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I want to put a HUD in my game, but there's this one scene that always lags whenever I try to do so, even if the HUD has only one sprite tile.

How can I stop my game from lagging?

Wait, I figured it out.

I had my player set to an animation state that I hadn't assigned to it! Silly me.

I just put an item in the HUD of my game, and it started glitching with random sprites on the screen before it gave me this error:

How do I fix it?

Toad and Toadette's sprites look like they were ripped straight from Super Mario Maker 2! So what about Yoshi's sprites?

Just to make it clear, if you're going to have sprites displaying behind the background layer, that means that they'll only show through the lightest shade.

The Game Boy only supports 3 shades per sprite. GB Studio uses the darkest, lightest, and 2nd lightest shades.

Are these supposed to be GB-style sprites? If so, the Game Boy only supports 3 shades per sprite. Background tiles support 4 shades, but for sprites, the 4th shade would be transparency, similar to the NES.

GB Studio uses the lightest, darkest, and 2nd lightest shades for sprites.

I want to make a cutscene for my game within a platformer scene, but any time I try to move actors, the animations get all messed up.

Is there a way I can fix this problem or will I have to wait until a new update (I'm currently using version 3.0.2)?

I'm loving the new update, but when I tried to run my game, I got this message:

I want to have a variable in my game that increases over time. Is that possible?

I have been able to figure it out in my game. Hopefully, this video demonstration will explain it. If not, I can post the code for it.

BTW, this is a game based on my YouTube series.

Yeah, sorry about that.

I've decided to share with you a custom sprite I've created for my video game. It's a mailbox based on the mailbox from Lego Super Mario's house. You're welcome to use it in your games.

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I've got a problem where every time an actor collision event occurs, the attached script runs more than once. This is unfortunate for the life system I've created for my game. How can I fix it?

Would you tell me how you did the life system?

I'm making a top-down RPG in GB Studio and I want to use a life system similar to yours.

Is there a way I can get an actor to follow the player around?

Or, could I perhaps control more than one actor?

I thought that Richard's joke was close enough.

I also had to make sure there were enough jokes in the game's code to get the car to the clothing shop without getting the game stuck in an infinite loop by trying to search through an empty list.

You have to stay out of reach of someone with Pinklepox™ if you don't want to catch it yourself.

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Yeah. Sorry about the lags. The downloadable versions shouldn't have those problems.

Thank you for your feedback.

I had each joke in a list. The joke was randomly generated, but if the answers were, then they wouldn't be as good.

Also, you do know where Richard's joke came from, don't you?

That invite link has expired. You'll have to create a new one.

Make sure to set it to never expire!

The latter link worked.

This visual novel is the first part of a series.

You need to create an invite to your Discord server in order for people to join. You can't just link directly to the server!

spoopy scary 2 community · Created a new topic Rules?

Since they aren't posted on the jam page, what are the rules of this jam?

Something silly happened to me when I was playing this!

Be careful where you enter and exit each room!

A big block of arrows just fell off the screen taking my score from 126 to 0.

Well, I guess that makes sense.

How come I can't see other people's submissions to this jam?

No, I meant like this:

free to join and participate even if you can only participate for a week to submit a simple game.
Discord server:

You forgot to change that link.

You forgot to update the link in the jam overview.

That link is down. You'll need to create a new one.

The dialogue doesn't make much sense.

That was unexpected.