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Hello !

Thank you for taking a look. I just sent you an invitation on Discord !

Hello !

Thank you for being interested in helping as a voice actor. If you can help about improving the graphics, this is quite interesting to me !

I'm available either on Telegram or Discord under the name Furrican. I will contact you when I have time !

Hello !

Thank you for taking a look. I will contact you on Discord when I have time ! ^^

Hello there. I think I need to explain to better understand the context.

First of all, the Android port of Sonic Advance is an old official software by SEGA released in 2011/2013. And the games on this page are presented as game mods. Not fan remasters.

Secondly, the frame rate is indeed terrible (running at 15 FPS). I wish I could fix this issue, but I'm not an expert at Java/Smali programming. I can only modify what I can understand in the game's code.

Wait... It demands access to "contacts" ? This is strange. I have to test it out.

Invitation sent ! ^^

Hello !

I'm currently looking for people who can make 2D games. I have a game that I wish I could turn it into reality, but I need competent programmers to do so. Since you are used to Game Maker, this is quite a good fit for me.

We can chat either on Telegram or Discord to better explain my game project. What do you think ?

Hello there !

I feel like your game is a mixture between Uncharted and Journey.

While I'm not interested in Uncharted, I absolutely love Journey. So if we can think about interesting ideas for the game, I can be interested in your project ! :3

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Hello ! I see that you are interested in making music !

But the problem is that my game will be an arcade game taking inspiration from 16-bit hardware. The music has to use the YM2151 sound chip as the instruments.

Note that it's written "DefleMask or Furnace" next to the Sound designers criteria. These are music trackers capable of using the YM2151 instruments. So unless if you are used to trackers, I  don't think you can help me.

But thank you for taking a look at my project anyway ! ^^

Hello ! Thank you for taking a look ! ^^

For now, I'm focusing more on looking for the game development itself, but if you are interested about Japanese translation, I can send you what is needed to be translated. Do you have a Telegram or Discord account ?

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Hello everyone!

I'm here to announce a new game that I'm currently working on (The images down below are mock-up screenshots made by myself).


Office Trouble Starring Arvi is a 2D action arcade game taking inspirations from games running on the SEGA System 16 arcade hardware.

Take control of Arvi in the troublesome building filled with offices and obstacles to traverse, enemies to avoid and items to collect.

The goal is to reach the highest score in the hi-score table. To score big, you have to finish stages by collection the required amount of movie items and reach the exit door within a time limit for each stage.

If you reach 1'500'000 points, you'll be granted with a surprise!

Office Trouble is currently in concept phase. And because this is quite an ambitious project, I would need help from people who has experienced with game development. If you have one of those skills listed down below, you can leave a comment so we can discuss on Telegram or Discord.


  • Game programmers
  • Game designers
  • Level designers
  • Graphical designers (optional)
  • Sound designers (DefleMask or Furnace)
  • English and Japanese voice actors
  • Japanese translator
  • SEGA System 16 programmers (optional)


  • Clickteam Fusion
  • Commander x16 (optional)
  • Construct
  • Game Maker
  • Godot
  • Pure programming (no engine)
  • Authentic SEGA System 16


Due to a lack of budget in place, I would prefer having a team who can work on this project for free. If you are interested for a salary, we have to make a discussion about it.

Here is the topic where you can contact me if you can help working on the game development.

Here is the topic where you can leave comments about your thoughts.

Hello ! Are you still around ?

I'd like to know if you are interested of improving on the Sonic Jump mods ?

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Hello there !

I see that you are interested in SEGA Master System development. This is quite interesting, because I'm currently working on a game taking inspiration from the SEGA System-16 arcade architecture.

If you'd like to know more, I'm happy to chat with you. I have Telegram, Discord and Skype. Also, I'm currently looking for a sound composer for my game.

Thank you for reading ! ^^

Interesting !

I like to see more characters like this. This makes me think of making my own OC based on this idea if you wouldn't mind ^^'

Also, your games (as well as a few others) gave the idea of making my own video game.

Anyways, good luck for your upcoming projects (I can't wait to see how this saga will end ^^')!

This is quite a fun game !

What makes me motivating playing all your games are the character designs. I wonder why do they all wear poncho-like clothing ? I'm curious to know, because I love those designs so much ! ^^

Hello !

I wonder if you are still around. It's been a while since we haven't contacted yet.

Hello !

It seems like you aren't quite available. But after I saw you changed your profile name here, I'm contacting you here to say that I asked a question on Discord. Can you please contact me there ?

There ! Invitation sent 

If you can fix this issue, I will credit you in this project ! Though I think it's a complicated task.

And this is why there is 2 soundtrack formats. The .mp3 version make the menu and stages music to work on certain Android versions.

