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This is really good! The audio, visuals and game design especially, whole game feels surreal in the best way. Only thing is I wish the friend followed the character more closely so it'd feel more like they're walking together. Also I noticed a little glitch where he would kinda levitate near the sign and his leg would act weird.

Other than that I love it, makes me feel inspired actually.

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wow Thanks for the review, and thanks for letting me know about the glitch, I did actually have a version were they ran closer together and I was going to change it back before the dead line but forgot... I plan to make some updates to the game after the Jam so be sure to check them out!

Appreciate your review.

"Made me feel inspired" is the best review I could have asked for


No problem dude and yeah, it kinda inspires me to wanna make a surreal adventure game. I'll be on the lookout for updates also!