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the link’s down

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Sorry; I didn't know discord invite links expire. This is the new link: (it's permanent now) (It's actually permanent now. For real this time)

You forgot to update the link in the jam overview.

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Okay. It was not that I forgot to update the link because I did. It was that I didn't click "Generate New Link" while setting up the permanent link. Very, very sorry about that. I'm so new at creating a discord server Here's the actual permanent link:

No, I meant like this:

free to join and participate even if you can only participate for a week to submit a simple game.
Discord server:

You forgot to change that link.

I had changed that link tho. This morning it was the same as the previous "permanent" link (trrG8PC) that was posted everywhere in this thread

...before I realized it was not permanent (when I read your reply) and changed it (along with the other links in this thread) to the current proper permanent link (nvHPB4X)

But whatev. Now it is the proper permanent link so let's not split hairs :)