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A puzzle platformer that lets you create wormholes through time.
Submitted by rubic (@paradoxrevolver), SadColor (@fukouiro), Flatflyer, Camelot (@cameracore) — 2 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#384.1094.109

Ranked from 46 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
In Timekeep, you create wormholes that temporarily rewind sections of the level to the way they appeared years in the past.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
All of the code and every asset for this game was created in the seven day time span of the jam, from scratch.

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i was about to say, this was made by one person? then i notice. looks like it wasnt XD.. i like the art style, animation well executed. a whole new world to expand upon. :)


An awesome entry with lots of potential!


By far one of the strongest entries.

Core gameplay loop very similar to another jam entry called 'Rift Boy' ( just in case you wanna give it a looksy ).

The art is beautiful, and morbidly enough the death animation is especially cute.

Its difficult to find something to really critique. The only thing that bothered me was the size of the UI at times, it had a nack of covering up a bit too much of the level, made it difficult to check out certain corners at times.
Beyond that, its only really the missing sound effects.

Beautiful work all arround!


Interesting concept and the implementation of the theme is pretty solid. This is one of the games where you need to 'rewind' the level to proceed, but the 'drawing wormholes' mechanics made the game stand out. The pixel art here is amazing. I think the game lacks some indication of 'rewind' running out though.

Overall, the game is great, excellent job!


I really enjoyed that game, one of my favourites that I've played from the jam so far. Nicely done! Hope to see a few more levels in the future!

(1 edit) (+1)

I randomly discovered Timekeep and the art-style makes me curious about it. So, I played this game and I saw that it has some interesting concepts and the puzzles to solve are quite challenging. Also, the game design and art-style, despite being simple, is pretty good looking and well done.

However, this game is pretty short, but for a project made for only a week, it is a good result. Because of this, the game doesn't have much to offer, but the game's simplicity is good enough to make the experience enjoyable.

The concepts are so interesting to me that I wish Timekeep could have a full version.

If you (the team who made this game) somehow read this feedback and want to make a full version of Timekeep, I'd like to contact you to help you giving some ideas to make this game the best it could be.



Very fun game, the wormhole thing was a really cool concept and the level design's pretty easy to follow.


Awesome pixel art. I liked the mechanics but it really needed more visual feedback and sound effects for when the time is running out. In some levels I kept getting stuck because the portal closed before I could go through, also I was never sure if the lever was still activated or not. Narrative (even in simple form of text boxes) would also make it even more interesting.  Good job on the level design. Congrats!


Very well done! Managed to finish all levels and collect all 6 gems as well. I enjoyed painting around to look for secrets and find the way. That mechanic was the star and melds with the theme perfectly!
I found myself painting around the main menu (like an idiot) looking if you guys have hidden something 🤣

The pixel graphics are nice, animations are good, but game could do better with sfx, but great work overall! 👏

If you guys can check out my game too, that would be awesome! 😊


This game is awesome ! There are a lot of games where we switch between a current level and a rewound level, and in this kind of game I'm often lost and it's hard to remember positions of switches or blocks. The great thing about your game, it's the concept that we can rewind only sections of the level. It's great to paint the world and it's easier to remember switch positions. It's a really good idea ! Pixel art and the music are great too ! I'm just frustrated that the game is too short haha.

Maybe the camera could be more smooth and you could add more sound effects.

Definitely one of my favorite game from the game jam submissions, Good job !


5/5 from me! The cover alone made me want to play this. My only gripe is the lack of sound effects, but the pixel art and mechanic were so good that I had to give it a top score. You deserve to win this jam and, if not, you should still consider fully developing this little gem.


What a nice looking game! The pixel art and rewind effect is so adorable. Game mechanism is great and really fit the theme. I hope to see this game become a complete one in the future.


Good job,


An adorable game with a really great idea. Genuinely would like to see this game expanded on even more with more level design ideas and mechanics. Also the art and aesthetics are really adorable and well done!


Played through your game in this video here at 00:28:08.

I loved uncovering the scenes from the past and using the restored platforms to solve the puzzles. I felt where items from the past were missing was properly hinted at, overall a great design, great time!


Just one adorable game.


Reminded me of a game Brackeys made himself (the platformer where you don't trust the level and use your mouse to detect traps). Aside from this, just gorgeous, both in terms of mechanics and aesthetics. I didn't have any sound effect on my end, don't know if it was missing or just my computer acting up, I guess aside from the SFX missing I enjoyed this a lot!

It was odd at times to use the mouse and speed through the level to make it in time (both mouse and keyboard at the same time can be odd for this), definitely would become an issue if this was a larger scale game (because it'd be restrictive in terms of design)!


Great looking game, the concept is very intuitive.  I enjoyed the painting mechanic!


I love the graphics, the concept and it's easy to play. Is one ofthe few games I completed. You guys should be in a higher position of this JAM.


You guys created an amazing game in only 7 days, the pixel art style is great, the idea about painting the past with the mouse pointer is great, solving puzzles is great, so I definitly love to see more of that game in the future. Awesome job!


Absolutely amazing!!! I love the hidden diamond on the first level, I feel a great sense of pride that I got all 6 diamonds, and I would definitely play more of this game in the future! The second to last level with the spikes really got me for a while haha. The only thing I would change is making the effect of the switches more obvious (maybe camera zoom or even playing an accept jingle like in Zelda). It took me a bit to figure out what the switches were actually doing.  Very well done indeed! 

I'm also curious if you've heard of The Dreadful Whispers by Blackthornprod? There is a similar effect where there are two parallel worlds.

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