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Diorama Tower Defense Game-play of Prologue Version

Hey players, we are proud to present the first gameplay video of Diorama Tower Defense (aka. Tiny Kingdom) to you. It shows the graveyard scenery, we hope you like the new style. Not final. Please follow us!










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Developed for the Brackeys Jam 2020.2, a 7 day challenge to create a complete game. We have won the third place in the graphics category from over 1800 participants, so our small indie game studio started a new goal, to create a big game from all the ideas and created resources. Tiny Kingdom became Diorama Tower Defense, a tower defense game in small, isometric, atmospheric rooms. We don't just want to tell the story of Tiny Kingdom, we want to tell all kind of different stories in the future. Welcome to the Anaconda Game Studios devlog :-)

Comparison: Brackeys Jam Version begin of August 2020 and the current version from mid of October 2020. Please follow the progress as we want to release the next free trial version soon: You can also play the first version there. A lot of stuff missing there, which is included in the next main updated version. Stay tuned. The three guys from Anaconda.

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Hi, what a nice game! It is like playing a book, it took me 1.5 hours to finish episode 1. The story is super well written and reminds me of old school text adventures, very atmospheric. The music is amazing to listen too and the artwork is brillant. I want to see how this story will unfold, I'am not that much curious about the creatures but more about the people and secrets of the small town. I would love the background to be more "active" like with tiny animations, not just when you click on something. Else great work, no bugs, no issues !

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Hi, thank you for checking out Tiny Kingdom, yes the cursors shadow is already gone in the new version, as we will use a new 2D UI, that means, the UI will generally be different, also a grid is shown where you can place your towers as well as a kind of shadow shows you where you can build a tower when you move him over the playfield with your mouse, you can rewind the hordes 3 times per level, you did not broke the button haha and a tutorial is mandatory / standard in the next version, all that and much more already improved (general shader style, many sound effects, a lot of environmental animations...) and working on more, but to upload a new version we must wait for the voting end. I hope you can check out the next version too, as I love to hear your feedback... thanks :-)

Hey, I like your game, played it through. First, music is retro and cool, pixel style is cool too, idea is good, had struggles in the third level get it done to move forward and with z to move the key back, I was missing something like a quick info or how to, or at least a replay level function, when the key was lost in the first attempt, so I had to restart the game. Overall a cool game, I like it, please check out Tiny Kingdom too, thank you.

Hi, thank you for checking out Tiny Kingdom, no you are absolutely right, we had no time to include the 60 well prepared SFX in time, but in the next version, they will be there :-) I can suggest FL Studio to you for music and SFX things. For the graphics you can use MagicaVoxel very well, but it lacks on the animation side, for that we ported the objects to blender, cleaned them up and sent them to Unity for animation. That's it.

That's right about the job :-) yeah, would be nice if your check out our game... but the same here, too much to include in too less time, but I'am proud of it and now we are on it to increase the user experience and overall game content. See you.

Hi, thank you for your feedback, we are far away from the final version, 7 days to build a tower defense game is insane, so that is what we could get done for the jam version, as we currently are working on the improved version with way more atmosphere, choises and enemies, which takes a lot of time to create and include, I'am sure we can make you happy with the next update. Please check back soon. And yes, a zoom will be included :-)

Cool idea, very well made, pixel art style is cool, creepy experience. Good job!

Awesome work, so much passion with character and overall game design, absolutely worth playing it, keep on updating it, more content, more smoother gameplay, but it is the same with Tiny Kingdom, too much too include in too less time, haha...

Thank you so much, yeah, what a dilemma, we will use 2D sprites on the canvas in the next version, else we must program a responsive solution to fit all screens, but we are not fully happy with the 3D objects to use as UI, 2D will look better.

