just watched your video and loved your editing as well as your style!  It was very fun to watch and thank you for your feedback. Keep it up!!

Hey, thanks for the video, especially your detailed and fair points in the end! Keep it up!

Hey KevCrack, that was really entertaining, glad you liked it!!

Thank you, it was interesting to see your gameplay.

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Thank you for checking our game out! We really love the atmosphere of the last section :)

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Hey thanks for your comment and rating! We're super glad you liked it!! What exactly do you find unoriginal in our approach? :) We'd love to know so we can do better next time!

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Really liked your style, your reaction to the twist was really fun. And it's totally understandable that liminal spaces as a fear dont apply to everyone haha. Nice video!

Thank you for your nice comment! We're really glad that the length of the game was perfect for you. How did you like the ending?

Hi, RandomFreddy! Thank you for your comment. Sad to know that you decided not to continue the game because of the turn it took, because besides the fact that the backrooms are present in many other works at the moment, we decided to have our little take with it and do something different. Maybe you can give another try at it to see if you enjoy it! Thank you for giving such a high rating anyways and we are glad to know you appreciated the rest of our short game! :)

Haha, thank you!

Hello, Call Me DNA! Thank you very much for the gameplay video and for the feedback! We watched it and noticed that you didn't talk to Jodie in the start of the game - her dialog gives a little bit of context for you. We are also glad you decided to continue playing the game nonetheless and were able to have fun with it! :)

Thank you, it was exciting to see your reaction :)

That would actually be funny haha

Thanks for playing and the cool video!!

Thank you for playing, as well as your valid criticism!!

Hey ezez, thanks for checking the game out! 

Thank you for checking the game out!! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing! Very entertaining :)

Thank you 5mg!!

Glad you had fun