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The game is simple but the sprites are very nice :)

Tres bien!

The controls don't feel so gos, and you aren't classicly invulnerable about the 1 to 2 seconds, cause the game is pretty hard.

The game it's ok, but a bit hard, at least for me

I liked your awesome graphics and collecting the dragon balls!

That's pretty cool yo

How can I jump?

I can't wait to play this game!

I like the graphics and it's easy to play

I think it's the best horror game of the JAM

So spooky...

Cool sound effects and a fun game

I love the graphics, the concept and it's easy to play. Is one ofthe few games I completed. You guys should be in a higher position of this JAM.

Very original concept!

Very huge hourglass!

Thanks! Great feedback

Good graphics! Nice Mice!

The most badass witch I have ecer seen

10/10 He is riding a skate like Bart Simpson

Game cannot load... :(

HAHA! Its funny when car go BOOM!

This is a game where you can jump

PUM PUM PUM! Funny game XD I like it!

A simple and entertaining game, better than many others I have tried. The camera is a bit rough though.

Sexy farmer shoulders

Please make an IO or EXE plz

Baeutifull audio and chill game :)

I laughed a lot because I had a nervous breakdown

Nice and unique game

Good animation?

It seems difficult at first, but it is easy.
It is funny.

Now Loading...

Good job, boeh

Easy and addictive

Good game! Chilly, easy and fun!

Graphics are cool!

I like the retro graphics and the retro sound!

Good game, I like your style.

This should have been more psx style, but we had issues with resolution

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Funny game, good graphics!