In any case, my mods have all the characters unlocked from the start specifically to showcase the unreleased characters (Cream, Rouge and Vector).

Well then. I'm looking for someone who can fix the soundtrack issue, as the music doesn't play on certain Android devices.

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Normally, if you put like "0300" instead of "1500" on HxD, it should work fine. And this is what I mean by the file should have the same amount of characters as the unedited version. Thankfully, you can remove characters in one place, and add that same amount of characters in another.

Hello !

It seems like you are quite confused about it. So let me explain how to modify the settings.sla file :

What you actually need is a hex editor software. If you modify the game files on PC, I recommend HxD, but there are other hex editors that you can use as well. The reason for using a hex editor software is to prevent the game from crashing when modifying the settings.sla file.

Also, make sure that the seetings.sla file should have the same amount of characters as the unedited version. Otherwise, the game will crash.

As for most hex editors, the readable texts are located on the right side of the software window. It's a bit clumsy to make modifications on softwares like this, but when using it quite often, I think you can get used to it.

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Alright !

Though I prefer we can discuss somewhere else to see our comments faster. Do you have a Telegram or Discord account ?

Hello !

If you want to help me, I hope you understand Java/Smali programming and Android compatibility, because this crashing issue comes from the game's code.

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Hello !

I just tested your game prototype and I think this game is quite good !

However, I have a lot of things to say about the game, because I have seen a few issues about this prototype.

First, the upgrade mechanic is fine, but it's sometimes not explicit about what we got after levelling up. We don't know if we truly have more speed or more attack range outside of the gameplay.

Next, there is an issue that if you choose 2 of the same level up, we won't actually level up. For example, I chose the "Sorcery Sphere", which gives me a Sphere that rotates around. But if I choose that same level up again, I thought that it will give me a second Sphere, but instead, nothing happens. Making that level up progress a waste :/

Finally, when we die, we go all the way back to the beginning of the game. No continues. In my opinion, this is quite unfair.

By the way, even though this gameplay-style isn't as original, I feel like this game may have some potential if you put more thoughts to it. In fact, I have a lot of ideas that may make your game not only a bit more unique, but also more interesting and enjoyable !

Anyways, I wish you good luck for your project and don't hesitate to contact me if you want ! :3

P.S. The music doesn't fit the gameplay objectively speaking, but subjectively, I think it is. ^^'

Unfortunately, I can't do much about this issue :/

Which is why it's recommended to play this game using BlueStacks.

I wish I could fix this problem, but I need an Android programming expert to see where the crash comes from. If the crash will be fixed somehow, the game project will be fully updated as the "Definitive Version" of the game.

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Hello !

I just tested your software and it's a very good concept ! However, I just saw a few flaws on this software :

1) When clicking "Cancel" during a label input, the software just closes. As if it crashes or something.

2) On the PlayStation 4 controller, there is an assignment for the "Share" button, but not for the Touch Pad. Ironically, there shouldn't be an assignment on the "Share" button, because this button is used to open the "Share" menu of the operating system.

3) There are no assignments on the SL and SR buttons on the Switch controllers.

I wonder if you are available to fix those issues ?

Thanks for reading !

No. The only mention of being on PC is BlueStacks. Which is an Android emulator for PC.

The game itself is playable on any Android devices.

D'accord. En tout cas, préviens-moi si tu penses travailler sur Journey en 2D. Je pourrais t'aider (si j'aurais le temps, bien sûr) !

Hello !
I managed to make the Spanish version of the game... by looking at the Sonic Advance Spanish instructions manual. ^^'
Also, there isn't any Portuguese instructions manual. So I made a Portuguese version by myself.

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Salut et bonne année (et oui, je suis français) !

Je viens t'annoncer que j'ai essayé ton jeu, et je me suis dit que c'est juste une démo. Je ne sais pas si ce jeu est conçu à un temps limité, mais je trouve qu'il manque bien des choses.

Sachant que je suis fan de Journey, je me demandes si tu as l'intention de travailler sur un véritable jeu de Journey en 2D. Cependant, j'ai copié quelques sprites de ton jeu et je les ai remasterisé (voir image ci-dessous). Tu peux t'en servir si tu veux.

En tout cas, bonne chance pour tes futurs projects !

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Hello and Merry Xmas (one day later, sorry ^^') !

I just wonder how's the development going. Also, I tried to contact the Discord server owner in private, because I have a few questions that I don't feel to ask here (expect for why do we need to pay 2$ for the game now*, but I digress).

*Not anymore

Anyways, I hope the game development is still going well ! I'm waiting for a response on Discord (my name is Furrican, by the way).

What a nice looking 4D game !