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Sorry to hear that, we never had issues playing together with different people. There is a limit of 20 people playing at once, because the multiplayer plugin we are using, maybe you could try it out later again?

Absolutely love your game and visuals, you did all that in 48h? That's amazing 😍

"Duality" is the topic of the game jam, it was announced some days ago on their YouTube

Thank you so much, yes we wanted to bring back the good old times when games were a bit tougher and graphics were reduced to the minimum. And yes, the old games still are fun to play, no matter how opulent the graphics are today :-) Retro Love!

Thank you so much :-D

Yes, we actually wanted to make it a stand alone Desktop version, but we decided to release it as WebGL, which is easier for other to play the game. It is full-hd.

Thank you so much! :-)

Yes, I know the situation, it was planned like that, sorry haha :-)

Thank you very much! stringsandbows our musician already checked out your game, but I will do that myself too.

What a nice feedback, thank you so much, yes, it was not intended to be a browser game I have to admit, but I know people like to play the game right away, so yeah, we tried that out for the first time. That is why we have full-hd as resolution, sorry for that. Yeah, we definitely will improve the movement speed of both characters, you are absolutely right. Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much, yes, creating everything from scratch, even for 3 persons, is a lot of work, you know about all the tiny things occurring while developing, we are happy with the result for now.

Thank you so much, your feedback means a ton to us!

Thank you for your nice feedback, about the smalls bots movement, yes, one needs to be careful to control him in this version, already on it to improve that.

Already following you haha

We love your game too, very nice idea ! You must create more levels !!! :-D

What a nice feedback, thank you so much! Matthew will love your feedback about the music, which is super cool imo too, he wanted to make it retro but modern. Thank you so much for playing :-)

After I figured out what to do exactly it was very nice to play this cell-life ecosystem "simulation". Graphics are to the point. Cool!

Please vote for our game too :slight_smile: Thank you.

That game surprised me a lot, I like the game play a lot and the graphics, the level music is a bit repetitive but overall a great idea and a good game!

Please vote for our game too :slight_smile: Thank you.

Yes, we wanted to create a game with simplistic graphics this time. Full retro, also because the difficulty. It is nice that you like it. Thank you for playing!

Will absolutely remove the sliding of the small bot in the next update, wish we had time to change that in time. Tutorial, yeah, we had a discussion here if it maybe is too hard for a tutorial, but we decided to go on with it, to create a more harder to solve game. Thank you for your nice feedback!

Thank you so much, collider works still not finished but will be even better in the next update. Thanks for playing!

Oh, first time I hear about that, could you let me know which level it was? Like level 10 maybe?

Yes, we noticed that too, but to less time to make the small bot walk/run more precise. Will change that in the next update. Thank you for playing!

Yeah, we will update the game and tell more about the mechanics. Level 8 imo is the hardest. Keep on playing everything is solvable. Thank you for playing!

I already rated :-)

Thank you, you nailed it too, as that was our attempt. Fail, repeat, solve, success. That is what games in my youth teached me. Thank you for your positive feedback :-)

So much work in so less time, hahaha, but it was fun to develop :-)

Super nice idea, I loved to play your game!

Congratulations, I love the idea of the game and yes, even played alone it is possible to control both characters on their way to the top of the mountain. Graphics are so cute, programming seems strong, good work!!

Please vote for our game too :slight_smile: Thank you.

Yes, we will polish the game controls, mostly for the small but fast bot soonest. Thank you for your positive feedback !

Wow, thank you for your detailed review. We are three guys and we had a lot of work to do all the days, yes, we will polish the game with more time, like when a bot gets pushed into the ceiling. I'am sorry for that glitch, but we are on it.

Yeah, the basic idea of the game was not to be beaten too easily, like many games today are too easy imo. Some details we can explain better in a future update, like the small bot can jump on top of the big bots shield.

The issue in the title screen is just happen in the web version, not the desktop version and we did not found out the solution in time.

You should not see the entire scene, that is why you can jump between the character with left control. It is more the way, the play should play around and learn the game his own way, make mistakes, learn out of it and get better, as level 9 and 10 needs full knowledge of everything.

When you push a block too early it is exactly like that what should happen, the player must restart the level, learn and repeat. And yes, it is the feeling what we want to create, when you solved the puzzle, you exactly described it yourself. It is uplifting, that is how games decades ago were created.

Hope you manage to see the outro and check out if the bots can manage to escape.

Graphics are superb. I managed to combine the apes somehow, but then I clicked on the Start Button and the game crashed? 64-bit Windows.

Please vote for our game too :slight_smile: Thank you.

Bravo, the twist behind your game surprised me a lot.

Actually I was impressed by the tower defense idea, but with a clever twist you included. I would say, keep it up, improve the graphics and make a nice new kind of tower defense game out of it, it is worth it! Congrats.

Please vote for our game too :slight_smile: Thank you.

I voted, nice game !

Nice game, first I thought it is like a strategy game, but then so many aliens came in, maybe too many for the beginning, raise up the waves over time, makes the player feel a bit of success. Else graphics and sounds are real good!

Please vote for our game too :slight_smile: Thank you.

Nice game and graphics, I struggled a bit about the controls in the beginning, a short tut would be cool, else real good work!

Please vote for our game too :slight_smile: Thank you.