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Hi, can you post the game link? I Don't see it anywhere.

Just rated yours, make sure to rate mine as well!

The gameplay is super fun, and it's absolutely perfect. the only problem is having no audio, and maybe some improvement on the UI. Otherwise, it's a very well done game! Hi! Can you play my game?

Sorry for taking so long, I just finished playing your game. Can you rate mine as well?

Wow! This game is just amazing! I have to say, it was pretty scary, and made me jump a few times. A very well made game!

Rated your game, already, I think this is an accidental repost?

Just rated yours, make sure to rate mine as well!

Its not the best, especially with the gameplay. the controls for the square person is weird, because it looks like he's lagging to where he is moving, and he falls over once you stop. Instead of in game 3D text, a tutorial would be much better. There is also no way to pause the game, so if you want to go back, you can't, you're just stuck there. The audio is a problem too, the song is just overpowering everything, and with no sfx, it gets annoying after some time. It has a nice concept, and with polish, it could be a great game

Rated yours, please check out mine as well!

This game needs some balance issues, especially considering how fast the bugs spawn in. Also, a skippable tutorial would be nice. Just a recommendation, if you want to try something similar to Scratch, try Unity Bolt! It uses visual scripting, and with no code experience needed. If you want a video link, here is one: For one week, this is very cool! Good job!

I mean that you could just stay in any of the corners of the map(I chose the bottom left), and swing your sword at them. If there were to many, then you could use the flare. Sorry, I forgot they were called flares. Just so you know, I played the easiest mode. the other ones were way to hard for me.

Thanks, I might even consider making a throw function later on.

Thanks, I am going to continue developing this game, so I'm hoping to get most bugs fixed.

Thanks for the suggestion, a scene for a tutorial will definitely help. 

Rated your game, please rate mine as well!

Sorry about this, but I couldn't figure out how to play your game! :(

Sorry, but I couldn't understand what to do! The controls weren't working, and people in the comments say you need to do something with the pictures. Sorry, but I can't rate your game.

Rated your game, please make sure to rate mine if you haven't already!

This game is pretty fun, but if you just stay in the corner, skeletons just become walking targets with no threat at all. you could just stand there swinging away, and stun them if it becomes a problem. Everything else besides that is just fantastic.

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Rated your game! Please make sure to rate mine as well!

The game was pretty fun, and the Ai kept bunching up(I had the exact same problem for mine) and it matched the theme really well!

Here is a game where you must work together to keep your walls from falling down! Otherwise the water will flood the town!

Wow. this game is so good! I can't believe it doesn't have over 30 ratings!

Hi, here is my game

I will be sure to rate yours!

The game has some very basic issues, for example, there is no borders, and you just fall forever. Also, losing and winning display basically the same thing, and you have to go through the menu to pick your level. Also the game is pretty unclear on what you have to do.

This game is really fun, but its lacking with no audio at all, which definitely makes it boring to sit in silence playing this, and adding a pause menu would be good, as well as a way to quit the game. Otherwise the gameplay is very fun!

Here's my game, I'll try yours out for sure!


Thanks you for rating my game!

I'll check yours out for sure.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for saying that! Not sure why the game crashed though, Hope everything in the game went okay.

This game is pretty fun! There is a bug that if you spam the left-click while you jump, you sometimes jump 2x as high.

Hi, my game is about trying to keep your walls from breaking. Please try it out and rate!

I'll try your game out as well!

Can you play my game and rate? P.S I like pandas best.


Thanks for the feedback.

Already rated yours yesterday, fun game! Thanks for rating mine!

Hi! Here is a game about you try to keep your wall stable from the water outside!