We found the problem, it is the scale of the 3D objects, it is a setting which is missing on every canvas object in the scenes. If you run Windows at the resolution of 1920x1080px the display problem should not exist, until the next version of the game. In principle that is missing:

Thank you very much for your positive feedback, more to come with the next update :-)

Thank you very much for checking out Tiny Kingdom in your let's play-video, the how to play page was included into the game instead of a short tutorial, because lack of time, I wish we could had more time to make the game for the jam as in our vision, so much was not included also the SFX, with the next update those strugles are gone, would be great if you could have a look again in one of the next updated versions, but also wonderful to see how people are reacting and taking there time to understand and play the game, that's precious info to us too. Thanks!

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By the way, which screen resolution do you use? We developed the game in 1920x1080px.

Thank you very much, we will look into it and try to fix it in the next update version. Our programmer already is looking into it. As we will not use 3D buttons as UI in the next version, but 2D this should no longer be an issue at your side.

Hi, thank you for your feedback, yes, we will include a shadow or at least an indicator where you can see if a tower can be placed there when you release the mouse button. The green number left to a tower icon is the purchase price and the right, red price is the money you get back when you grab a tower from the playfield and sell it over the trashcan in the lower left corner. The tutorial and better UI will improve that in the next version. Already working on it :-)

Yes, already talked to our programmer about a tiny shadow over the tile were a tower can get placed (or the shadow of the tower itself, right), good suggestion, thank you.

Yes, thank you for your positive feedback, we produced over 60 sound effects but were not able to include them into the jam version, really sorry about that, but they will come in the next update :-)

Yeah, thank you for your feedback, our programmer thought it looks cool, but yeah, we will remove it from the next version.

You guys created an amazing game in only 7 days, the pixel art style is great, the idea about painting the past with the mouse pointer is great, solving puzzles is great, so I definitly love to see more of that game in the future. Awesome job!

Actually a good example on how to integrate rewinding time into a puzzle style game. I really love it, I hope you can increase visuality, which would make the game actually a real good indie game. Congrats!

Very well made game, polished and very well programmed, makes fun to play, fog of war is great, very good for a game produced within 7 days. Congrats!

Wow the artwork is so nice and unique, I loved it a lot. Good job !

Thank you very much, I'am proud about my small team member Blaise who created those nice characters, towers and levels, we keep on producing more content with the next update. Thank you for playing Tiny Kingdom.

Yeah, thank you for your positive feedback, 8 additional creatures already are created, 60 SFX finished, 7 more level designs finished plus 3 more towers, but time was too short to include everything in the the jam version, but we are on it :-) also more atmosphere will come to the levels, intro, outro and everything what makes a game playable over and over again. Please follow me for news, thank you.

Hi, oh that is curious, first time I hear of it, is it Windows 10 you are using? Would be cool if you could send a screenshot to me please, as this should not happen. Thank you very much.

Thank you for playing the first version of Tiny Kingdom, our small team is working on way more content currently. I hope you will check it out when released.

Yes, the models were created with Magica Voxel, ported to Blender and then animated in Unity. Intro, Outro, more levels, enemies, defense system, most of it were finished also the SFX, but time was too short to include everything. A tutorial will be part of the game in the next version. Already working on it with my team, glad you like the game. Stay tuned for coming updates :-)

I like card games a lot, this one is worth a look 100%, very nice concept and very well made. Congrats!

Wow that is a very nice pixel-art jump and run with a cool restore parts of the level from the past feature. Very well made, congratulations ! Retro music is super cool too

Nice concept, was fun but super tough to master it, haha... good job!

Thank you very much for your positive feedback!

Yes, we prepared 60 SFX but time was too short to include them into that version, next update with full SFX. Thanks for your positive feedback!

To be honest, that was real fun, retro style at it's best, the voices are so funny, verrrrrry nice ! Good job

Very well polished puzzle game, I loved to play it :-) Great job !

Nice job! But I do not want to kill BB8 haha... congrats!

I'am a huge fan of pixel art style, you made a great job with this game. It reminds me of some good old times, haha

I like your game alot, very nice and polished, maybe you know nebulus (Amiga 500) the game from early 90s, since then I like this kind of games, good work :-)

I really like the game you have created, I'am a huge fan of detective stories, I wish I could wander around the room somehow, but it was allright the way you created it, nice idea with the options button :-)